Best Meal Kits For Kids

Today we are going to be looking at the best meal delivery services for kids. Using a meal delivery service can be a convenient and time-saving way of making sure your family eats well without the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping. As the industry has expanded so rapidly, it can be challenging finding the best kid-friendly meal delivery services. Some companies offer meals that are quite sophisticated and involve lengthy cooking processes, while others are more focused on dietary and lifestyle requirements. 

However, rest assured there are some companies out there that provide kid-friendly meal kits menus that are also appealing to adults, so they can cater to the entire family. meal delivery services that are more kids-friendly tend to offer family meal plans along with menus that are filled with meals that kids will love.

Often, menus have been developed with the whole family in mind. This means you will have a selection of meals that are healthy and interesting enough for the adults to enjoy while ensuring that the kids love them too!

Following is our list of the best kid-friendly meal delivery services:



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Home Meal Kits

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Little Spoon Meals

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Quick Yumble Kids Review:

Yumble is a subscription-based prepared meal delivery service, designed to meet the needs of kids of different ages.

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1. Yumble kids meal box:

Yumble is the first meal delivery service in the States that has been designed especially for kids. Their child-friendly prepared meals have been created to appeal to the fussiest of eaters while being filled with organic, healthy ingredients. Their meals are delivered fully prepared, so all you need to do is heat them prior to serving. Yumble does have customers of all ages, but their meals are really intended for children aged twelve months to twelve years. 

Examples of Yumble meals that kids love:

  • Vegetarian bean burrito packed with veggies and organic tomato & cheese sauces
  • Handmade pizza pocket with freshly picked green chickpeas and organic corn
  • Better chicken nuggets – organic and gluten-free chicken breast nuggets. a
yumble kids meal kits

2. Home Chef kids-friendly meal kits:

Home Chef aims to create meals that people can enjoy at home, and they offer some fabulous family-friendly options. They are a meal delivery service that kids love. They keep their recipes simple so they are easy to prepare and they deliver meal kits that are classic and well known but always include some sort of delicious twist to keep things interesting! They use farm-fresh ingredients, and their meal kits are tasty and fulfilling. 

Example of Home Chef meals that kids love:

  • Chicken fajitas with cheddar cheese and sour cream
  • Cheesy Tex-Mex Pork enchilada lasagna
  • Linguine and ricotta meatballs with pecorino garlic bread

Little Spoon Quick Review

Little Spoon is an organic baby food delivery service. Little Spoon delivers 100% plant-based and USDA approved organic blends that are healthy and nutritious for your little ones. The Little Spoon meals are delivered every fortnight, and you can choose the number of meals you would like to receive per delivery.

3. Little Spoon Meal Kits for kids

Little Spoon is a new baby-food subscription-based service, focused on delivering freshly made plant-based and 100% USDA organic baby-foods. This amazing service offers a huge variety of yummy combinations of over 80 different baby-blends, with no extreme heat or preservatives used – so it really is as healthy as can be! Probably much healthier than many other baby-foods you can buy in the supermarket!.

From our experience, the blends are delicious and enjoyable for those little ones, and the packaging is taking convenience to the next level – with each blend arriving in a small container, with a little cute little spoon.

With Little spoon, the blends get more advanced as your baby grows – including more veggies and fruits, more complex mixtures and more texture, and to give you full flexibility, you can choose the number of meals you would like to receive for every delivery.

Here are some of the amazing Little spoon baby-food blends:

  • Spinach Mango Banana Hemp
  • Kale Avocado Green Apple Chia
  • Sweet Potato Carrot
  • Strawberry Basil Beet Pear Chia
  • Simple mashes like only pear, only mango or only apple
  • Carrot Apple Ginger

little spoon unboxing

TLDR Dinnerly Review:

Dinnerly is one of the cheapest meal kit delivery service in America! 

Their meals are simple, delicious, and easy to cook – and start at just $4.69 per serving!

All the Dinnerly meals are designed with five easy steps, so you can say goodby to stressful meal planning and trips to the grocery store.

4. Dinnerly- Simplified Meal Kits Menus for Kids

Dinnerly offers an affordably priced meal kit option – 5$ per serving! – with dedicated kids-friendly meal options. those kids friendly meals are well designed to fit both the needs of kids and grownups around the dinner table! 

The company makes sure to deliver a good quality of products, even though their price is cheaper than many other meal kits services. The company is able to do so by creating simple yet delicious, balanced and healthy recipes, with 5-6 ingredients per meal. that simplicity makes Dinnerly suitable to young kids’ taste since we all know kids usually need simple and not too sophisticated food.

Here are some of the popular kid’s friendly meals from the Dinnerly menu:

  • Seared Chicken & Gravy with Mashed Potatoes & Peas

  • Mediterranean Meatball Stew with Carrots & Couscous

  • Caramel Chicken Stir-Fry with Snow Peas & Jasmine Rice

  • Beef & Cheddar Quesadilla with Charred Corn

Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly
Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly

Quick EveryPlate Review:

EveryPlate is a low-cost meal kit service, offering tasty, comforting meal kits to cook at home at the most affordable prices.

See all EveryPlate Promotions

5. EveryPlate kids-friendly meal kit:

EveryPlate offers an attractively priced meal kit option that is kid-friendly and well suited for family dining. EveryPlate is America’s best value meal kit service, delivering satisfying, familiar and tasty meal kits that contain simple recipes and pre-measured ingredients. They have flexible menu options that are ideal for families with younger children. Their meals taste great but are kept simple to prepare, with many choices appealing to younger children. 

Example of EveryPlate meals that kids love:

  • Linguine Italiano with chicken sausage and long green pepper
  • Veggie loaded tacos with black beans and charred corn
  • BBQ meatballs with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli
Steak Frites by EveryPlate

What are the culinary needs of kids?

As a parent, meeting the nutritional needs and culinary preferences of your kids can be a constant challenge. Ensuring that your children receive a well-balanced and nutritionally rich diet is a priority. You also want to establish good eating habits and a positive relationship with food that will carry them into their adult lives. Obviously, children of different ages have different requirements, though a general rule of thumb is that your kids need to be consuming three balanced meals a day that contains ingredients from all the five main food groups plus at least one healthy snack. 

If you have a child who is a picky eater, the dining table can become a battleground as you try to get your kids to eat a broad selection of foods that meet all their nutritional requirements.  In order to ensure that your child has a positive view of mealtimes, it is often a great idea to get them involved with meal preparation, so meals that are easy to prepare are often a great recommendation for child-friendly meal times. 

Why use a kid-friendly meal delivery service?

If you have problematic young eaters in your family, mealtimes can be particularly stressful. The beauty of using a kid-friendly meal delivery service is that it takes much of the stress out of meal preparation and dining together as a family. A kid’s friendly meal delivery service does all the work for you – meal planning, recipe writing, grocery shopping, portioning of ingredients and even in some instances, cooking the meal. So in terms of convenience, a meal delivery service will free up much of your valuable time. 

Often, the key to getting your kids eating is to get them involved in meal preparation. The beauty of a kid-friendly meal kit service is that generally, their meals are easy to prepare with portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. Kids love the whole unpacking process, seeing the ingredients and being involved in the cooking process as their kid-friendly meal comes together. 

Finally, we recommend using a kid-friendly meal delivery service because it will ensure that your child’s nutritional requirements are being met. Child-friendly meal kits and prepared meals are filled with the healthiest of ingredients that kids love and are well balanced and rich in required nutrients. As meal kit delivery services are well aware that when catering for families both children and adults need to be satisfied, the meals appeal to both small and big kids!!!!

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