Creamy Dill Sauce Salmon- Plated

Salmon and Creamy Dill Sauce by Plated

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30 minutes

Taste ranking

Yummy! 🙂 90%
Creamy Dill Sauce Salmon- Plated

"I love the combination of salmon with good mustard and dill, so this was a no-brainer for me. The only downside is that it ran out too fast."


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The Cooking Process:

Step One
Plated products

I love salmon with creamy dill sauce. I was really looking forward to getting started with this recipe. First things first – I opened the box to find all the ingredients neatly labelled for me. I knew exactly which serving this belonged to – that’s the benefit of using Plated. What a win for me!

Step Two

All the cooking steps needed to prepare this recipe were inside the box – isn’t that amazing? There’s also info about serving sizes, calories, ingredients, and even pictures of what this magic recipe is supposed to look like when you’re done.

Step Three

I proceeded to I preheat my oven to 425°F. Next, I cleaned all the fresh produce, including the kale, the lemon, and the dill. I love my garlic finely minced, and that’s exactly how I prepared at this time. I recommend using a paper towel to dry pat your salmon before you go ahead and roast the potatoes.

Step Four

Next,  I prepared the roast potatoes and added some olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. I sautéed the kale using a tablespoon of olive oil, and then seared the salmon. The aroma of that salmon cooking was unbelievable.

Step Five

It took about 3–4 minutes per side, but I always keep it going a little longer just to be sure that it’s cooked through. After I prepared the creamy dill sauce, I plated the salmon along with the sautéed kale and roast potatoes.

On a personal note:

This dish is a classic, and it’s mouthwatering. It  also has the added benefit of being really easy peasy and quick to cook! All the ingredients were high quality. The salmon was really like butter! The only downside is that it ran out too fast.

Everything at Plated appears to be really high quality, and that’s what I look for in my meal kits. It’s also great that the garlic was already peeled for me – I can do without the extra hassles.

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