Trifecta Meal Delivery Review 2024

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Quick Trifecta Review:

Trifecta offers macro-balanced meals developed by a team working in conjunction with an in-house chef and backed by nutritional science.

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Starting at $10.50 per meal
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May 21, 2024

People are getting busier and busier all the time, and we have less time for chores like cooking and cleaning. When you work and have other commitments, especially if you work out regularly, why spend your precious free time in the kitchen?

Meal delivery services like meal kits and prepared meal services provide you with delicious, healthy food right to your doorstep. These types of services do the meal planning, shopping, and cooking so that you can eat as well as you train.

Trifecta meal delivery service is an excellent example of this kind of service, designed with athletes and weight loss needs in mind.

In this Trifecta review article, we will discuss the Trifecta Nutrition meal plans on offer, go over the different kinds of menus and meals that the service offers, review the meals’ taste, and the foods’ quality, and more.

Introduction to Trifecta Meal Delivery Service

The Trifecta menu caters to several dietary requirements and needs, providing healthy meals like vegetarian meals, paleo meals, low-carb meals, gluten-free meals, and more.

If you’re concerned about your athletic performance and want to eat a balanced diet and based on organic ingredients, Trifecta food should be the perfect choice for you.

The Trifecta Nutrition’s Meal Plans

No matter your health goals or dietary requirements, the Trifecta nutrition meal service can cater to you.

The meal plans offered by Trifecta food delivery are exceptionally diverse, and they include a vegetarian and vegan, classic, clean, paleo, and keto menu. The program is matched to your needs, based on a short quiz you answer when registration for the service. You have the flexibility to choose five days or seven days menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an extra third entree per day, as you wish.

Chefs design each meal plan, so the calories and macros vary by each meal, based on the needs. Every meal you receive will have a nutrition label with the actual calories and macros on it.

Suppose you want to get specific with your macros and meals. In that case, Trifecta Nutrition meal service also offers a La Carte menu, where you can assemble your combination meals per delivery.

All the Trifecta nutrition meals are prepared from scratch and can be delivered anywhere in the united states with free delivery. When you subscribe to the service, you will get delivery once a week, either on a Friday or a Saturday.

Trifecta Boxes

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Who Is the Trifecta Nutrition Meal Delivery Service For?

Trifecta’s meal plan is designed especially for people who wish to lose weight and add muscles.

If you want to eat clean, perform your best in and out of the gym, and wish to eat foods that taste delicious and be good for you – Trifecta is a good meal delivery service to consider.

Trifecta Health Benefits and Nutrition Model

Organic Ingredients for Clean Eating

Trifecta’s primary advantage is that the company uses exclusively high-quality organic food and has developed its menu in collaboration with professional chefs and dietitians.

As such, you can expect organic meals that are both tasty and support healthy eating. If you consistently eat Trifecta meals, you should expect your health to flourish and potentially gain weight-loss.

Ease of Use

Like few other meal delivery services, Trifecta Nutrition offers a prepared meal service, with meals to arrive every week straight to your home, all ready to eat. With Breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered every day of the week, it will save you a tremendous amount of time on meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking! Plus, you will know you are eating well-balanced and healthy meals.

Rotating  Menu That Changes Every Week

Fight diet burnout with constantly changing meals, flavors, and ingredients. Trifecta makes sure to keep the menu fresh and seasonal, with many meals on offer every week, so you never get bored or hangry.

Macro-Balanced Meals

Easily hit your macronutrient goals (fat, protein, carbs) with controlled lean proteins, complex carbs, and veggies in each meal. All the meats are at least 90% lean, so you can get more protein per calorie that goes in your body.

Money-Back Guarantee

Buying a week’s worth of food online can feel scary. That’s why Trifecta promises to refund up to $120 of your first delivery (within ten days of receiving it) if you are not 100% satisfied with your delivery.

Enjoy Flexibility

With Trifecta Nutrition, you can skip a week or cancel your account at any time! There are no hidden commitments or contracts when it comes to your weekly subscription. 

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Trifecta Meals Review

Trifecta lets you order meals or menus, and you can also base your choice on macros that you are aiming to hit. You can choose how many pre-cooked meals you would like to eat per day, whether you would like breakfast as part of the menu, and how many days per week you would like the menu to cover.

The option of having a la carte classic meals in addition to ordering a menu means that Trifecta gives you much more freedom and flexibility than many other meal services providers.

Trifecta meal prep is carried out so that it is in line with the Trifecta nutrition model. All Trifecta meals have been developed in collaboration with a professional chef and in-line with the latest nutritional science. Trifecta meals are consistently high quality, giving you an easy opportunity to eat healthily and lose weight without effort.

Depending on the menu you choose, you can expect to get delivery of prepared meals every week, with clean and organic ingredients like sweet potatoes, wild-caught salmon, free-range chicken, and a vast range of delicious seasonal vegetables. All the meals arrive in vacuum-sealed packaging to keep them as fresh as possible.

As part of this review, we tried a few meal options from the trifecta clean menu  – with meals based on whole foods and ingredients served as close to their natural state – and this is what we thought:

Cremini Rice With Chicken Breast

Tasty and straightforward, this is an excellent choice post-workout when you would like something on the lighter side that is still satisfying. The Chicken is lightly seasoned, and the rice is very well seasoned, with a nice touch of cremini mushrooms and red and green peppers.

Korean Beef Bulgogi with seasonal vegetables and tangy Korean sauce

This meal is packed with protein on the hearty side and gives you a generous serving of fibers. The Steak pieces were tender and of high quality, and the seasoning was great—a straightforward and nutritious meal.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Grilled grass-fed steak with vegetables topped with a tangy Korean sauce Trifecta

Curried Chickpeas with Chicken Breast and Quinoa

We just loved this healthy curry meal. Delicious and full of proteins from the chickpeas, chicken, and quinoa. Perfect dinner for after a workout, with delightful curry sauce and greens.  

Not only can you choose meals or menus, but you can also combine a la carte ingredients to make your meals. This gives you control over every element of your diet, which can come in handy if you’re trying to lose weight or have a very particular diet.

Other Recommended Trifecta Meals

In addition to the meals discussed above, we recommend getting these favorite food options from this meal service:

  • Egg scramble with sausage and sweet potato paleo breakfast
  • Pineapple coconut loaf – breakfast gluten-free meal from the clean meal plan
  • A la carte menu – salmon, sweet potatoes, and mixed vegetable meal
  • A la carte menu – free-range shredded chicken breast with wild rice and sliced and blanched asparagus
  • Sustainably-caught salmon with wild rice dried cranberry and rosemary – lunch from the clean meal plan
  • Beanless Chili Con Carne – beef with a mix of organic veggies, topped with cheese – lunch from keto and paleo meal plan
  • Crispy Tofu Skillet over quinoa with fresh veggies – lunch from the vegetarian meal
  • Beyond Beef with sauteed seasonal vegetables – dinner from the vegetarian meal plan
  • Grilled grass-fed steak with seasonal vegetables topped with a tangy Korean sauce – grain-free dinner from the paleo meal plan
  • Beanless Chili Con Carne – beef with a mix of organic veggies, topped with cheese – lunch from low carb keto and paleo meal plan

Trifecta sample menu

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Getting Started with Trifecta

Getting started with Trifecta nutrition meals is very easy. You can choose the meal plan you would like to receive on the website and specify details like the number of meals you need and your personal goals. You can also choose to order from the a la carte menu and build your meal plan alone. The next step is registering and make your first order online.

From there, Trifecta takes care of the rest! Once you have made your order, you will receive your first box on Friday, or Saturday at the latest, and default to a once-a-week schedule.

Trifecta Delivery Box

You are expected to receive a branded delivery box, with each meal vacuum-sealed in a separate container and ice packs. The meals can last 6-10 days in the fridge and over three months in the freezer. Just unpack the meals and eat them when you need them, based on your food plan.

Trifecta takes pride in its green packaging – Their boxes and packaging are 98% biodegradable, intending to reach 100% biodegradable trays and packaging by 2021. The Trifecta box insulation is made from renewable plant-based components and paper. Plus, They are starting to incorporate ice packs made with nitrogen-based plant food. 

trifecta meal box review

Trifecta Customer Service

Trifecta is renowned for its great customer service. Customer service is easy to contact and very responsive.

You can contact Trifecta customer support in one of the following ways:

  • Live Chat 7 Days a Week, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PS
  • Phone: (530) 564-8388
  • Email: [email protected]

With Trifecta, You can cancel your meal plan at any time, too. To do so, you will need to send an email to their support. From our experience, they answer very quickly.

This transparency made us feel comfortable committing to Trifecta for the short term because canceling is easy and straightforward.

There is also a ton of useful information about the meal plans, brand, and nutrition science on the Trifecta website.

Bottom Line of This Review- Do We Recommend  Trifecta Nutrition?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve your athletic performance, or eat healthier, Trifecta provides great meal boxes that are easy to prepare and tasty.

You may also find that you save time cooking, shopping, and meal prep when you use Trifecta prepared meal delivery service. Not only do you not need to take the time out of your day to research recipes and ingredients, but the food you receive is organic, nutritionally balanced, and delicious – So you eat healthy meals per day and get to enjoy it as well!

The fact that Trifecta is so flexible in terms of the ingredients and kinds of meals you receive per week is another definite advantage, as we see it.

To get an attractive price on your first order, make sure to use the great beginners’ promotion we offer to our readers.

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