Dan Dan noodles

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles with Pork and Braised Greens by Sun Basket

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35 minutes

Taste ranking

Yummy! 🙂 98%
Dan Dan noodles

"This dish tasted delicious! The noodles themselves were fresh and tasty, and the Dan Dan blend added a real wow factor"


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The Cooking Process:


Step One

Cooking the ramen- I brought a medium pot of water to the boil, added the ramen and cooked until just tender which took approximately 4 minutes. The noodles were fresh and looked amazing so I  was eager to taste them. When the noodles were ready I drained and rinsed them with cold water.

Step Two

Making the Chile oil – While the ramen was cooking I prepared the Chile Oil and started by crushing the Sichuan peppercorns. I then  transferred the crushed peppercorns to a small bowl added about a teaspoon of the Chile flakes and stirred. After that, I warmed 2 tablespoons of neutral oil in a pan until hot but not smoking, and then poured the oil over the peppercorn mixture and let it cool.

Step Three
Ground pork

Cooking the ground pork and greens – In the same pan that I used to heat the oil I add 1 teaspoon of the Chile oil and warmed over a medium-high heat until hot but not smoking. I then added the pork and cooked while stirring to break up the meat, until it was starting to brown. Once browned I added the braising greens and ½ cup water, cooked while stirring occasionally, until the pork was cooked through and the greens had started to wilt. When ready I removed from the heat, tossed with the Dan Dan noodle blend, and seasoned with some salt and pepper.

Step Four

Preparing the garnishes – I lightly crushed the cashews and thinly sliced the scallions.

Step Five
Dan Dan noodles

Serving – This meal was so simple but tasted wonderful.  To serve I simply transferred the ramen to two bowls and topped with some of the remaining Chile oil, the cashews and scallions and served!

Dan Dan noodles

On a personal Note:

The quality of products that Sun Basket offers are amazing. Everything is fresh, organic and incredibly healthy. Both the pork and the braising greens were already prepared to use so it involved less meal preparation time for me.. The result was so good! I loved the sweet but spicy combination.

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