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25 minutes

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Perfect! 100%
Buffalo Glazed Chicken Breast by Martha and Marley Spoon

This dish from Martha & Marley Spoon was another dish that was 100% perfect.


My Honest Review:

The first thing I noticed, when I opened the delivery box, was the amazing quality of the products that they provided. The chicken breast was clean, the lettuce looked lovely and fresh, it was one of the best meal kit deliveries I have ever received.  It was nothing short of a joy! The beautiful fresh vegetables were especially appreciated as I love eating some greens for dinner.

It must be noted too, that the portions were very generous.  The chicken breast we received was not only incredibly clean, it was also more than ample in size.  There was also a HUGE beautifully fresh lettuce head and 2 medium size carrots. The result was a gigantic salad that I could not finish in one serving so I was left with substantial leftovers for the following day. It was almost like getting two meals for the price of one!

The cooking process for this dish, was very easy. It simply involved cutting all the ingredients and toasting the bread in the pan to make the garlic croutons. It was then a matter of cooking the chicken with the quick buffalo hot sauce and preparing the best salad I have eaten in a very long time! It was such an easy meal to make after working all day, and the result was DELICIOUS, healthy and lean. You can’t really ask for more!

Buffalo Glazed Chicken Breast by Martha and Marley Spoon

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  • Post published:May 17, 2018
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