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January 1, 2023
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Our team of professional meal kit service reviewers has selected Freshly to be the service that will be examined in this article.

Here at the Meal Kit Review, we take pride in the fact that we taste and test every meal kit service that is reviewed.

Our Freshly Promotion

Meal kit food delivery services are becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society. The popularity of these services is not expected to decrease.

Meal kit delivery service is a revolutionary culinary service that mixes the knowledge and skills of the most excellent cooks, dieticians, and personal shoppers. The three professional groups work together to prepare several weekly menus. Once the ingredients are purchased, the meal kit is sent to the customer’s front door.

Lots of new Freshly customers are astounded by the value for the cost that this meal kit service provides. Customers have access to the incredible value found in Freshly deals. The Freshly meal kit company offers affordable, delicious, and convenient meal kits.

In this Freshly review, the Meal Kit has given customers an exclusive Freshly promotion code, Freshly coupon, and Freshly discount code.

Freshly Free Trial

Companies used to use free trials often when presenting a new product or service. However, there are no quality meal kit services that provide free trials.

Freshly is a progressive, unique company, so someday there could be a Freshly free trial. On the bright side, there are plenty of Freshly deals available to customers today.

Additionally, the Freshly promotion code that was mentioned in the previous section offers customers of this brand significant savings and an opportunity to sample delicious food at a discount price.

Our Experience with Freshly

When the Meal Kit reviews one of these delivery services, we guarantee readers that members of our group of experts transform into a customer. This thought process helps our experts take a fresh look at the services and dishes that are presented by the company.

Furthermore, our reviewers complete the comprehensive process on their alone. Our reviewers go through the registration process, examine all the menu options, process their orders, wait patiently, and then feast on a restaurant-quality meal.

We have sampled several Freshly meal options. The Pork al Pastor was rich, flavorful, and delicious. The Moroccan tagine tasted incredibly authentic and was also very satisfying. We were slightly let down with the spaghetti dish. The spaghetti was a bit undercooked and had a bland taste.

We thought that the review was over at the point, but Freshly surprised with more dishes to try out! The chicken parmesan and penne pasta dishes were incredibly rich in flavor. We believe that four out of the five dishes that are in this review are restaurant-quality.

Overall, we were delighted with Freshly’s food presentation. One of the features of the meal that we did not enjoy was that the pre-made meals need to be pulled out of a plastic tray and put into the microwave. However, as far as microwaved food goes, Freshly’s options were at the top of the class.

Main Benefits of Using Freshly

There are numerous benefits that Freshly customers enjoy every month. Here are three of Freshly’s best benefits of using the meal kit service.

Ideal Portion Size

Measuring out ideal portion sizes can be challenging, especially when cooking at home. It can be difficult to determine the amount of each ingredient that should go with each dish. This problem often leads to large portion sizes and overeating.

Freshly services distribute each dish pre-measured and perfectly portioned. When the cooking is finished, it is simple to mix the different ingredients in a dish. Finally, correctly-portioned food also leads to less food waste.

Decreased Wasted Food

Customers who enjoy Freshly’s meal delivery kits receive meals with the ingredients already measured. Therefore, Freshly eliminates the possibility of wasted food due to portion size.

Freshly customers can sleep well at night with the knowledge that they are helping protect the environment. Freshly focuses on wasting less food, using less plastic, and providing as many environmental benefits as possible.

Nutritious Food, Cooked with Ease

Preparing nutritious meals is a challenging task. The task can be particularly difficult when there are children present, or work schedules do not lend much free time.

Shopping for and cooking meals is rewarding and fun for many people. However, it is just not possible for a large number of people on most days of the week.

Meal kit delivery services like Freshly allows customers to order nutritious meals to the door. Freshly also has a wide variety of healthy dish options, including:

Be sure to check the Freshly weekly menu to see the new healthy food options that the chefs cook up each week.

The Plans Freshly Offers

Freshly provides customers with four different plan options. Everyone is sure to find a Freshly deal that is perfect for them! Let’s take a look at Freshly’s plan offerings:

  • 4 Meals per week
  • 6 Meals per week
  • 9 Meals per week
  • 12 Meals per week

The Freshly kitchen team is glad to adjust any plan or menu option to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions. Additionally, remember to check out Freshly’s menu every week because it will always be totally different than last week.

The Menu

One of the best features of Freshley’s meal kit delivery plans is that the menu changes every week. Every week there are thirty options available for customers to choose from, and you can see below an example of their weekly menu, to get an idea of the Freshly meal choices.

Chicken Livorno

Steak Peppercorn

Chicken and Rice Pilaf

Shrimp and Andouille Paella

Pesto Turkey Meatballs

Teriyaki Salmon Cakes

Chicken Parmesan – Sicilian Style

Three-Bean Angho Turkey Chili

Springs Garden Chicken Bowl

Beef Chili – Slow Cooked

Chicken Bibimbap – Korean Style

Buffalo Chicken

Chicken Teriyaki

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Homestyle-Cooked Chicken

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Sausage and Peppers

Veggie Baked Penne

Veggie Bibimbap – Korean Style

Mushroom and Spring-Pea Risotto

Spring Garden Veggie Bowl

Sausage Baked Penne

Slow-Cooked Pork

Grilled Chicken Risotto

Penne Bolognese

Rustic Chicken

Turkey Meatballs and Linguine

Balsamic-Glazed Turkey

BBQ Shredded Beef

Cod Cakes

Bottom Line

Freshly is a meal-kit delivery company. The brand offers delicious, unfrozen, nutritious, and gluten-free dishes with a subscription. Freshly’s primary goal is to help people save time by planning, shopping, and delivering the ingredients.=

Freshly service is perfect for people with busy lives, those who do not enjoy cooking or people who want to eat tasty consistently, well-balanced dishes.

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