Winc Wine Club Review

Quick Intro: 

Winc is a unique wine club with a personalized process that allows you to enjoy over 100 Californian wines in addition to a great selection of international wines. They have an extensive wine list, and they offer a personalized service with great customer support. 

About Winc wine club:

If you are after a wine club that specializes in Californian wines, then Winc could well be the wine club for you. Winc is all about making your wine experience stress-free and has a club format that is simple to use and gives you access to an impressive selection of wines. Winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith is part of their professional team, and he has put together a wine list that includes over 100 California wines in addition to a pleasing selection of international wines. Their wine club experience is enjoyable and provides wines that have been matched to your palate. 

The Winc club:

The Winc wine club is subscription-based and includes a monthly delivery of 4 matched wines. You can opt for a red, white or mixed delivery. 

Ideal customer:

Winc wine club is well suited to those who appreciate Californian wines. It is also a great option for people who are looking for a wine experience that is reasonably priced and easy to enjoy. 

The main reasons why we love Winc wine club:

  • Affordably priced. 
  • An extensive selection of wines. 
  • Wines are matched to your palate profile. 
  • Flexible membership in that you can edit your monthly selection. 
  • Ongoing personalization process. 
  • For any additional orders to your normal wine club delivery, you will receive 10% off a dozen bottles or more. 
winc wine box
Label close up

How Winc personalizes your experience:

Your Winc wine club membership begins with establishing your Palate Profile. You do this by completing a short six-question quiz. This takes only a few minutes and will mean that your first delivery will be matched to your palate. Then you are encouraged to rate all subsequent deliveries allowing for your profile to become more personalized. 

Managing your account

Your Winc wine club membership is easy to manage via their website and your online account. Here you can explore all available wines, including any customer feedback on each wine. You can also find details about Winc and their team members. Your membership begins with establishing your palate profile with the short quiz, then selecting your preferred wine delivery in terms of red, white or mixed. Finally, before delivery, you are advised what your wine recommendations are, and you can either accept these or change them before checking out. 

Please be aware, like any wine delivery, that you must have someone who is aged 21 or older to receive the delivery. 

The Winc wine club is also very flexible in that you can skip a month when necessary and you can cancel your account at any time via their customer support team. 

winc wine

The wines of Winc wine club

Winc is a winery based in California, and their wine club membership is all part of their overall customer experience. The team has put together a varied range of wines from California and across the globe; this range includes classic choices and wines that are more obscure and sourced from boutique and fringe operations. 

We loved our experience with Winc wine club and felt that their unique range of wines was not only enjoyable, but we also appreciated their label design and presentation. At all times, Winc seems to embrace the fact that drinking wine should be something that you enjoy in a light-hearted way. 

We enjoyed our Winc wine selection, most notably 2017 Loves Me Not Rosé. This was a lovely wine, perfect for a lazy afternoon, and it contained a lovely sweet fruitiness. We also appreciated a 2016 Rosa Obscura Red Blend. The Rosa Obscura was a nice blend that was full-bodied, very smooth and included a hint of cherry.  

In conclusion

We thought that the Winc wine club offered an appealing, flexible solution to those who would like to delve into the world of wine in a way that is affordable and stress-free. 

As the Winc wines are hand-picked by their passionate team,  membership allows you to try a range of different types of wines, without traipsing from wine shop to wine shop and spending a fortune! The beauty of Winc wine club is that you will receive a pleasing selection of unique wines that are affordably priced and delivered directly to you without any research or hard work on your behalf!

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