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Home Chef Promo Codes
Full Pricing:
$7.50 - $9.50
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
Updated In:
December 26, 2023
Special 2024 OFFER: Up To 18 Free Meals - 45% OFF Your First 5 Boxes

Between juggling work, family, friends, and your home life getting a delicious home-cooked meal on the table is virtually impossible for most busy couples and families. Fortunately for us, meal kit services like Home Chef have made it easier than ever for anyone to put a tasty meal on the table, regardless of how busy you are.

Home Chef was founded in 2013 in Chicago by Pat Vihtelic. They’ve continued to grow since then, and today Home Chef is available for delivery in the entire contiguous US. Each week, they offer a wide range of meal choices that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

Today, we’ll let you know how you can save money on your first Home Chef deliveries, and we’ll also share our experience with Home Chef so you can decide if their meals are the best choice for you.

Our Home Chef Promotion

Home Chef does a good job of providing plenty of value without any sort of discounts or promotions. But, if you’re like me, you’re always looking for the best deal possible, especially if you plan on trying multiple meal kit companies before deciding on the best one for you.

In that case, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the absolute best promotions that Home Chef has available, and you can check them out below.

Home Chef Free Trial

While it would be awesome if you could get a few freebies before you commit to paying, unfortunately, Home Chef doesn’t offer free trial meals. For that matter, there doesn’t seem to be a single meal kit company that does offer a free trial.

That said, there are still opportunities to save money on Home Chef, so check out the great promotions we’ve included above.

Our Experience with Home Chef

Every time we review a different meal kit, we order up a few of their meals and give them a fair try. We take a great deal of pride in knowing that we try everything we review and give our honest and thorough opinion of it so you can make more informed choices for you and your family.

Each of the three Home Chef meals we tried was delicious. We went for the plantain, and black bean tacos, jerk chicken, stuffed poblanos and cheddar and crispy potato crusted chicken.

Our first meal was the plantain and black bean tacos, which was a delicious vegetarian option that took only about 20 minutes to get onto the table. The flavors were perfect, and this dish got us very excited to try our other two options.

Spicy Plantain and Black Bean Taco by Home Chef

Next, we reached for the jerk chicken stuffed poblanos. I love stuffed peppers, to begin with, but the spicy sweet jerk seasoning took this dish to a whole other level. Best of all, this rich and flavorful dish was only 483 calories per serving. My husband and I were both head over heels for this dish, and we’d love to try it again.

Jerk Chicken Thigh Stuffed Poblanos by Home Chef

Rounding out our first Home Chef box was the cheddar, and crispy potato crusted chicken with a side of grilled squash, poblanos, and green onions. This dish was a little on the pedestrian side, but it was still absolutely delicious.

Cheddar & Crispy Potato Crusted Chicken by Home Chef

Main Benefits of Home Chef

  • Variety – Each week brings sixteen different menu options, as well as the option to include add-ons like fruit baskets or smoothies.
  • Types of meals – Home Chef does a great job at making a vegetarian, low calorie and carb-conscious meals available on each menu. They also have lunch options you can prep in five minutes.
  • Customization – Home Chef is the only meal kit company that allows you to customize your meal choices, so you get exactly what you want each week.
  • Quality & Freshness – Home Chef, sources the freshest available ingredients and it shows. You simply won’t find fresher ingredients in any grocery store.
  • Price – Home Chef provides great value, and their delicious meals start at $7.99 per serving.

Home Chef’s Plans

When it comes to meal plans, Home Chef is perhaps the most flexible and easiest to understand of all the meal kit options. Unlike other companies that have several different plans, Home Chef just has one plan that’s extra flexible, so it can easily meet your needs, whether you’re cooking for yourself, you and your partner, or the whole family.

When signing up for Home Chef, you’ll select the number of people you’re cooking for (your options are two, four, or six) and the number of times a week you’d like to cook. It’s that simple. From there, you’ll choose from a large selection of menu items each week.

Since Home Chef does a great job of offering meals for a variety of different diets, you should have no problem finding some delicious meals that fit a vegetarian, low carb or low-calorie diet.

The Home Chef Menu

If you’re a fan of choice, you’re in luck with Home Chef, as they offer the most menu options each week of any meal kit service.

Each week, the menu has a total of sixteen different choices. Some of these choices are perfect for specific diets, like low calorie, low carb, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Most importantly, each menu item is delicious.

They also have a couple of great features that busy couples and families are sure to appreciate. You can add fruit smoothies or a fruit basket to any box for an additional $4.95 per serving. This is perfect for busy mornings, quick lunches, or any time you need to grab a little something on your way out the door.

Final Thoughts

Home Chef is one of the premier meal kit services on the market, and they do an incredible job of providing delicious recipes with lots of fun and inventive choices, all at an affordable price point. Take advantage of the promotions above to get the best deal available if you decide to give Home Chef a try.

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