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Diet to Go Promotion Code
Full Pricing:
Starting at $121.99 per week
$9.99 per box for local shipping
Updated In:
October 17, 2023
$150 Off First 6 Weeks ($25 off first 6 weeks)

Special Diet-to-Go Deal: 

Claim your $80 OFF to start with Diet-to-go for your first 4 weeks!

Picture this; you’re working to lose weight, and you go online to find inspiration. Scrolling through Instagram, you get bombarded with the pictures of delicious, home-cooked meals. While the influencers claim them to be as simple as possible, it doesn’t seem that way. So you get discouraged and order take-out.

It’s happened to many of us. We are aware of the fact that 80% of weight loss comes from changing our nutritional habits. However, that’s the hardest part. That is why we are here to help.

With this prepared meal delivery service, you will get healthy, low-calorie, nutrient-packed meals to pop in the microwave. We promise that those Instagram food pics are just an order away. Read on to learn about our Diet to Go best promotions.

Our Diet to Go Promotions

With reasonably priced meals and free pick up, you can start enjoying this service without paying an arm and a leg. If you also play smart and put one of our Diet to Go coupons in use, it might just be your best decision of the month.

Usually, meals of this quality would require hours in the kitchen or waiting in line at some top-notch restaurant. Well, not anymore. This site will provide you with Chef-cooked meals in no time, with an affordable price tag. 

The Diet to Go promo code will put you on your weight loss journey, or help you surpass that annoying plateau.

Diet to Go Free Trial

As you may know, most subscription-based services come with no free trial. Signing up, you choose a plan and have it delivered on a rotation you see fit. 

Don’t worry, though, as your subscription details can be changed at any time. It’s as straightforward as visiting your profile and clicking a few buttons. 

Our Experience With Diet to Go

Nobody on our team is currently dieting, so we were probably more in awe with the website than an experienced dieter might be. Nonetheless, here are our impressions. 

First off, we did a test that calculated our body mass index. When we completed it, the site offered us several plans. Each one is customizable, but for this review, we let them choose for us so we would get an accurate impression of the service.

There are vegetarian and Keto options, which we loved. Many people are searching for alternative diets nowadays; this was an excellent addition to the service. Plus, if you don’t have a taste for a particular food group, click the button and no seafood for you!

You get to choose whether you want the meals delivered to your doorstep, or to go to one of the many pick up locations they have set up. In the latter case, you don’t have to pay for shipping, and in the spirit of thriftiness, we chose that one.

The packagings are the perfect mix of functional and beautiful. It was evident that our food will stay fresh thanks to the cooling system, and the wraps and trays of each meal were so pretty! They were also informative and transparent about the ingredients.

We ordered from the basic plan, meaning we got a balance of macronutrients on our plates, although, honestly, we are looking forward to testing out their vegetarian and keto programs next. Our first impression of the dishes is that they tasted like experts cooked them. We truly felt like we were having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

We were worried that we’d stay hungry after the meal, but that wasn’t the case. It seems that the chefs try their hardest to maintain the size of the portions while keeping the calorie count low. It is a skill we admire and were thankful for. 

Everything containing chicken that we tasted was so delicious that we ended up not craving beef in our burgers! Maybe dieting is not so hard after all.

Main Benefits of Using Diet to Go

It is hard to choose the most prominent benefits, but these three points sum it up rather nicely: 

  • You receive professional support in your weight loss journey. And we aren’t talking only about the dishes. They organize events to meet like-minded people, and their blog gives you plenty of food for thought and ways you can make progress yourself.
  • The high-quality food will leave you without cravings! Tasting this, we guarantee you won’t wish it was a Big Mac. Also, the quality of ingredients that goes into the meals ensures your body is getting exactly what it needs.
  • The customizable options don’t leave anybody stranded. The menus, as well as the flexibility you have within them, will suit everyone.

Diet to Go Club Offer

There are four main plans for you to follow based on your preferences and dietary needs.

  • Balance is the longest-lasting plan. As the name suggests, it offers balance in your nutrition, while getting rid of refined sugar, fats, and sodium. It includes meat and amounts to 1200-1600 calories a day.
  • Balance-Diabetes is available to those suffering from or entering a stage of the disease. It focuses on maintaining your blood sugar stable and easing the struggle.
  • Keto will keep your carbs at below 30g a day, helping you enter ketosis while enjoying meat, cheese, and eggs, as well as low-carb fruits and veggies. Expect about 1300 kcal a day. 
  • Vegetarian is an alternative to the original Balance plan. It focuses on maintaining the right amount of everything your body needs, taking into consideration that most vegetarians lack protein. If you happen to be following a plant-based diet, go for it.

Final Thoughts

Having said all this, we are still aware that cooking for yourself is always an option. We don’t claim this to be the only right choice. Yet, it is essential to recognize that life gets busy, and your physical health loses the top priority.

Precisely for this reason, we took a look at this service. Take one of the Diet to Go vouchers and give it a try. Remember, it is always okay to have a bit of help.

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