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We write our honest review on each company or product, however, we receive a sales commission or other compensation on the products we review. That helps us to support this website. Prices can vary due to changes in promotions or policies. See our full disclosures here.

Blue Apron delivers all the freshest meats, fish, fruits, and veggies direct to your door in an insulated box.

Our Score: 8.1

Amazon Meal delivery entered the growing meal kit industry, only recently, in the middle of 2017.

Pricing: $15.99 to $19.99 for a 2-person meal 

(Updated to February 2018)

Amazon entered the growing meal kit industry, only recently, in the middle of 2017. Like everything that Amazon does, their new service has made a great impact on the industry. The Amazon Meal Kits Service is not fully operational and available in all states, but it is has been available in New York, my base, since the beginning of 2018.  I have recently tried Amazon Meal Kits and am ready to provide an in-depth comparison with the first and one of the largest meal kit companies – Blue Apron.

Generally, I would say that the services offered by these two giants are very different and therefore would probably appeal to quite different audiences. In my opinion, Blue Apron would appeal to people who want a comprehensive and ongoing meal kit service. One that has new and surprising recipes every week that are suitable for people with different levels of experience in the kitchen, so recipes that incorporate a lot of variety. On the other hand, Amazon Meal Kits provides a more flexible service. This probably appeals to people who would like to use a meal kits service occasionally with very easy to make recipes. 

Variety of plan: 

Blue Apron offers two plan options.  The Classic Plan is suitable for 2 people and offers either 2 or 3 dishes per week.  Alternatively, there is the Family Plan, suitable for 4 people and offering a choice of 4 dishes per week. On the other side of this comparison, Amazon Meal Kits offers serious flexibility to its customers with no subscription or plans required. The new service is available for orders through the Amazon Fresh system and you can add as many meal kits as you would like to your Amazon Fresh cart and get it 2-3 days later.  All kits are designed for two people, and the only thing you do need is an Amazon Fresh active account.

BBQ Chicken Tacos by Blue Apron
BBQ Chicken Tacos by Blue Apron
Salmon Donburi Bowl by Amazon Meal Kits
Salmon Donburi Bowl by Amazon Meal Kits

Variety of dishes:

Blue Apron offers its customer a good amount of 12 dishes per week.  These 12 dishes are divided between the 2 different plans; 8 for the Classic Plan and 4 for the Family Plan. With Amazon Meal Kits, the different dishes change all the time, and the choices offered can also differ from place to place. One more thing to note, Amazon Fresh also offers the meal kits from other companies such as Martha & Marley Spoon and Tyson Tastemakers. You can find out if the service is available in your area by simply searching the term “meal kits” in the amazon fresh search bar, like in here.

Style and complexity of dishes:

To be completely honest, every dish I had from both Amazon Meal Kits and Blue Apron tasted great and I was very pleased with both! I would say that Amazon Meal Kits is more focused on providing recipes with a short cooking time. They state that all their meals take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare using easy-to-follow recipes. From what I experienced, many of the dishes take even less time than that to prepare in your own kitchen. I would say that Amazon usually offers simpler recipes, ones that are not overly complex or challenging , whereas the choices provided by Blue Apron offer a little more sophistication.

Quality of products:

Both Amazon Meal Kits and Blue Apron provide ingredients that are of a very high quality! Blue Apron also makes the promise that all the meat they use in their meal kits has no added hormones, all vegetables are farm fresh and sometimes organic and all seafood is sustainably sourced.  

Blue Apron Products
Blue Apron Products
Amazon meal Kits inside box
Amazon meal Kits inside box

The box:

Blue Apron deliver their meal kits in a specifically designed and labeled medium size carton box. Unfortunately, on opening the box you will find that most of the ingredients are scattered and not sorted and packaged according to the recipe they belong to.  So, you will need to sort out all the ingredients for the specific recipes on your own. 

The only thing that Blue Apron send wrapped, is a small bag containing all the spices and other seasoning for each dish. The cooled proteins are on the bottom of the box with a large amount of ice, so the box can be left outside for hours without worrying about the contents.

With Amazon Meal Kits, each dish comes in an individual small box that is wrapped and labelled with the name of the recipe along with a picture. It is very well organized and since each meal kit has its own box, you can simply put it in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

Inside the box you can find all ingredients for the recipe, including the proteins. There is no ice inside the box but the deliveries are sent in an Amazon Fresh cooling bag with lots of ice inside.

Blue Apron Box
Blue Apron Box
Amazon meal Kits Box
Amazon meal Kits Box

The app and website:

Blue Apron offers a very well organized and easy to use website and app. Everything that you need to do in terms of registering, selecting your plans, making changes and selecting your meal kits can easily and efficiently be completed online. The service provided by Amazon Meal Kits is quite different because there is no subscription required to use this service. Everything is done through the Amazon Fresh interface. You can add as many meals as you desire to your cart.  You can also usually update your order, until the day before your delivery.

Blue apron app
Blue Apron app
Amazon meal kits app
Amazon meal kits app

Plan terms:  

When it comes to plan terms, there are also very big differences between the two companies. Blue Apron offers a subscription service, with the option of skipping weeks if needed. They also offer a certain amount of flexibility in picking your preferred delivery day. In order to cancel the account, you need to contact customer support. On the other hand, the Amazon Meal Kits is simply ordered through your Amazon Fresh account. There is no subscription for the Amazon Meal Kit service.  All you need to do is select the dishes you want and add them to your Amazon Fresh cart.


With Amazon you can combine the meal kits purchase with your regular grocery shopping via Amazon Fresh. In fact, if we are being completely accurate, the meal kits service is probably more of an add-on to your normal groceries.  With Blue Apron, there is a wine subscription with an excellent selection of great quality wines. They even give recommendations for the best wine to accompany each dish you pick in your weekly menu, which is a lovely feature! They also have a retail market, offering cookware and other great kitchen supplies.


Blue Apron offers the Classic Plan for two people for $9.99 per dish per person, and the Family Plan for four people for $8.99 per dish per person.  There is an extra shipping cost of $7.99 only for the Classic Plan for 2 dishes per week option. 

With Amazon Meal Kits, the cost of the meal kits varies from $15.99 to $19.99 for a 2-person meal, depending on the dish. Since Amazon Meal Kits is through the Amazon Fresh account, there is a fixed cost of $14.99 per month for Prime Fresh membership. Shipping is free of charge once you reach a minimum of $50 in an order. You can combine groceries with your purchase, which makes it easy to reach this minimum amount, even if you want only one or two meal kits per week. Amazon Meal Kits are a great choice for people who want to use Amazon Fresh for their ongoing grocery shopping.

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