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Yummy! 97%
fried chicen by veestro

Who doesn't love fried chicken?


As none of our team follows a vegan diet, we were most intrigued to see what the Veestro Country Fried Chicken was going to taste like!  Veestro provides only plant-based meals, so we were dying to try this dish! Was it going to be tasty enough to receive the seal of approval from those of us who do not follow a plant-based diet? All we can say is that we were very impressed with this country fried chicken! It was delicious, tender and comforting, and to top it off, we loved the thyme gravy that accompanied this dish perfectly. 

One of the appealing things about Veestro meals is that they are all pre-cooked. So all you need to do is to heat them in the oven for 20 minutes and then serve. It is as easy as it gets!

This country fried chicken meal, like most of the Veestro menu choices, is not only healthy and delicious but low in calories, with only 440 total calories per serving. It is very good for a fried dish, and we think it is a lovely satisfying meal that also helps to achieve weight loss goals!!!

  • Post published:June 28, 2019
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