Benefits Of the Vegetarian Diet

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Unlike gluten free, dairy or lactose-free diets that are usually taken due to medical reasons, a vegetarian diet is more of a lifestyle choice.

What Is A Vegetarian Diet?

For most people when they hear the word ‘vegetarian,’ they think of someone who doesn’t eat meat. While they are correct, there is a lot more to the word ‘vegetarian’ and equally, there is a lot more to a vegetarian diet.

Firstly, the simple definition of a vegetarian is somebody who eats only vegetables and excludes meat and all animal-based products from their diet. Everything they consume is plant-based. This can include foods such as legumes, fruit, vegetables, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.

There are a few variations of the vegetarian diet that many people accept although some puritans would not agree. So, it follows that there are also many different types of vegetarian diets.

Vegans have the most austere diet, as they don’t eat any animal products or byproducts. This goes to the extremes and also includes eggs, dairy, honey or anything that may possibly contain gelatin. Other types of vegetarians and vegetarian diets, they consume are as follows:

  • Semi-Vegetarians eat chicken and fish, but, not red meat
  • Pescatarians consume fish, but, not meat
  • Proletarians eat poultry, but, not meat, fish or dairy
  • Ovo-vegetarians take eggs, but, not dairy or meat
  • Lacto-Vegetarians have dairy, but, not meat or eggs
  • Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians consume dairy and eggs, but, not poultry, meat or fish
  • Flexitarians, as the name suggests, are flexible vegetarians, who identify as vegetarian, but, eat meat from time to time

An added bonus of being a vegetarian nowadays is that there are lots of meat substitutes available, so there is no need to feel left out at the dinner table when everyone is having beef burgers or chicken kievs as there are Quorn or other substitutes readily available in most supermarkets and even in some smaller stores.  

On top of this, today, foods from all over the world are easily accessible in most Asian stores, supermarkets and quite a lot of mini-marts, so we have more choice than any previous generations could have even imagined was possible.

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Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

Because a vegetarian diet is plant-based, there are huge health benefits from having this type of diet. Data over the years has revealed time and time again, that vegetarians of one form or another, usually live longer and healthier lives than carnivores. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Fewer calories can result in weight loss
  • A diet lower in saturated fats and cholesterol (as no meat) is better for the heart
  • May reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  • It is widely known that meat eaters have higher cancer rates than vegetarians

Cons Of A Vegetarian Diet

Although a vegetarian diet is seen as one of the healthiest lifestyle options these days, it does come with its own set of drawbacks, mainly the risk of being deficient in certain essential nutrients and vitamins – here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Vitamins B12 and D

How Can A Meal Kit Service Help You Get On Track With A Vegetarian Diet?

Many health advisers suggest that vegetarians should seek the advice of a licensed dietician, to ensure they are getting a healthy and balanced diet.

The Meal Kit Service vegetarian menu can be a great help as these are designed specifically for vegetarian’s and provide a well-balanced meal plan that is already checked by their in-house dietitian to ensure it provides the best overall nutrient base possible. These kits provide complete meals that can be created and enjoyed in about 30 minutes.

This saves you time and money, there is no need for you to venture out to the shops to purchase any additional foods like all the ingredients in the Meal Service Kit are specially designed to suit your dietary requirements.

With a meal kit, there is no waste because everything is presented to you in the correct proportions. You will never have half empty bottles or packets of unused items in your pantry, food items that have gone past their use by date, so your meal kit will help save your money.

As they use only the best locally sourced mainly organic produce when creating your vegetarian meal kit, you are getting the best and freshest foods available. Their buying power is such that they can select only the best foods as their reputation is on the line and they will not serve you anything but the best available.

Many of the foods they use are just not available in local shops, especially at the price they can offer to you. Meal Kit Services offer you a healthier and fresher alternative than you can get anywhere else.

Best Meal Kit Services For A Vegetarian Diet

It may be challenging to change from an existing diet to a vegetarian diet. In this respect, the meal kit review has already done the hard work by trying out all the vegetarian meal kit services, noting the highs and lows of each service and comparing the prices and flavors.

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