Enchilada by veestro

Enchilada Casserole by Veestro


3 minutes heat

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Yummy! 100%
Enchilada by veestro

Out of all the Veestro meals that we tasted, this was the one we loved the best!


It was delicious and incredibly satisfying. It was a dish that we could not believe had only  250 calories per serving! A great dish for achieving weight loss goals, like many of the dishes from the Veestro vegan menu. It is great to know that Veestro provides a win-win solution for those who are looking for delicious plant-based meals that are ideally suited for losing weight!

This enchilada casserole contained layers of vegetables, tofu, and a delicious vegan bechamel. Finally, it was served on a bed of tomato and red pepper sauce that perfectly matched the casserole. The combination of flavors was perfect! 

We must note that the meal was super easy to prepare. As with all Veestro meals, it was fully precooked. All that was needed to do was to heat our meal. We oven-heated it for 25 minutes, but please note that you could also utilize the microwave for a much shorter time of 6 minutes.  

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