Veestro Portobello Steak Dinner Review

Veestro Portobello Steak Dinner Review

Veestro is a meal delivery service specializing in delicious, plant-based vegan dinner choices such as their portobello steak dinner. With Veesto, you have the option of a la carte or weight loss plans. All of the organic meals arrive fully prepared. All you do is heat (no actual cooking required) and enjoy. 

Nowadays, many people are saying, ‘no’ to meat. Whether you make the choice for health reasons or because you want to pursue your personal food beliefs by becoming a vegan or vegetarian, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to give up your favorite meals. In fact, you can have all of your number one choices delivered to your front door.

Veestro Portobello Steak Dinner

Who says when you become vegan, you have to give up your love of steak? Veestro offers you convenient access to healthy organic food choices that are sure to satisfy your love of ‘meat’ without sacrificing your dedication to living a vegan diet lifestyle.

One of the most-requested plant-based steak dinner choices offered by Veestro meals is their portobello steak dinner. From what we heard, Veestro customers love this plant-based and dairy-free dinner choice meal, so we tested it out to give you a hands-on review.

Healthy Portobello Steak Dinner Flavors

The portobello steak dinner is a staff favorite at Veesto and one of their most ordered meals. The savory steak dinner arrives frozen to perfection, so all of the juices are suspended in their succulence. You can heat it in less than 15 minutes to enjoy each mouth-watering bite of the tender steak (it might not be real red meat, but it sure tastes like it), portobello mushrooms brimming with sauce, crisp veggies, robust mushrooms, flavorful onions, and fresh greens.

A Leading Plant-Based Meal Choice

Without a doubt, this steak dish is a classic meat and potato style fare but completely vegan!   From the irresistible sauce to the juicy steak and crisp vegetables – every bite is a bit of heaven. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best choices offered by Veestro. A true classic favorite for anyone who enjoys mushrooms, brown sauce, and veggies.

Easy Meal Preparation

You’ll swear the portobello steak dinner is restaurant quality from the first minute that you take a bite of the sauce-laden steak. The meal, as all other Vesstro meals, is frozen fresh for prompt delivery to your door.  The meal comes packaged and ready to enjoy.  You can heat it in the microwave or oven – whichever is more convenient. Heat time for the portobello mushroom steak dinner is less than 15 minutes!

The Enticing Aroma of the Portabella Sauce and Steak Meal

When you log into Veestro, you’ll probably choose meals based on the menu photos and review. However, one thing is not fully captured by a brief description, and that is how the meal tantalizes the senses. When writing a food review, we would be remiss if we did not mention aroma. 

The aroma of the portobello sauce is pleasing! You can smell the thick, robust undertones of the brown, mushroom-laden gravy. When you cut into the tender mushroom steak, you’ll get a whiff of what smells like the most succulent cut of meat imaginable. If you were blindfolded, then you’d have a difficult time differentiating it from a cut of Angus because it smells so genuine.

Wonderfully Fresh and Crisp Vegetables

The veggies are also a delightful combination of freshness. All of the veggies that go into Veestro’s meals are fresh, organic, and frozen quickly to trap in the flavor and crispness. Each carrot crunches when you take a bite and is never chewy. You can taste the delightful sweetness of the carrots and the chlorophyll of the greens.

Portobello Steak Dinner Ingredients

The wholesome ingredients found in Veestro meals are all organic, gluten-free, non-dairy, vegan-friendly, and delicious. All of the items are roasted perfectly, and the steak is not only tender but juicy. The onions pop in your mouth with the perfect touch of flavor. You’ll swear the steak is real red meat and not a plant-based recipe.

Ingredients Include

+Polenta (water, yellow corn meal, salt, tartaric acid, ascorbic acid, beta carotene)

+Portobello mushrooms

+ tender carrots


+pearl onion

+olive oil





The Portobello Steak Sauce Ingredients Include

+portobello mushrooms



+vegetable stock



+black pepper


Calories Found in the Veestro Steak Dinner

Calories in the Veestro steak meal are 270 per container. The portobello sauce contains an extra 15 calories. As you can see, the plant-based recipe has fewer calories than red meat food and sauce choices.

Including the Veestro Portobello Steak Dinner In a Weight Loss Plan

With a relatively low-calorie count, the Veestro portobello steak meal fits any meal plan beautifully with its low calories and diverse dietary choices. It is an excellent addition to the Veestro three-meals-a-day plan that combines three delicious vegan and calorie-controlled meals every day for a total of 1,200 calories. Don’t let the low calories fool you. The meal is quite big and generous. It is fully packed with one savory bite after another so that you will feel full and satisfied.

Weight Loss Plan Criteria Choices

With Veestro’s weight loss plan, you can filter the meals into the following criteria:






Veestro Portobello Steak Dinner Review nutrition facts
Veestro Portobello Steak Dinner Review nutrition facts

Reasons Why You Should Try the Veestro Service

Meal delivery services have become commonplace, so it’s hard to pick the best one to fit your particular needs. However, if you are a vegan or simply looking for all-natural, organic food choices, then Veestro might be your perfect choice for an easy to prepare meals plan.  

We gathered few more pros, why we think Veestro is a meal service to try:

All-Natural Plant Ingredients

A great deal of thought goes into the favorite recipes offered by Veestro. The dishes are prepared, cooked, and frozen to lock in nutrition and freshness. The ingredients are always non-dairy, gluten-free, and meat-free. You can quickly prepare each one in your kitchen with no real prep time.

They are made from ingredients such as:

  • Quinoa
  • Chick’n
  • Tofu
  • Lentil
  • Onions
  • Kale
  • Mushrooms
  • and more.

Delivered to Your Door

The delicious plant-based only meals created by Veestro are delivered frozen directly to your front door. You can cook the dishes in the microwave or oven in less than fifteen mins. Each one comes with cooking instructions. If you do not plan on enjoying the Veestro meals in the next few days after the delivery, you can store the meal packages in your freezer for later use.

Large Menu of Selections

With Veestro, you’ll enjoy an extensive menu of meal selections to try.  You can pick and choose which savory ones to add to your list.  On Veestro’s website, you’ll find over 50 meals to choose from and a la carte options.  Some meals even boast good-for-you cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth if you like a touch of sugary goodness to finish a meal as a snack.  Choose from a portobello steak dinner, mushroom stroganoff with creamy sauce red curry with tofu, country fried chick’n, kale and quinoa salad, mushrooms and risotto, and more. You’ll find the best choices that you like with ease when you log into the Veestro site.

Lots of Diversity

Whether you have a craving for classic meals, Asian-style meals, or spicy meals, the food you love is only a click away. You can plan out all of the recipes for prompt delivery to your home. Also, while looking at each serving, you’ll see the ingredients in the recipes clearly outlined and the calory count, so you never have to wonder what is going into each meal.  You can also read a review of each recipe to get an idea of flavor and what other buyers thought about the creation. 

Organic Ingredients in the Recipes That You Love

Most of the ingredients in the Veestro recipe choices are from organic food choices. They are fresh and wholesome. The quick freezing process helps the foods retain their fresh, crisp, delicious nature, so each bite is a pleasure.

Optimum Convenience Using Veestro

In 2021, many people avoid going to the supermarket to shop for food because of the fear of COVID-19. Enjoying an excellent meal delivery service with ample food choices is a great way to stay home, stay safe, and still indulge in the best foods. You can order enough meals for your family to share or just indulge yourself because each meal services one person.

Avoid Going to the Store in 2021 with Veestro

Imagine not having to go to the store in 2021, search the aisles to try to decide what to eat, and wait in long lines to check out and buy your groceries. Then you arrive home and realize that you forgot a crucial food in the recipe you planned to create. This happens all too often and can be highly frustrating. 

Ordering Made Easy: Log In and Select

With Veestro meals, all of your favorite foods arrive straight to your door.  All you do is log in on the computer, make your menu picks, and have the food delivered to your home address. The meals are pre-cooked, so they don’t require extensive cooking. Unbox the meal, heat, and eat. Meals don’t get any easier than the fast and easy than with this meal delivery service.  Each Veestro choice is loaded with nutrition.

Supports Various Dietary LifeStyles

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy Veestro meals. You’ll find all of your favorite recipe choices. Whether you want a low-calorie, gluten-free, high-protein,  non-dairy, kosher, or another diet plan, you won’t be disappointed with the Veestro meals. Customers love the variety, the prompt delivery, and the diverse recipe choices that the ready-to-eat meals provide.

Affordability At Its Best

Veestro meal delivery service is an affordable option if you consider the fact that it’s organic. You can enjoy delicious recipe choices like portobello steak dinners and more without breaking the bank. Meal costs start from $9 per one serving meal.

Bottom Line

If dining on a healthy, vegan-friendly portobello steak dinner with portobello mushrooms in sauce sounds like a dream – then you’ll want to check this meal from the Veestro kitchen.

Other than this lovely meal choice, Veestro offers a vast collection of plant-based prepared meals that will make your life much easier. Whether you are a single person or a family, the Veestro menu provides you easy variety. The menu choices are diverse, and the options are impressive.

You can make Veestro an everyday dinner preference or an occasional meal option on days when you’re too busy to cook in the kitchen. With their strong focus on nutrition, you can rest assured that Veestro is offering premium food choices that are ready to eat and have a touch of perfection in every bite.

We hope that this Veestro portobello steak dinner review has helped you decide if to give it a try.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our great beginners’ promotion if you wish to embrace the food delivery service in 2021 as the new ‘norm’.  

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