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Yumble is a subscription-based prepared meal delivery service, designed to meet the needs of kids of different ages.

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The team at the meal kit review, always gives in-depth tests and reviews, based on genuine first-hand experience. As Yumble is geared towards children, in order for us to give honest and relevant feedback, we decided to recruit some kids to the team!

We tested the Yumble service by using our own editor-in-chief, Lee Levy, and her two young daughters. We have reported their experiences and feedback in this Yumble review article. 

Yumble meal delivery – company introduction

Yumble is a subscription-based prepared meal delivery service, designed to meet the needs of kids of different ages. The company’s agenda is to remove mealtime stress from your home by providing delicious and healthy meals that your kids are sure to love.

Yumble meals are suitable for school lunches, weeknight dinners and even snack time! Their meals are ready to heat and eat using the microwave for a couple of minutes. All meals are created with the very cool goal of satisfying the tastebuds and dietary needs of children aged 1 to 12 years old. 

The Yumble selection of meals is pleasingly diverse. Meal choices range from organic chicken nuggets to pizza pockets or yummy taco bowls. They have a great selection of tempting and enriching sides of whole rice, sweet organic corn, peas, mashed potatoes and more.

All Yumble meals are made with the best quality ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing that your kids are eating balanced, healthy and nutritious meals. 

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Who is Yumble for?

Yumble is a meal delivery service offering meals that are designed to fit the needs of little ones, aged 1 to 12. The service is suitable for busy moms and dads, who want their kids to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, but who don’t always have the time to cook.

The Yumble meals give busy parents peace of mind, knowing that these tasty meals not only appeal to kids but are also made using only natural, healthy and seasonal ingredients. The ingredients are also organic whenever possible. 

Yumble plans to choose from

Yumble has three plans you can choose from that depend on the number of meals you receive each week. For each plan, you can select the special “picky eaters” box to help you choose the most appealing meals for fussy kids. 

  1. 6 meals per week – best recommended for 1 kid in the family.
  2. 12 meals per week – best recommended for 2 kids in the family
  3. 24 meals per week – best recommended for 3 – 4 kids in the family

The Yumble menu

The Yumble menu contains around 20 meals to choose from every week. All the meals are specifically designed for kids and are full of regionally sourced fruits and vegetables and other organic ingredients. The menu is super friendly and includes lovely colorful pictures that will make you wish you were still a kid!

The menu includes useful information on each meal advising if the meal is suitable for diets that are vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, soy-free or milk-free. The menu also highlights the main benefits of each meal.

Benefits can include items such as hidden veggies, top-rated meals, plant-based meals for vegetarian and vegan kids, organic ingredients and more. All that information makes the menu very easy to use.

To be honest, we thought that all the meals looked super tempting and delicious. I selected the meals along with my 7-year-old, and she had more than enough to choose from!

From looking at the Yumble menu, it really looks like the company is invested in developing healthy and positive eating habits for our children!

Following are a few examples of the great meals available on the Yumble menu:

  • Better Chicken Nuggets – organic & gluten-free chicken breast nuggets, served with a side of mashed potatoes, organic corn, and green garbanzo beans which are full of fiber, antioxidants, and protein. 
  • Original Chicken Pops – all-natural ground chicken hand-rolled meatballs on lollipop sticks, served with deliciously sweet, creamy corn and red rice. These are a great option to make mealtime fun for your kids!
  • Handmade Pizza Pocket – as good as it sounds! This dish is reported to be in the Yumble top 5 since day one on the menu! This is served with yummy mashed potatoes and a mix of freshly picked baby green chickpeas and organic corn.
  • Bowl of Yays Pasta – Made with an organic tomato marinara sauce, that is also full of extra healthy vegetables.
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Inside the Yumble eco-friendly box

What’s great about the Yumble kids meal box is that everything is beautifully labeled and well organized. Each meal comes in a separate tray and is wrapped in a branded sleeve that contains information like the name of the meal, heating instructions, and nutritional facts. 

We were impressed to know that the packaging used by Yumble is fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled paper fibers. The Yumble box uses the latest in packaging development technology and is a much more eco-friendly and sustainable option than the alternative of foam coolers. The trays used for the meals themselves are made from PP #5 plastic and can be recycled with standard curbside recycling, along with the paper sleeves of each meal. 

Yumble website and ordering process

The Yumble website is easy to navigate, and the registration process is straightforward and user-friendly. The website is clean and clear, with lovely additions of colors and images that children will love. On the website, you can find extra information about Yumble and their mission, the weekly menu, pictures and information about each meal, pricing information and general FAQs.

The ordering process is very simple. Firstly you choose your plan and then select the meals you would like included in your first delivery. Then you will be asked to complete your personal details along with advising a payment method. You will be approved on-screen plus receive an email confirming your new subscription.

Upon completion, you can update your account with more information which helps Yumble offer you the most suitable meals for your children. There are questions like the age of your kids, items to avoid, which meals you are looking for (lunch, dinner, snack) and so on. It is not required to complete all the information, but it most certainly helps Yumble to offer you the best meals for your needs. If for some reason you forget to choose the meals for the following week, there is no need to worry. Yumble will pick some tasty meals for your kids based on previous orders and the dietary restrictions and preferences you have listed.

Another thing we liked about the Yumble website is that it gives you the easy option to cancel your subscription online. There is no stressful commitment or penalties involved with your Yumble subscription. You are welcome to continue with the subscription for as long as you wish and say goodbye whenever it suits. We believe that says a lot about how confident Yumble are about the quality of their product which is always appreciated. 

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The Yumble quality of ingredients

We were super impressed by the quality of the meals we received from Yumble. All meals met the Yumble promise to include only seasonal, fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients. The Yumble menu offers organic ingredients and humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone-free meats whenever possible.

It is also important to note that the Yumble culinary team is very aware of any allergy and dietary restrictions and have created a menu that provides enough variety to choose from every week. The company makes sure to clearly mark any meals that are gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian.

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Please note that the Yumble meals are not prepared in a nut-free, gluten-free, lactose-free or egg-free kitchen. Due to this, the company is unable to guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur, so their meals are not recommended if your child has a severe life-threatening allergy!



Where do Yumble deliver?

Yumble currently delivers to most of the East Coast and parts of the Midwest, and the company is constantly working on expanding to other locations. To see if the company delivers to your area, you can enter your email address and zip code onto their website. If they do not deliver to your current area, they will let you know once the service is available.

The company use FedEx for all deliveries, and they provide a delivery window of 8 am to 8 pm. You are not required to be at home during the delivery time. 

The Bottom line of our Yumble meals review

Finding meals that appeal to young kids who are very particular about what goes into their mouths can be quite a challenge. After giving Yumble a try, the way we see it is that Yumble can make your life much easier! The company offers a great selection of prepared meals that are healthy and nutritious and designed to appeal to the tastebuds of kids. The Yumble meals have the extra benefit of being made using the best of the best ingredients. We gave the Yumble meals to our kids – and they love it! 

If you are a busy mom, or just a mom struggling with cooking food every day for your kids – the Yumble service is just what you need, and we highly recommend giving it a try!

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