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Perfect! 100%
Creamy tortelloni casserole

It was delicious, so satisfying and we loved everything about it!


My Honest Review:

This was another dish from Martha & Marley Spoon that was impossible to fault. It was delicious, so satisfying and we loved everything about it!  

One of the wonderful things about receiving a Martha & Marley Spoon Meal delivery is that the quality of ingredients you receive is impeccable.  It is something that you really notice when you first open a delivery box from Martha & Marley Spoon.

With this meal, the fresh pasta tortellini looked amazing, the baby spinach looked so fresh, the shallots were of the best quality and the Mozzarella was mouth-wateringly good!  It was just so lovely to receive this delivery. The portions included were also very generous.

There was a big chunk of mozzarella to make the casserole super creamy and a nice portion of fresh spinach salad was included too.

The cooking process was very easy. It was just a matter of cutting the shallots, grating the mozzarella, cooking the sauce, baking the casserole and mixing the salad. It was so easy it was almost like child’s play!  It is so lovely to have a delicious but easy meal to prepare after you have been working all day.

The results were super delicious and very comforting, and there was also a lovely freshness from the wonderful baby spinach salad.

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