Santa Monica Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos Sun basket

Review: Santa Monica Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos By Sun Basket


20 minutes

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Yummy! 97%
Santa Monica Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos Sun basket

We are big fans of taco meals, and this one was a delight to eat.


Sun Basket; Tacos Meal

This vegan meal kit dish,  oven-ready meal is a new concept from the Sun Basket culinary team – oven-ready meals! This style of meal really takes easy cooking to the next level!  The meal arrived in an oven-safe tray, with the quinoa mixture already cooked and ready to be heated. You just needed to put this mixture in the oven for about 20 minutes.

While the quinoa mixture was heating, we put the tortillas on a hot sheet pan and placed them in the oven to warm. When everything was hot, we stuffed the tortilla with the quinoa filling, and then topped everything with the prepared cabbage slaw, delicious zesty guacamole and a wedge of fresh lime and then served!

The quinoa mixture was full of flavors and was perfectly moist. The artisan tortillas were of high quality, and we loved the tasty guacamole that came fully prepared!

As with all the meals that are part of the Sun basket service, this dish felt super healthy. It was a great way to finish a hectic, busy day with a super easy-to-prep meal that was nutritious and full of great flavors.

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