South Beach Diet- Full Review

South Beach Diet quick review: 

The South Beach Diet was originally established by Dr. Arthur Agatston. It is a diet program designed for weight-loss that delivers prepared meals and snacks to your home.

The meals are all low in carbs and sugars, and high in lean protein, and designed to supercharge your metabolism to burn fats quickly! 

Introduction to South Beach Diet weight-loss food plan

The South Beach Diet method was originally created by a Miami based cardiologist named Dr. Arthur Agatston hence the “South Beach” in the title. He created this diet with the goal of helping people to lose weight easily in a safe and well-balanced way, using a low-carb philosophy. 

In order to make it as easy as possible to follow the South Beach Diet method and lose weight, the company launched the South Beach Diet fully prepared weight loss meal plan service in 2016.

The South Beach Diet offers 3 phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1: Your 1-week Body Reboot :    

This phase involves one week of eating specially selected meals that are very low in carbs, high in lean protein, low in added sugar and contain lots of vegetables and healthy fats. This phase is supposed to reset your body’s metabolism so that it can burn fats faster and deliver a weight loss of around 6-7 lbs within the week.

  • Phase 2: Steady Weight Loss:
    After phase 1, you will enjoy the expanded phase 2 menu and start adding more foods into your diet. You will be adding things like good complex carbs, whole grains, fruits, and more vegetables.
  • Phase 3 – Maintenance:  

While on this phase the priority is to maintain your goal weight, by enjoying all foods in moderation and following the basic principles of the South Beach Diet.

Who is South Beach Diet for?

The South Beach Diet meal delivery service was created with weight loss in mind. It is a great solution for people who are looking to lose weight in a healthy and convenient way, with full monthly menus of meals and snacks that have been created by chefs. The service is perfect for keto diet followers and for people with diabetes who wish to lose weight. The company has many keto-friendly meals on the menu.

The South Beach Diet meal plans

In our South Beach Diet review, we noticed it has four different levels of 4-week plans for you to choose from and a 1-week reboot plan.  All 4-week plans are a two-phase program. Phase one is the Body Reboot Week designed to reset your system in order to optimize fat burning for energy and weight loss in the first week!  Phase 2 is designed for steady weight loss and involves adding other foods on a gradual basis. In addition, guides are incorporated to help you enjoy eating out and creating your own meals at home. 

  • 4-Week Silver Plan: the most inexpensive plan with all the delicious basics! 
  • 4-Week Gold Plan: this South Beach Diet food weight loss plan offers a greater variety of over 100 fully prepared meals, frozen and non-frozen.
  • 4-Week Platinum Plan:  The Platinum Plan highlights convenience, including 20 South Simply Fit™ keto-friendly shakes.
  • 4-Week Diabetes Gold Plan: this plan is designed to assist with managing type 2 diabetes by using a low-carb and heart-healthy diet which helps lower A1C by controlling your blood sugar.  Stay active with the extra energy this plan gives you!
  • 1-Week Body Reboot: get phase 1 of the 4-week plans, which is a great way to try the South Beach Diet program.  

With all available plans, you can stipulate whether you are meal or female so that the meals can be catered toward your body type and recommended calorie intake per day. With each plan, you will receive breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks (extra snacks are included for the Men’s programs). With the South Beach Diet meal plans, you can either choose your own meals or the ‘Chef’s Picks’ for a little surprise.

Delivery via FedEx is included at no extra charge for all their 4-week plans. You’ll also receive an additional 35% off when you select the life simplifying auto-delivery option. This auto-delivery option sends reminders so that you can choose your meals on time. You can cancel or pause the auto-delivery at any time. 

south beach diet plan

Main benefits of using the South Beach Diet service

  • Lose up to 6-7 lbs in your first 7 days, and another 1-2 lbs per week whilst you are on the program.
  • A low-carb and lean-protein approach that has been proven to work for thousands of people over the years
  • A range of affordable plans to suit your budget and lifestyle.  
  • Maximum convenience of fully prepared meals, for an easy-to-follow diet. 
  • A great variety of over 100 chef-created meals to excite your palate, including keto-friendly, diabetes-friendly and vegetarian meals!
  • Tracker apps, articles, guides, and recipes are included to help you stick to your plan.
  • FREE diet analysis service.

The South Beach Diet meal variety

The South Beach Diet menu includes over 100 menu items, including breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, and shakes. Some of the meals are ready to grab and eat, and some arrive frozen. When exploring the company’s full menu, you can see that the meals tend to be classic, incorporating popular flavors. All meals are well-balanced and low in calories, to help you successfully achieve your weight loss goals. 

With over 100 meals on board, the variety of styles is huge. The menu ranges from Italian style meals like pizza or chicken Roma, to Mexican style meals like fajita bowls or taqueria-style beef, and many all-American classics like mac & cheese and southern-style chicken & beans. The South Beach Diet menu also features a lot of snack options, like healthy diet bars, small cupcakes, low-calories crisps, cookies and more. Finally, the company offers a few signatures South Beach diet shakes like chocolate, vanilla and cappuccino shake mix.

Popular South Beach Diet meals and snacks:

  • Home-style chicken & brown rice
  • Campfire beef ‘n’ beans
  • Sesame-glazed beef & veggie bowl
  • Double chocolate entrée bar
  • Artichoke & spinach stuffed chicken breast
  • Farmstand garden & cheese omelet
  • Cherry almond bar
  • Toffee nut bar
south beach diet menu

What does an average South Beach Diet day menu look like?

The secret with the South Beach Diet is that it recommends that you eat six portioned meals a day. At the end of the day, it is about eating less per meal, but more frequently throughout the day. Phase 2 of the diet involves eating six times a day. Here is an example of a daily menu in phase 2:

Breakfast: Florentine omelet

Morning snack: Fudgy graham crumble bar

Lunch: Homestyle Creamy cauliflower & chicken

Afternoon snack: Grapes or other fruit

Dinner: Italian-style meatballs and sautéed broccoli

Evening snack: Sea salt-kissed nuts

Nutrition values of South Beach Diet meals

The South Beach Diet’s daily meal plan is well-balanced and based on years of research. The daily menu contains portions of lean proteins from beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, and beans. The menu also includes healthy fats from avocado, nuts, and olive oil. Even though the diet is a low-carb diet, they also include high-quality carbs like whole-grain bread and brown rice. To ensure the menu is providing maximum health benefits, you will also find plenty of vegetables in the meals and included fresh sides. With the South Diet Beach menu, you can be sure that your hunger will be satisfied without overeating, and that your body is well fueled.

All South Beach Diet’s prepared main meals are created to meet the American Heart Association’s recommendation, of containing 600 mg of sodium or less. Many of their meal options contain even less than this recommended amount. Each meal you receive from South Beach Diet is properly marked with the full nutrition values listed on the packaging. That way you can view sodium, carbs and calorie content, and other nutrition information you might be curious about before eating. You can also view each meal’s nutrition information on their online menu.

south beach diet plan
south beach diet keto

Special features in the South Beach Diet menu

The most notable and obvious feature in the South Beach diet food program is that they offer weight-loss using a low carb method. All the meals, snacks, and shakes on the menu are designed with low-carb and lean protein, to support healthy and fast weight loss. But other than this, the South Beach Diet menu is also full of options to maintain other diets like diabetes, keto (extra low-carb method), and vegetarian.

South Beach Diet box and delivery

The South Beach Diet delivery arrives once a month in a relatively large delivery box. Since many of your South Beach Diet foods will be frozen, your order will be packed in a white box designed specifically to keep the foods frozen for about six to eight hours after delivery. Be warned; you will need to prepare lots of room in your freezer! All the ready-to-go foods will arrive in a separate boxes with the same delivery. 

All food items are wrapped and labeled individually and have full nutrition values on the label. Each meal is labeled with the type of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or shake) and colored by the phase in the diet that the meal fits – phase 1 is light blue, and phase 2 is purple. All meals in phases 1 and 2 are also suitable for phase 3, where you will be focused on maintaining your weight. 

The Website and ordering process

Registering to one of the South Beach Diet weight loss plans is easy and takes no longer than a few minutes. First, you will need to choose your preferred plan. Once you have selected your plan, the system will ask if you are after a plan that is suitable for a man or woman. Finally, it will ask you to specify if you would like to get the chef’s choice of meals or to choose your own meals. Next, you will need to provide some personal information like height, current weight, and your contact information. If you selected to choose your own meals, the last step before payment is to choose your meals for the month. Finally, you will need to enter your payment information details and submit your order.

Other than registering for the service, you can find ample information on their website, such as information regarding the diet, details on the menu and many success stories. You can, of course, manage your account online at any time by logging into your account. This can include changing your chosen meals for upcoming deliveries, changing plans or updating your personal information. The website also offers a chat communication channel if you have any questions or need assistance.

Nutrisystem diet plan

The South Beach Diet also offers the “The Palm” section, which is an extensive blog with lots of content that will help you to stay on the diet successfully.

south beach diet- the palm blog

South Beach Diet delivery area

As for now, the South Beach Diet delivers to all the continental US. The service is not available for PO Boxes or APO Boxes.

South Beach Diet customer support

South Beach Diet offers a few contact methods to reach their support team, as follows:

  • Phone: 1-866- 496-0207 – Monday to Friday 8am-10pm EST and Saturday to Sunday 9am-9pm EST
  • Email:
  • The company also offer a chat option to their Weight Loss Counselors

Bottom Line – do we recommend trying the South Beach Diet program?

If you are looking for a trustworthy and well-established weight loss program to help you lose weight in an easy way, without the stress of cooking or meal planning, and without feeling hungry all the time, we recommend giving South Beach Diet a try! 

The company has served thousands of customers since 2016 and is an excellent weight loss meal delivery program, with an endless number of real success stories. 

Their plans are all based on a low-carb and high-protein philosophy and are full of healthy ingredients, very easy to use, and importantly, very cost-effective. At the end of the day, if you follow the program, you will lose weight – it is as simple as that.

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