HelloFresh Meal Delivery Review 2023

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Quick Hello Fresh Review:

HelloFresh is the largest global company in the meal kit industry, offering many healthy eating meals every week.

The Hello Fresh meals are packed with the freshest ingredients and can suit the needs of singles, couples, and families.  The menu features low-calorie, vegetarian, pescatarian, and fast & easy recipes.

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Hello Fresh is the most popular meal delivery service in the US. HelloFresh specializes in supplying healthy and straightforward meal kits that combine the best farm-fresh ingredients with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes.

The company provides a varied and extensive meal selection every week, so their service is sure to suit individuals, couples, and families

We like most about Hello Fresh because it offers an easy cooking solution that provides a fun cooking experience at home. The company provides simple recipes with an easy cooking process, all with pre-measured and pre-portioned ingredients for your maximum convenience.

HelloFresh is the largest global meal kit company, and it is active in 11 countries around the world, including Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. It is the largest meal-kit company currently operating in the US.

Our team has tried HelloFresh many times and is well qualified to review the HelloFresh service from A to Z. This Hello fresh review will cover all areas of their service, including the ordering process, delivery, the quality of ingredients, and the actual meals taste. 

So Here It Is – Our Full Hello Fresh Review:

Who is HelloFresh for?

HelloFresh is perfect for people who enjoy classic and familiar dishes that are not too intimidating. Part of the appeal is the short preparation time of their dishes. Most of their meals take only 30 minutes or so to cook.

HelloFresh is incredibly convenient and offers families a reasonably priced dinner solution that is super fun to cook. 

The company has a specific plan to cover family needs. They also offer the option of a vegetarian plan for veggie lovers and a calorie-smart plan for people on a low-calorie diet.

Main Features & Benefits of Hello Fresh

  1. Number one meal kit delivery service brand in the US.
  2. Delicious meals! Usually classic options with tasty, interesting twists.
  3. Easy to prepare healthy meals to cook at home.
  4. Affordably priced.
  5. Time-saving on meal planning and food shopping.
  6. Twenty-five weekly recipe choices, including gourmet options, kid-friendly, quick and easy recipes, and more. 
  7. High-quality and farm-fresh ingredients in every box.
  8. Flexibility – diverse menu, option to skip weeks, no cancelation fees.
  9. Cater to specific dietary restrictions like calorie-smart, carb-smart, pescatarian, and vegetarian diets. All are dietitian-approved meals.
  10. HelloFresh Market” with an assortment of groceries, quick meals, breakfast items, and more.
  11. Encourage less food waste and

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Hello Fresh Box
HelloFresh Box
Hello Fresh 2021 Unboxing
HelloFresh Unbox

How to Get Started with Hello Fresh?

Starting your journey HelloFresh meal kit delivery service is as easy as can be. All you need to do is sign up via their website or their app. The next step is to choose your preferred plan – classic, family, or vegetarian and then select your dishes from their menu.

Your choices could include vegetarian, child-friendly, and 20-minute preparation time options. Once you have made your selections, you will receive a box with all your meal kits conveniently packed in separate bags for the easiest storage solutions. The last step is simply to start cooking! You will be guided with quick and easy-to-follow recipes.

Meal Plan Options

With HelloFresh, you get to choose from few different meal plans:

  • Classic Meat & Veggies Plan – With this plan, you can select two to four recipes per week for two or four people.
  • Family-friendly Plan – With this plan, you can choose two to four recipes per week for two or four people.
  • Veggie Plan – With this plan, you can choose two or three vegetarian recipes per week for two or four people.
  • Calorie-Smart Plan – With this meal plan, you can choose two to three recipes of 600 calories or less per week for two or four people. 
  • Quick and Easy Plan – With this meal plan, you get fuss-free meal kit options, easy prepping, cooking, and cleaning-up time.
  • Pescatarian Plan– This meal plan features a combination of vegetarian and seafood meal kits.

With each plan, you can customize your plan size for two or four people, with two to six meals per week.

You can change your meal kit plan and preferences weekly as you desire. You can also browse the weekly recipes in each plan and select which ones you would like to receive in your weekly box.

The Classic ‘meat and veggie’ meal plan includes all the vegetarian, family-friendly, quick meals, and calorie-smart recipes.

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Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh
Apricot Chicken by HelloFresh

Chicken creamy dill HelloFrersh
Chicken creamy dill HelloFresh

Popular HelloFresh Meals You Should Try

HelloFresh meal delivery service offers a large variety of delicious meal kit recipes to try, so your choices are endless. Here are a few examples of HelloFresh meals:

  • Mozzarella & herb chicken with roasted carrots & buttery couscous
  • Peachy keen BBQ-rubbed pork chops with lemony green beans & garlic rice
  • Salsa Verde enchiladas with poblano pepper, black beans, and Monterey jack cheese
  • Garlic herb butter shrimp & lobster with lemony broccoli & chive crème fraîche mashed potatoes
  • Presto pesto panko chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans
  • Melty Monterey jack burgers with onion jam, garlic mayo, and crispy breaded zucchini
  • Beef Bulgogi Bowls with roasted carrots, cucumber, and sriracha crema over Jasmine rice
  • Za’atar-Crusted Grilling Cheese with Sumac Mediterranean baked veggies over couscous
  • Sweet potato and black bean tacos with avocado crema

Are HelloFresh Meals Really Tasty?

As part of our work at the Meal Kit Review, we make sure to order, cook and taste meals from all meal kit services we review. This way, we know that we can provide an honest and in-depth review! HelloFresh is no exception, of course.

Over the few years that our website has existed, we have tried HelloFresh countless times! We have to say that our experience with HelloFresh was wonderful each and every time. The level of ingredients was always excellent, and the recipes were both enjoyable to prepare and to eat.

A Few Meals We Tasted and Loved From HelloFresh:

  • Creamy Dill Chicken: a meal from the calorie-smart menu. It was a delicious classic dish, finished beautifully with an amazing creamy but light dill sauce.
  • Beef Bulgogi Sauce Bowl: this meal is part of the “hall of fame” collection, and for a good reason! It was very easy to cook, delicious, and full of fresh flavors. 
  • Chicken Sausage Pizzas: these were a treat to prepare and to eat, and they are a much healthier and tastier option than the store-bought or ordering-in alternatives. 

HelloFresh Beef Tacos

HelloFresh Southwest Stuffed Zucchini Boats- Our Review

This vegetarian dish of hot stuffed zucchini boats from Hello Fresh was a crowd-pleaser in our kitchen. 

The roasted boats were filled with fluffy cooked rice with some premade southwest spice blend, then blanketed and broiled with a nice layer of pepper jack cheese. As a final touch, it was served with fresh-made tomatoes and cilantro pico de gallo, avocado and lime crema, cilantro, and a drizzle of hot red sauce. Healthy, delightful, and pretty easy-to-cook meal kit.

The basic version of this recipe is vegetarian, and this is the version we opt-in to cook, but Hello Fresh does give you the option to upgrade it by adding ground turkey or ground beef, at an extra cost, as you wish.

HelloFresh Southwest Stuffed Zucchini Boats
HelloFresh Southwest Stuffed Zucchini Boats

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Hello Fresh Variety & Style of Meal Kits

HelloFresh offers a large variety of 25 meal choices on a weekly basis –including some great vegetarian options, kid-friendly meals, gourmet-style meals, calorie-smart dishes, Hale of fame, and more.

We believe that this variety ensures enough flexibility to keep your taste buds longing for more.

When it comes to the diversity and style of the meals, HelloFresh offers a lovely range of classic and well-known dishes, with some great twists to keep it fresh and interesting.

They use an extensive range of ingredients that include vegetables, cheeses, meats, poultry, fish, and seafood. Their meals range from gourmet to easy 20-minute meals and include flavor and style inspirations from cuisines from all around the world, such as Mexican, Asian, Southwestern, and Italian, just to name a few.

Moreover, HelloFresh offers a new add-on section, called “HelloFresh Market”, with a great assortment of high-quality grocery items, quick meals options, breakfast items, spice blends, healthy snacks, tempting desserts, and more.

What’s Inside the HelloFresh Box?

In our opinion, the deliveries from HelloFresh are one of the most well-organized meal kit boxes available.

Inside the box, the ingredients for each meal are sorted and labeled in separate paper bags. This makes unpacking truly easy and takes no time whatsoever. You’ll also find the amazing and easy HelloFresh recipe cards to help you get the cooking started.

Any refrigerated ingredients such as meat, seafood, tofu, etc are located at the bottom of the box and packed with a suitable amount of ice to keep the food cold. This ensures that your ingredients stay cool during the delivery day even if the box needs to remain outside for a few hours.

hellofresh inside box
HelloFresh recipes cards

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When you look at the HelloFresh meal delivery service menu, it is obvious that their culinary team makes every effort to create delicious recipes that are well-balanced and healthy in terms of nutrition values.

Special Features On The HelloFresh Menu

The HelloFresh weekly menu offers a pleasing amount of variety with 20 weekly meals. The meals are categorized with many special features and highlights, as follows:

  • Hall of fame – the most popular and favorite meals of their customers. When you choose one of these meals, you know you can’t go wrong.
  • 20 min meals – meals that are super fast to prepare. 
  • Vegetarian meals – meals that are filled with delicious, local farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, and cheese.
  • Calorie-smart meals – meals that are focused on being low on the calorie count for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.
  • Family-friendly meals – meals designed to satisfy the tastebuds of both the adults and the picky eaters in the family.
  • Gourmet meals – meals that will make you feel like you are enjoying restaurant dining. You have a choice of two meals every week. 
  • Taste tour around the world – meals that take you on a world cuisine tour, including Asian, Italian or Latin style meals, and so much more.

Nutrition Values

Every meal kit in the HelloFresh weekly menu includes fresh vegetables like kale, zucchini, carrots, and peppers, carbs like rice and potatoes and sweet potatoes, and high-quality proteins like fresh meats, seafood, chickpeas, beans, and more.

The meal-kit portions are generous enough to keep you satisfied without overeating or consuming more calories than you need, with less food waste!

With every weekly delivery box, you will get recipe cards for your selected meal kit recipes. Those cards include the recipe itself, the calorie count, some extra info about the ingredients of the meal, and some helpful tips.

HelloFresh also offers calorie-smart and carb-smart menus, containing meals with a low-calorie count of around 500-600 calories per serving. 

The Quality of Ingredients

The first thing you will notice about your delivery from HelloFresh is the exquisite quality of the ingredients. The meats, vegetables, cheeses, and seasonings are all seasonal produce and of the highest standard.

In our last box, we received sweet Italian sausages that looked like they were from a professional charcuterie and something that would be very hard to find in a regular grocery store. The eggs were large and farm-fresh in this same delivery, and the flour tortillas were soft and yummy! That is just to name a few.

This comes as no surprise to us since HelloFresh state that they use only the best ingredients in their meal kit meals – Meats are usually domestic, and with no added hormones, poultry is both antibiotic and hormone-free, and fruits and vegetables are local and farm fresh. 

Hello Fresh Products
Hello Fresh Products

HelloFresh Website & App

Both the HelloFresh website and app are user-friendly. You can do everything you need to do regarding your order and account online. You can register, specify your dietary preferences, change plans when needed, selecting your weekly recipes, change your payment method and keep all elements of your account up to date. This can all be achieved very quickly and easily. 

You can also see past and future weekly menus, including the recipes, ingredients, and nutritional facts on each one.

HelloFresh Delivery Areas

HelloFresh delivers their meal kits to all states across the continental US, though they currently do not deliver to Hawaii or Alaska. 

HelloFresh  Customer Support

HelloFresh offers very helpful customer support. You can reach them via one of these channels:

Bottom Line

We Recommend HelloFresh For Healthy, Easy, And Enjoyable Meal kits!

HelloFresh is such an excellent meal kit service, and it is definitely one of our favorites. It has been ranked in our top three favorites for a very long time!

It is suitable for people looking for classic and familiar dinner options that are not too intimidating to cook or eat but include some interesting twists or flavor additions. Their meals are always super tasty and contain the freshest of high-quality ingredients.

The HelloFresh recipes are effortless to follow and usually take half an hour or even less to cook.

From our experience, their meals are always a big success whether you are cooking for your family, for a date night, or hosting a dinner party with friends. If you haven’t tried HelloFresh yet, we highly recommend doing so!

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HelloFresh box review

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frequently asked questions

It depends on the ingredients that you get; some ingredients may last longer than others. Overall, Hello Fresh’s meals are created with ingredients that stay fresh up until a week after you receive them.

Some ingredients, such as fish, are required to be consumed sooner to avoid getting health risks. In the case of meat, you have approximately three days to consume it fresh. You can use your judgment to decide which meals you’re going to cook first.

To ensure that your ingredients stay fresh for as much time as possible, be sure to store them correctly right after you get them. However, we don’t recommend that you wait an entire week to consume them; the sooner you cook your meals, the better.

Many ingredients require refrigeration, but others do not. To make sure about what to do, open up your box, look at what’s inside, and then store everything in a way you see fit.

Hello Fresh’s packaging does its best to keep your deliveries fresh. A concern for most people is what they can do if the delivery arrives and they’re not home. The box can stay out of refrigeration for several hours after it arrives.

Sensitive ingredients are stored in insulated cool pouches with ice packs; this helps those ingredients be fresh for a longer time up until you store them properly on your fridge. However, we advise that you store your ingredients properly as soon as you get the box.

You can skip your Hello Fresh weekly meals when you don’t feel like consuming them. To skip a week for any reason, you can go into the ‘My Deliveries’ section of your account, or email the company at [email protected] to cancel your delivery. You are not charged any fees for canceling the service on that specific week.

If you want to skip a week, make sure that you cancel the delivery before Wednesday at 11:59 EST. If you don’t do this, you are going to be charged for the next week’s delivery.

Yes! You can reuse Hello Fresh’s ice packs if you want to. it is definitely an eco-friendly option! The Hello Fresh ice packs are perfect for storing ingredients for a lunch box or a picnic; ice packs help the ingredients stay fresh if you’re not at home, or if you’re traveling a long distance.

Reusing ice packs is also helpful if you don’t want to use a new plastic bag each time that you want to store an ingredient. This makes it cheaper to store your ingredients, and you also help the environment by using less plastic!

However, if you want to get rid of your ice packs, there is a specific way to dispose of them. You have to use a pair of scissors to cut open the ice packs and let the gel drain into your trash can. If you want to recycle the plastic packaging afterward, you can do just that.

HelloFresh is a food delivery service that sends pre-packaged ingredients and recipes to your doorstep. It can be an excellent way for couples to cook together, as the recipes are easy to follow and don’t require special culinary skills.

You can save money by cooking at home instead of eating out or ordering in. HelloFresh also offers a variety of meal plans, so you can find one that fits your dietary needs and food preferences.

Cooking at home with HelloFresh is a great way to save money and bond with your partner. The recipes are simple to follow and don’t require any special culinary skills. Plus, you can choose from various meal plans that fit your dietary needs and preferences.

So whether you’re looking for an easy way to cook together or want to explore new cuisines, HelloFresh is a great option for couples.

Our Review Methodology

Our mission at The Meal Kit Review is to aid you in making informed decisions about various meal kit companies without purchasing each kit individually. We surveyed each meal kits service on the marketplace in order to find the best ones for singles, couples, families, and for specific diest.
We make sure to give an honest review that is based on purchasing and testing meal kits from popular meal kit companies and provide information on flavor, sustainability, pricing, and more. Read more about our review proces and why you should trust us here

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