platejoy Scallops with lemon-basil zucchini noodles

Scallops with lemon-basil zucchini noodles by PlateJoy


30 minutes

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platejoy Scallops with lemon-basil zucchini noodles

It was fancy, healthy and just so tasty!


This scallop dinner was another dish included in our weekly PlateJoy menu. It was fancy, healthy and just so tasty! We enjoyed it very much. We especially liked the zucchini pasta that was cooked with a little fried bacon, shallot onions, minced garlic, lemon juice, and spinach. This was then seasoned with and some chili flakes and salt and pepper. It was fresh, light and full of great flavors. A great side dish that we will surely cook again!

Another great thing about this dish is that it was very easy to cook. It took only 30 minutes to prepare and cook! We did buy the zucchini pasta pre-cut, which was a great time saver. The entire dish was all cooked in one pan, so there was also very little washing up. 

The final thing to note about this dinner is that it is low on the calorie count, with only 439 calories per adult serving. So, when eating this, you will be enjoying the benefits of gourmet dining and keeping on track with your weight loss goals. 

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