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Yummy! 95%
platejoy review

This dish of scrambled eggs with asparagus, spinach, Parmesan and lemon was from their breakfast menu.


We recently tried a few meals from the PlateJoy menu.

PlateJoy offers a service that is fully customized to your food needs and preferences. As part of their service, you receive a personalized weekly menu and a full grocery list that can be transferred directly to your Instacart account. 

As for this dish – we enjoyed it very much. The omelet was a great breakfast, full of fresh green flavors, and it was super easy to prepare to take only about 10 minutes. All we had to do was to cook the vegetables for a few short minutes on a hot pan, then add the eggs and cook these ingredients together for two minutes.

That is it! Super easy and super tasty. This was undoubtedly a lovely way to start the day. What’s also great about this dish is that it is perfect for those wishing to achieve some weight loss goals as it had only 326 calories per serving. 

  • Post published:June 30, 2019
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