Korean Beef Skewers

Sun Basket Korean Beef Skewers


25 minutes

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Yummy! 90%
Korean Beef Skewers

Sun Basket makes it very easy to choose the meals that suit you and the needs of your family.


This dish was another quick and easy meal from the Sun Basket culinary team. We love the variety of meals that are available on the Sun Basket menu. You can find meals that incorporate many culinary influences from around the globe. This dish was very much Korean inspired, and we thoroughly enjoyed the skewers. The flavors from the fresh ground beef combined beautifully with a punchy mix of ginger, scallions and a spicy chile paste. We absolutely loved the slaw, for two main reasons. The first reason was the added twist of the crispy organic pears, and the second reason was the incredible dressing, made with almond butter, toasted sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar. It gave this salad a fresh sweet and delightful earthy taste.

Like all of Sun Basket meals, this one was suitable for many dietary needs. Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and low-carb. When you need to choose your weekly selection, you can clearly see on the online menu, which recipes cater to various dietary requirements and lifestyle preferences.

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