Plated-Salmon Burger

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Plated-Salmon Burger

"The patty was delicious, really soft and moist, with an Asian zinc"


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The Cooking Process:

Step One

Preparing the ingredients – Today, I decided to go for the salmon burgers. It was a long day, and I didn’t have any energy for a complicated recipe. So, I decided to go with this one. You’re probably licking your lips in anticipation, so let me get started. I first laid out the ingredients – a lemon, chives, scallions, and finally the chopped up capers. The capers were the tiny, yummy kind.

Step Two

Preparing the salmon patty – Luckily, the salmon was already thinly chopped, what a win for me. I then mixed in the bread crumbs, capers, horseradish, mustard and scallions with some salt and pepper to taste. I sized them just right in my hands, and set them in a plate in the fridge. As this was starting to take shape, I could feel my taste buds going nuts.

Step Three

Preparing the aioli – Next, I made the Aioli and vinaigrette using juice from half of the lemon, some chives, and mayonnaise, olive oil, pepper and salt.

Step Four
buns toast

Toasting the buns – By this point, it was almost ready for the grill. But first, I toasted the buns for about 3 minutes on a non-stick pan.

Step Five

Searing the salmon burgers and spring salad – The salmon patties smelled delish. I seared them for about 5 minutes per side on the same pan I used for toasting the buns with some olive oil. Once it was all ready, I added the spring mix and mache to a bowl with the vinaigrette, tossed and divided between two plates. 

Step Six
serving burgers

Plating and serving – After that, I topped the bun bottoms with the salmon burgers and spooned over with the aioli, covering it all with the bun tops and served while it’s hot.  It turned out amazingly well, and it was absolutely delicious!

On a personal note:

Loved the way they suggest toasting the buns; it made them taste fresh even though they spent a few days in the fridge. Both I and my husband felt that we are missing some hot side dish to accompany the burgers, rather than only green salad.

 It turned out amazingly well, and it was absolutely delicious! 

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