Cheesy Baked Quesadillas

Cheesy Baked Quesadillas with Green Enchilada Salsa


25 minutes

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Mexican food is usually very easy to cook, and a great option to enjoy with friends or when you are craving a stress-free dinner accompanied by a cold beer. This cheesy baked quesadillas recipe was even more than what we expected. The highlight was the green tomatillos salsa which transformed this dish into something truly special. 

Contrary to popular belief, tomatillos are not a kind of green tomato but are more like distant cousins. Those green delicious gems have an incredible flavor that mellows when cooking. In this instance, they created a delicious salsa to accompany the quesadillas. We loved the simple addition of a creamy sour cream sauce on top with a garnish of cilantro as the finishing touch. This was a stress-free vegetarian dinner, which was also very easy to prepare!

Moreover, we must say that we were impressed by the quality of ingredients we received in this meal kit recipe. Delicious and soft flour tortillas, farm-fresh green tomatillos, fresh green cilantro and more. All our ingredients were super-fresh and of excellent quality.  This type of experience really is the standard at Martha & Marley Spoon!

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