Naked Wines Wine Club Review

Quick Review:

Naked Wines is a unique online wine store concept that is more retail space than a wine club. What makes it so special is that their customer rating system allows funding to the provided to winemakers. This means that Naked Wines has access to the most amazing selection of wines at rock-bottom prices for their customers. 

About Naked Wines

Naked Wines is more a one-of-a-kind online retail space than a wine club. Its unique concept is reliant on their 100,000 + Angels (Naked Wines customers) whose contribution ensures funding for winemakers upfront. This system of Angles assists winemakers to focus on creating incredible new wines that are then supplied to Naked Wines with very low wholesale pricing. This unique online wine store concept means that Naked Wines has an extensive list of top-class wines that are available at very low prices. There are no middlemen involved, which mean further great savings for their customers. 

The Naked Wines offer:

There are two ways to purchase from Naked Wines – either as a one-off or as an Angel. To become an Angel, you invest $40 every month into a piggy bank. This money is invested in talented independent winemakers, which results in a wine list that has exclusive wines at prices that range from 40% to 60% off normal retail prices. As an Angel, you can spend your money on any of the wines from Naked Wines, or you can opt to have it returned to you if you don’t spend it. 

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Naked Wines

Ordering options with Naked Wines:

As a Naked Wines customer, you can order by the case or simply order single wines as you prefer. 

  • Case: There is a large range of different cases available. These range from red, white or mixed to themed cases such as the ‘Brunch case’, the ‘Syrah case’ or the ‘Date night case’, to name but a few!  You can also specify different cases or regions, and if there is not a case theme you like; we are sure the customer service team could assist if you had one in mind!
  • Single wines: The online store of Naked Wines has hundreds of different types of wines from all over the world. 

Ideal audience:

If you enjoy drinking wine, regardless of whether you are someone with a developed palate or are new to the world of wine, Naked Wines is a great option for you. They have an extensive selection that includes everything from affordable ‘quaffable’ wines to award-winning luxury wines. 

Why we love Naked Wines:

  • Every wine has been crafted by a winemaker. 
  • Very affordable pricing – enjoy discounts of up to 40 – 60% off normal retail prices. 
  • If you don’t like a particular wine, 100% of your money will be refunded. 
  • Enjoy being an Angel for only $40 a month to receive exclusive Angel-funded wines.
  • As an Angel, receive a complimentary bottle of wine every month.
  • Very flexible, either become an Angel or enjoy one-off purchases.
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Managing your account:

Managing your account is super easy via the Naked Wines website. If you are just making a one-off purchase, you simply need to select from the two categories of single wines or cases. Then you have many filters you can use to search their extensive wine list. These filters include customer ratings, country, region, grape and more. Then you select your wines and go through the checkout process. 

If you wish to become a “Naked Wines Angel’, you also do this via their website. You will find an ‘Angel’ section on the upper toolbar, and if you click on this, you can find all the information you need about becoming an Angel. You can register, look at the benefits and explore the winemakers that are funded by the Angels. 

The wines of Naked Wines:

The beauty of Naked Wines is that they work with a countless number of talented independent winemakers from across the world. They have winemakers who specialize in almost every type of wine imaginable. The wines range from being very affordable to higher-priced fine wines. That is what we love about Naked Wines; there is something to please everybody. 

We really enjoyed our tasting experience with Naked Wines and were very impressed by both the quality and the prices of the wines we received. Following are just a few of our favorite wines:

  • Napa Valley Merlot 2017 by winemaker Matt Iaconis: A lovely smooth, rich wine that came from a single vineyard. This classic style of red wine was quite velvety and contained some loved berry notes. 
  • ROX Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2017 by winemaker Scott Peterson: This wine has been a recipient of two gold medals and was produced in the Sonoma Coast region. This lovely light Pinot Noir was harvested from three individual vineyards, fermented separately and then blended to create this very enjoyable wine.  
  • California Sparkling Rose 2016 by winemaker Keith Hock: This wine was just lovely, and we thought it would be perfect for a summer weekend gathering. This very refreshing blush rosé sparkling wine included some zesty citrus flavors but had a very enjoyable creamy finish; a very easy wine to drink and enjoy. 

In conclusion:

Naked Wines is not a true wine club, but we really appreciated their concept. Their amazing customer rating system funds some incredible independent winemakers and results in their customers and Angels having access to handcrafted wines at incredibly low prices. The rating system allows customers to enjoy the most popular wines of Naked Wines easily. Their wine list is extensive and gives you access to very reasonably priced handcrafted wines, both domestically and internationally. We highly recommend trying the wine services of Naked Wines. 

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