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Apricot Chicken by Hello Fresh

A meal that was both delicious and could also help you achieve weight loss goals.


We were a little skeptical about this one because at the end of the day it’s a classic dish of greens, potatoes and chicken breast, but we were pleasantly surprised by this dish.

The two elements that made this dish so enjoyable were first, the great quality of ingredients that were provided by Hello Fresh. The green beans and potatoes were super fresh, and the chicken breast was clean and looked great. Second – the apricot balsamic sauce that topped the chicken was just delicious!

The fruity flavors from the apricot jam combined perfectly with the vinegary tang!

This amazing apricot chicken meal was part of the new calories-smart menu offered by Hello Fresh. This menu features only healthy, well-balanced and low-calorie count meals of around 600 calories or less per serving. This meal had only 550 calories per serving.

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