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Little Spoon Quick Review

Little Spoon is an organic baby food delivery service. Little Spoon delivers 100% plant-based and USDA approved organic blends that are healthy and nutritious for your little ones. The Little Spoon meals are delivered every fortnight, and you can choose the number of meals you would like to receive per delivery.

Little Spoon is a subscription-based service that delivers fresh, plant-based and super healthy baby food to your home. The Little Spoon service is a subscription service that ships 4 oz. sized meals for your little ones to your home every two weeks. You have the option to choose the number of meals you would like to receive for every delivery.

The co-founder of Little Spoon, Michelle Muller, came up with the concept after realizing that there weren’t any fresh, healthy options for her baby in New York City. Aside from preparing it herself of course! As she was quoted – “There are better options out there for your dog than there are for your baby!

It makes absolutely no sense to be giving your baby food that is older than your baby! Which is, in many cases, the situation when you buy baby food in the supermarket. Just think of all the nutrition that is lost and the number of preservatives in those processed foods. That is why Little Spoon is so appealing!  In this article, we are going to give Little Spoon an in-depth review, covering all aspects of this baby food delivery service.

Little Spoon main benefits:

  • The convenience of healthy, prepared and ready to spoon food for your baby that is delivered straight to your door every fortnight.
  • Huge variety of over 80 different blends.
  • Blends are made with fresh, plant-based, 100% USDA organic ingredients.
  • No usage of extreme heat or preservatives – as healthy as can be!
  • Blends get more advanced as your baby grows – more veggies and fruits, more complex mixtures and more texture.
  • Choose from a selection of four boosters that include portioned powders, vitamins and probiotics that are added to the blends.
  • Enjoy their personalized service by answering a short quiz that perfectly matches the best meals for your baby’s tastes and needs.
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Little Spoon subscription plans

Little Spoon offers three meal plans, all of which are delivered every fortnight:

  • One meal per day (total of 14 meals per delivery)
  • Two meals per day (total of 28 meals per delivery)
  • Three meals per day (total of 42 meals per delivery) 

The Little Spoon pricing changes depending on your location and your preferred plan. The best way to find out how much the service will cost is to go to their home page and click the “get started” button.

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Popular Little Spoon meal blends

  • Kale, avocado, green apple, chia
  • Carrot, mango, coconut milk, turmeric
  • Simple pear or mango puree
  • Broccoli, spinach
  • Quinoa, butternut squash
  • Carrot, apple, buckwheat, cinnamon, pumpkin seed, flax oil
  • Strawberry, basil, beet, pear, chia

Little Spoon also offers a selection of four boosters to add to their blends:

  • Wiz kid, to help build the brain cells, with Iron, omega 3 and vitamin E, for daily use.
  • Sniffle shield –  for a stronger immune system and help with sick days.
  • Gut feeling – a probiotic blend for daily use.
  • Poopie power – to get the bowels moving when your baby is constipated.

Little Spoon quality of ingredients

The Little Spoon blends are all made of fresh, plant-based, 100% USDA organic ingredients. The company offers an extensive menu with a huge variety of over 80 different blends from over 80 different ingredients. Blends range from classics like mango, pear, avocado, carrots, squash or broccoli to more exciting ingredients that will develop your baby’s palate and strengthen their immune system. These ingredients include pitaya, pineapple, chia, dates and coconut oil.

Little Spoon uses a technique called high-pressure processing (HPP), which is basically the technique used for cold-pressed juices. It is used to lock in the nutrients and neutralize bad bacteria instead of using additives and preservatives. 

Little Spoon nutrition values

Little Spoon uses a cadre of nutrition experts consisting of leading pediatricians, nutritionists, and food engineering experts. The company works with them closely, in order to ensure that their baby blends have the most nutritious values and are aligned with the latest research. The blends are carefully designed to ensure that their baby food is well balanced and nutritionally optimized for healthy growing. While the blends are 100% plant-based and do not contain any meats, many of the meals contain protein from plant-based sources – such as legumes, grains, and seeds like chia or hemp seeds.

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Is there a difference between Little Spoon and grocery store baby food?

Many of us don’t have the time to prepare baby food at home and resort to buying prepared baby food from the supermarket. While this can be super convenient and sometimes healthy, they aren’t always the best choice for babies. Take into consideration that in many cases, the supermarket baby food often sits in its packaging for months, so it is not what we can call FRESH.  Many grocery store baby food brands include the presence of heavy metals and pollutants, and the food is treated with extreme heat and added preservatives resulting in much of the nutritional value being destroyed in the cooking process. 

When looking at the Litlle Spoon food blends, they are made from 100% organic ingredients, with no added preservatives. The baby blends are being made without the involvement of any high temperatures, using a technique called high-pressure processing (HPP), which is similar to cold-press. This technique helps to maintain the nutrients in the foods and neutralize all the bad bacteria. 

Little Spoon baby food is more expensive than the grocery store alternatives, but in most cases, it is a much healthier and nutritious alternative for your baby.

Little Spoon website and ordering process

The Little Spoon website is beautiful and very easy to browse. We loved the design of the menu and all the information it presents to the customer. Each meal is marked very clearly with the ingredients it contains, the texture of the meal (smooth to very textured) and the body part it contributes to (brain, bones, eyes, immunity and so on). The funnel for creating your subscription is personalized and makes you feel like Little Spoon really wants to satisfy your baby’s requirements. You will be asked questions such as if you are a parent for one baby or a twin, the name, age of your baby, is he/she a picky eater or an adventurous baby and so on. This is all in order to suit your baby’s needs.

You are also more than welcome to change the meals on your order and add boosters. 

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your order details and tracking information, so you will know when your delivery should arrive.

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Little Spoon delivery area

Little Spoon started off in the New York area but now delivers their baby food blends to all 48 contiguous United States.

Little Spoon delivery box

Your Little Spoon order arrives at your home every two weeks when you subscribe to the service. The box is a medium-sized carton box, with insulating materials inside. When you open the box, you will see a selection of beautiful 4 oz containers containing your selected blends, covered with a large ice-pack. This way of packing ensures that the contents remain properly cooled throughout the delivery process. With Little Spoon, you know you are taking care of your baby, but also being very eco-friendly! All their packaging is 100% curbside recyclable! The blend containers are made of #1 PET plastic, and the spoons and lids are made of #5 PP plastic. All packaging is completely BPA-free, Phthalate-free and toxin-free. The box, insulation, ice packs, and trays are also all curbside recyclable

little spoon inside box
little spoon unboxing

Little Spoon customer support

FAQ section: https://www.littlespoon.com/faq

Chat is available via the bottom, right-hand side of the website

Email is available via this contact form: https://www.littlespoon.com/contact

Bottom Line – do we recommend the Little Spoon baby food plan?

We understand the Millennial’s dilemma. No spare time but the desire to provide the best quality food for your baby that is healthy, diverse and appealing. After trying Little Spoon, we honestly feel that the service is worth considering. 

The blends offered by Little Spoon are all made with organic ingredients that are fresh and free of preservations. Moreover, the variety is endless – from basics like pear, apple or mango, to complex blends like pea, pear, and mint or avocado, green apple, broccoli and spirulina. You can rest assured that you will find something your baby loves to eat, and also challenge your baby with some delicious new flavours which will set them up for a life of healthy eating.