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Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Bowls by plated

I simply could not fault this dish from Plated – I would have to say that it was 100% perfect!


We loved this dish so much! For me, this dish is a great example of all the wonderful reasons why you should start using a meal kit delivery service.  More specifically, especially with a company like Plated, you will experience new flavors in your kitchen, that you probably would not have had the time or energy to experience otherwise.

Everything about this meal was just perfect. This included the quality of the produce, the sriracha mayonnaise seasoning of the shrimp along with the crunchy YUMMY breadcrumbs.  What a wonderful combination of flavors! The sesame rice that was served with the Shrimp had such a lovely aroma, and there was the beautiful fresh addition of the radish salad and the seaweed salad. All this blended perfectly together into this amazingly good dish.

If you love Japanese Asian style food – this one is a dish for you!

Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Bowls by plated

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  • Post published:April 22, 2018
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