Freshly Fit Review – Is It Worth the Money?

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Quick Freshly Fit Review:

Freshly Fit meals are crafted in collaboration with nutritionists and delivered fresh to your door. You can expect fully prepared meals that cater to many nutritional requirements.

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November 24, 2022

Food is the body’s primary source of fuel. Without it, we would be nowhere! It can be easy to underestimate the role of nutrition in our athletic performance. Still, there’s a reason that professional sportspeople spend so much time and effort getting their meals perfectly balanced. They know that the food they eat can make a world of difference when it comes to game or match day.

Preparing good food is time-consuming, though. Combine the hours you spend shopping, cutting, and cooking, and it can be challenging to find time for our other interests.

Food delivery and meal kit delivery services are a fantastic solution to this dilemma. You probably heard about Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, But the new kid on the block is Freshly Fit – the athlete’s meal delivery of choice. With gluten-free, high-protein, and other dietary options available on request, and even easy meal prep, Freshly Fit is fast food that your body loves.

This review discusses the options that Freshly Fit provides, the benefits it can offer athletes, bodybuilders, muscle gains enthusiasts, and some of the meals we tried.

Whether you’re looking for good meal planning help for athletes or don’t have much time to spend cooking in the kitchen, this review is for you!

Introduction to Freshly Fit Meal Delivery Service

Freshly Fit meals are crafted in collaboration with nutritionists and delivered fresh to your door. You can expect fully prepared meals that cater to many nutritional requirements.

The Freshly Fit menu includes 15 Paleo + Keto premade healthy meals every week. You can choose to receive between four to 12 meals per week delivered to your home, depending on your lifestyle and needs.

There’s one primary menu that Freshly Fit offers, which you can tailor depending on your dietary requirements or preferences. Freshly Fit notes that you can also make adjustments based on allergies and that the team frequently adds new and exciting meals to the menu.

Each meal from Freshly Fit comes as a single serving and could fit for lunch or dinner. Meals are delivered ready to eat – they simply need to be heated up for 3 minutes in the microwave first.

Most of the meals have a total of around 500 calories or less per serving. This makes Freshly meals a great option if you are trying to lose weight, either permanently or for an athletic event.

freshlyfit meals

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Who is Freshly Fit for?

Freshly Fit meal kit delivery service is designed to help athletes and bodybuilders better manage their eating. Every meal is crafted with energy and performance in mind, perfectly sized to fuel up one-person at mealtime, pre-work-out, or post-work-out.

Since all the meals are paleo or Keto-friendly and have a relatively low-calorie count, it may also work for people who wish to lose weight.

Freshly Fit Meal Plans

The number of weekly meals you receive from Freshly Fit is entirely up to you. As mentioned above, you can choose to receive four to 12 meals a week to your home. The cost per meal is reduced as you go up with the number of meals per week.

The menu changes frequently, and there are meals available that are keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and low on the calorie count.

The meal prep is always carried out for you, so you can just heat up in the microwave and eat in only 3 minutes. NO COOKING IS NEEDED WHATSOEVER. The meals are cooked at the company’s kitchen and delivered fresh to your home once a week.

Is Freshly Fit Actually Healthy?

The Freshly Food Philosophy begins with three guiding principles – Less sugar, less processed foods, and more nutrients. The Freshly Fit meals have been developed in collaboration with nutrition, so you are guaranteed that any meal you receive is a healthy meal indeed.

It’s clear just from taking a look at the Freshly Fit menu that the meals have been developed to cater to a health-conscious audience, with fitness needs in mind.

Many of the Freshly Fit for athletics options are low-carb and high-protein, which is great if you’re ready to maximize your performance and muscle gain. This service can also be useful for weight loss, with every meal ranging from 450 to 600 calories count per serving.

Bottom line, with Freshly meals you can eat cleaner and feel better. The company works hard to supply meals that go all-in on whole ingredients, so you can feel good and perform at your peak, day after day.

Freshlyfit meal delivery

Get $40 OFF your first four orders of FreshlyFIT

Freshly Fit Meals Review

We believe in hands-on experience. We tried Freshly Fit by ordering six meals from the menu before writing this review. We can confirm that the meals indeed require no cooking at all.

Below is a summary of our thoughts and a short review of 4 meals:

Oven-baked chicken florentine with creamed spinach and parmesan

This Freshly meal was nourishing, wholesome, comforting, and delicious! The creamed spinach pairs very well with the moist chicken breast, and the veggies on the side provided a nice hit of healthy fibers. This recipe gave a favorite Italian meal a keto-friendly nice upgrade. Hard to believe, but it had only 450 calories per serving.

Crave-no-more shepherd’s pie with Ground Beef and Cauliflower-Butternut Mash

the shepherd’s pie was moist with a crispy top. A perfect tasteful dinner for winter, combined from mouthwatering braise ground beef with a savory gravy, a creamy yet carb-conscious mash of cauliflower and butternut squash, Topped with a garlicky pecan crumble. A yummy gluten-free meal with only 510 calories! And so easy to assemble – with no cooking required. Just heat via microwave for three minutes (or a bit less, depending on your microwave power level).

Freshly fit

Zingy Buffalo Chicken with Loaded Cauliflower

We loved this classic chicken meal with the twist of cauliflower mash! The high-protein chicken breast was juicy (even after the microwave heat) and coated in gluten-free cassava flour, topped with great classic and spicy buffalo sauce. The carb-clever side of cauliflower mash – made with Greek yogurt, turkey bacon, chives, and cheddar cheese  – was delightful. Another excellent meal for athletes, with only 470 calories per serving.

Zingy Buffalo chicken Freshlyfit meal delivery

Paleo Pork Chop with Rainbow Roasted Veggies & Mushroom Sauce

This paleo-friendly pork chop meal is a perfect fit for post-workout or pre-workout feasting, which would give your body a full-body boost.

The pork chops were juicy and oven-glazed, topped with a dairy-free herby mushroom sauce. It was served over a slaw of brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, and turkey bacon, mixed up with an exciting combination of mustard, tahini, and apple cider vinegar dressing. The Healthy meal also had a side of roasted veggies (mushrooms, beets, and five-spice butternut and fennel)—a great enjoyable meal with only 530 calories per serving.

Get $40 OFF your first four orders of FreshlyFIT

In addition to the meals we tried and review above, we could also recommend you to try the following for lunch or dinner:

  • Rutabaga Alla Vodka with turkey mushroom meatballs and kale – 470 calories per serving
  • Ultra-Umami Turkey Meatloaf with Creamed Spinach & Carb Swap Cauliflower Mash – 500 calories per serving.
  • Sausage & Peppers with Carb Swap Cauliflower Rice – 500 calories per serving.
  • Sunny Fields Roasted Turkey with Honey-Balsamic Carrots & Almond Gratin – 450 calories per serving.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala with Seven-Spice Vegetable Biryani – 570 calories per serving.
  • Citrus-Kissed Orange Chicken with Veggie Stir-Fry & Basmati Rice – 490 calories per serving.
  • Zingy Buffalo Chicken with Loaded Cauliflower – 470 calories per serving.

Freshly Fit offers a single serving menu. The menu is frequently updated, so you can rest assure that when your order FreshlyFit meals, you are very unlikely to get bored. The menu features few vegetarian options, gluten-free and soy-free meals, high-protein options, and more.

The Freshly meals don’t contain any artificial or chemical preservatives and have a refrigerated shelf life of about 4-5 days. If you’re unable to finish your meals within the recommended shelf life, you can always freezer them for a much-extended storage time. We did this experiment of freezing two meals, and we are glad to say that the taste and general shape of the meals got thumbs-up from our team.

Freshlyfit meals

Getting Started with Freshly Fit 

It’s easy to get started with the Freshly Fit meal delivery service. All you need to do is choose the plan you want, subscribe online, and wait for it to arrive!

Using the website, you may see the offered menu. for each meal on the menu, you can see the full details and nutritional facts (calories, carbs, fibers, fats, etc.)

Once you created your online account, you can manage your subscription very easily. You may change your meal plan if you decide that you’d like to receive more or fewer meals per week to your home, skip weeks when needed, Change your address, and much more.

The Freshly Fit Delivery Box

Freshly Fit meals come nicely packaged in a neat box with insolation material surrounding the meals and two large ice packs on top and bottom to keep the fresh meals safe during delivery! Each ready-to-eat meal is separately packed, with all the nutrition facts of the meal marked on the bottom.

Get $40 OFF your first four orders of FreshlyFIT

Delivery Area

Freshly Fit deliver to all states within the continental U.S, and offer delivery every day of the week.

Customer Service

We were very impressed by the customer service team at Freshly Fit. They’re friendly, easy to contact, and very responsive.

You can contact customer support via:

  • Online chat available on the website
  • Phone or text at · 1-844-373-7459, available 24/7
  • Contact form on the ‘help’ section –

Freshly also offers a detailed FAQ page you can see here –  You can find answers to most equations regarding the service, the meals, the delivery, and more on this page.

Cancellation is also easy and straightforward, and the customer service team is more than happy to provide information about the service or the nutrition behind the meals.

Having good customer service is crucial when you subscribe to a meal delivery service because you need to be able to change your subscription if necessary. However, the Freshly Fit team goes above and beyond to ensure that all customers have the best possible experience.

Bottom Line – Do We Recommend The Service For Athletes?

Freshly Fit is an excellent service to get if you want to improve your athletic or bodybuilding performance.

The FreshlyFit Meals are tasty and ready to eat, as well as being nutritionally-balanced and healthy. This is also one of the cheaper meal delivery services out there, which is advantageous if you don’t need to provide prepared foods for a whole household.

The only potential downside is that the menu is somewhat lacking in plant-based and vegetarian options. Athletes who don’t eat meat are unlikely to find much with Freshly Fit and would probably benefit from looking elsewhere.

However, Freshly Fit is a fantastic choice on all other fronts, Including many keto, paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free meal options. If you want peak performance, try Freshly Fit!

To get you started with The FreshlyFit experience, Check out the great promotion offered for beginners.

Get $40 OFF your first four orders of FreshlyFIT

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