Crispy Mushroom Burgers with White cheddar and Avocado by Plated

Crispy Mushroom Burgers with White cheddar and Avocado


30 minutes

Taste ranking

Perfect! 96%
Mushroom burgers by Plated

The perfect veggie burger I have ever tasted!


My Honest Review:

Cooking the perfect burger has always been a challenge for me. It seems to be even harder to create the perfect veggie burger.

Trying to create a veggie burger that is firm enough to stay together yet is still moist and tender has been something that has been hard to achieve.  

As a result, I was a little bit reluctant to try this recipe, but I am so glad I did, as this mushroom burger by Plated was such a lovely delicious surprise. The parmesan cheese gave a scrumptious edge to the earthy flavors of the mushroom and thyme.  

Also, the Brioche buns gave a very French feel to this burger. They were so tasty and because I toasted them as part of the recipe, they were also lovely and crispy.

The final additions of the avocado-pesto mash and the fresh plum tomato finished this burger off beautifully.   

The arugula salad which came as a side dish also added a super fresh component to this burger. I loved it!

Crispy Mushroom Burgers with White cheddar and Avocado by Plated

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