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We write our honest review, however, we may receive a commission from our partners to helps us to support this website. Prices can vary due to changes in promotions or policies.

Meal times can be difficult, especially in the evening. Lately I have felt like I have been caught in a never-ending cycle of eating the same meals for dinner over and over again. Alternatively, we seem to be surviving on take-out pizza or Chinese food.

To be honest, I really love cooking. I also see myself as someone who wants to embrace a healthy lifestyle, but life just seems to get in the way!

Between a full-time job, taking care of my kids and ensuring the house is kept clean and tidy, I often find it hard to be inspired enough to try new recipes or I am just exhausted and feel too busy to cook at all! That is why I am such a big fan of meal kits and when I had the opportunity to try out Munchery I was thrilled!

Munchery began operations in 2011 with the aim of being  an easy, online food delivery service that would assist busy people with putting a fast, healthy and delicious dinner on the table.

Munchery has the goal of less hard work, mess and waste!  

Munchery provides a convenient alternative to unhealthy food choices such as fast food, frozen food, and restaurant take outs or delivery.

Munchery offers the options of both prepared meals and meal kits that take no longer than 15 minutes to cook. In some locations they also offer the additional option of desserts and meals for children.  

Delivery Areas:

At this stage Munchery only operates on the West Coast. You can receive a same-day delivery in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. In the greater West Coast region, which includes Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and more, you can organise a delivery on a weekly basis.

Munchery Review 2018
Munchery Box
Munchery review 2018- Inside Box
Inside The Box

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I received my Munchery box on Wednesday afternoon and I was really looking forward to seeing  the contents! Upon opening the box, I noticed that the meals were very carefully packed. The box is made with recyclable insulating material and includes large non-toxic frozen gel packs on the bottom and the top of the box. This ensures that  the meals are kept fresh and chilled until they are received. My delivery was left unpacked for a few hours after receiving it and all the meals inside were still lovely and cool when we opened it. I did not have the time to deal with it until the kids went to sleep!!!  Luckily it was packed so well it did not matter!

Each meal was wrapped in its own branded sleeve, which was labelled with the meal’s name, the heating or cooking instructions, list of ingredients and all the nutritional facts of the meal. This type of packaging is super convenient and informative!

A look inside the box
A look inside the box
Munchery box
Munchery Box

I had ordered five meals in my box: Burrata Caprese Style Pasta, Carolina BBQ Pork Sandwich, Argentinian Steak Salad, Pasta Bolognese and Spiced Chicken & Spanakopita Rice.

The first meal I tried was the Burrata Caprese Style Pasta. The dish was easy to heat, as promised. I decided to heat it on a pan and it only took 3 minutes overall. Both my husband and I enjoyed this one very much! The combination of the nuttiness of the pine nuts, the heirloom cherry tomatoes and the fresh burrata was just delicious!

Burrata Caprese Pasta By Munchery
Burrata Caprese Pasta By Munchery

The next day, I took the Carolina BBQ Pork Sandwich to the office for lunch. What can I say, but that this sandwich was one of the best I have tasted in a long time. It was just so good! The bun was soft, the pork meat was tender and had some great southern flavors, and the pickles and sauce all created the perfect bite! I loved it and would order it again. The potato chips on the side were also very good. One of the things that was really pleasing was that the ingredients come separately wrapped, so everything stayed fresh until it was time to enjoy the eating!

Carolina BBQ Pork Sandwich by Munchery
Carolina BBQ Pork Sandwich by Munchery

On the same day, I treated my husband to the Argentinian Steak Salad for his lunch. He reported that the salad was delicious. The steak was of a very high quality and perfectly cooked. He was also impressed with the portion of the steak which was quite generous for one person. He loved it, of course! The arugula was fresh and crunchy, and the sauce was delicious. Another winner from Munchery!

Steak salad By Munchery
Argentinian Steak Salad By Munchery

For our Saturday dinner, after the kids had gone to sleep, I warmed the Pasta Bolognese in a preheated oven for 5 minutes and treated ourselves to some lovely red wine to accompany the meal.  This dish was a choice from the prepared meal selection, but it felt just like a home cooked pasta Bolognese. We enjoyed the dish very much. The pasta was al dente, the Bolognese was delicious, being juicy and full of meat. It was simple and comforting and just what we needed for a relaxing weekend evening.

Pasta Bolognese By Munchery
Pasta Bolognese By Munchery

The last dish I tried was the Spiced Chicken & Spanakopita Rice which was also from the prepared meal options. I warmed this in a preheated oven for a few short minutes. I was most intrigued to see if the chicken would be dried out, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was moist and tender and very well-seasoned with shawarma spices. The rice was also very good, and what gave this dish a real lift was the veggie tzatziki sauce on the side. The sauce included onions, carrots, cucumbers, and mint; it was just delicious and was the perfect accompaniment to this meal!  

Spiced chicken with rice by Munchery
Spiced chicken with rice by Munchery

So, it is obvious that I was very pleased with my Munchery order. It is quite clear that the Munchery team is committed to preparing each meal using fresh and natural ingredients. You can taste it in every dish! And most importantly, everything was just so delicious

From looking at their website, you can see that Munchery have partnered with local farmers who specialize in seasonal, all-natural, and organic produce, offering antibiotic-free meats, and they only use wild-caught fish whenever possible. In the menu, if an ingredient is grass-fed, organic, or free-range it is clearly noted as such.

So, who is it for?

Munchery was created based on the belief that the way we eat in today’s fast-paced modern world is evolving away from the traditional home cooked, sit-down dinners and as such they wanted to offer a healthy alternative. As a result, Munchery is most appealing to people who are simply too busy to cook or just not interested in spending time in the kitchen, but still want to eat healthy, well-balanced and delicious meals.  

Bottom line:

From my point of view, Munchery is a perfect meal delivery service. Firstly, and most importantly, their meals are yummy! Secondly, Munchery offers a wonderful flexibility with their service.  You can either order on a week-to-week basis or subscribe to their service. With both options, you can choose between fully prepared meals or meal kits that take no longer than 15 minutes to cook. Regardless of the type of delivery you choose, the meals are full of the best-quality fresh ingredients and have been created by professional chefs.

This service is guaranteed to make your evening meal options healthy and as tasty as can be! All you need to do is just enjoy the food!

Update: Munchery is offering our readers a great beginner’s promotion of 50% off your first order. Just click the button below and you are good to go! Enjoy!!