The meal kit industry is one that is always evolving. Different companies are emerging all the time while existing companies are constantly updating their menus and service options.

Nowadays more and more companies are providing options that cater for plant-based requirements while also focussing on the environment.  Today we are going to be looking at two different companies that provide the option of plant-based menus and they are Sun Basket and Purple Carrot.

Sun Basket is one of the original meal kit delivery companies and their priority is creating a diverse menu that uses only the best organic ingredients.

Purple Carrot is a relatively new company and their focus is on providing plant-based options that are suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike!

Sun Basket Vs. Purple Carrot-Variety of plan

Sun Basket provides the option of two different plants.  These plans include many dishes that have been designed to cater for dietary requirements such as gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and many more.  Their plans are:

  • The Classic Menu which includes two or three recipes per week for two or four people.
  • The Family Menu which includes three, or four recipes per week for four people.

With Purple Carrot you have a choice of three different plans that cater for two people with three meals per week included.  Their plans are:

  • High Protein – Protein-packed meals, built to energize your body.
  • Quick and Easy – easy to make meals, designed to cook in 30 minutes or less
  • Chef’s choice – gourmet plant-based dishes, that provide a more sophisticated dining experience.

Purple Carrot also offers a special TB12 Performance Plan which is a plan that includes recipes that are high in protein, gluten-free and soy-free and have been designed to fuel the higher metabolic needs of active individuals.

Steak and roasted sweet potato by Sun Basket
Steak and roasted sweet potato by Sun Basket
Purple Carrot Dishes
Purple Carrot Dishes

Sun Basket Vs. Purple Carrot- Variety of dishes

Sun Basket is known for its incredible variety of dishes (18 dishes per week) that cater for many dietary requirements.  Some of these requirements are vegan (at least three vegan options per week), pescatarian, gluten-free, diabetes, and vegetarian.   

With Sun Basket you also have the option to mix meals from different plans, so you could get two vegan meals and one gluten-free meal for example. Sun Basket is committed to the creation of organic and healthy meal kits, so all their organic ingredients are of the highest quality.

Purple Carrot is a 100% plant-based service providing a weekly 6 dish plant-based menu that is suitable for vegans but also ideal for non-vegans who would like to increase their consumption of plant-based ingredients. In addition, Purple Carrot has three weekly dishes that are high in protein and designed to maximize energy for people with more demanding physical lifestyles.

Style and complexity of dishes

Sun Basket offers a diverse menu with all-organic ingredients.  Our experience with Sun Basket has shown us that the ingredients they use are always organic and of the highest quality.  While they cater for a diverse range of dietary requirements, convenience is also a priority with Sun Basket and most of their meals take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare.

Purple Carrot’s weekly menu is made up of six plant-based dishes which you can mix and match from the different plans. Their menu has International influences including American, Mexican, Mediterranean and Italian. The company also offer the option of three recipes per week on the TB12 plan which are high in protein and calories and designed for those with a physically demanding lifestyle.  

Sun Basket Paleo Review
Purple Carrot

Quality of Ingredients

When it comes to the quality of ingredients, Sun Basket is an industry leader by making the amazing promise that all their ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced.  Their ingredients come from a trusted network of suppliers that includes fishermen, farmers, and fresh produce growers who all adhere to practices that are both sustainable, responsible and eco-friendly.

Purple Carrot did leave some question marks for us in terms of the consistency and quality of their ingredients. Some of the ingredients we received such as the lettuce, carrots, and radishes appeared to be excellent, but there were others that were somewhat disappointing.  Two of our dishes had cucumbers as an ingredient but after a day or two in the fridge they were soft and inedible. Likewise, with the avocado, it remained hard and inedible and these ingredients needed to be replaced with items we purchased from the supermarket.   

There is very little information available about where Purple Carrot sources their ingredients from. So, you do not know if they use local suppliers, sustainably sourced ingredients, non-GMO ingredients, meats that are free of preservatives etc.

The Box

The delivery box used by both companies is a joy to receive!  They have been specifically designed for food delivery, with inbuilt insulation in the box itself and contents are packed with ice or gel packs.  Both boxes are also well organized with all ingredients being individually wrapped, labeled and arranged.

Sun Basket Box

Sun Basket Vs. Purple Carrot-  The App and Website

Both Sun Basket and Purple Carrot offer attractive, well organized and easy to use websites. Sun Basket also offers a very easy-to-use app. Your plans can be easily managed online.  You can register, select your plan and desired dishes, stipulate payment method and update your personal details.  

Plan terms

Both Sun Basket and Purple Carrot are subscription services.  However, these services come with a pleasing amount of flexibility in that you can skip weeks whenever required.  With Purple Carrot you can easily cancel your account online, while with Sun Basket you do need to contact their customer support team via the link on their website.

Bottom line:

When it comes to plant-based options Sun Basket and Purple Carrot offer a diverse range of options, but our winner with no doubt is Sun Basket.  Sun Basket not only offers vegan options, but they provide a diverse menu that caters for many different dietary needs (like vegetarian, gluten-free, diabetes and more) and they allow the option to mix and match between plans.  

Moreover, the quality of ingredients Sun Basket uses is second to none and they guarantee that all their ingredients are organic and come from a trusted network of suppliers that follow eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices. Unfortunately, we found inconsistencies with the quality of the ingredients provided by Purple Carrot, and we also could not find any information regarding where their ingredients come from.  


  • Only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Amazing variety of 18 weekly recipes
  • Great options for special dietary needs - gluten-free, vegan, paleo and more
  • Most meals are ready in about 30-minute.