Green Chef Meal Delivery Review 2023

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Quick Green Chef Review:

Green Chef offers customers a fully organic, diverse menu complete with specialized dietary options, that is filled with delicious and innovative meals.

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Who is Green Chef Recommended For?

Green Chef is suitable for people who want a meal kit company that supplies organic, healthy, new-age food that is delicious and creative. Green Chef is also an excellent alternative for people who follow a specific diet such as paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more.  

Meal Plans To Choose From

Green Chef offers three meal plans for different dietary preferences:

  • Keto+Paleo meal plan – including ten carb-conscious and high protein meal kit options every week to choose from, all 100% gluten-free and free of soy and legumes
  • Balanced living meal plan – including twelve weekly meal options featuring a choice of vegetarian, meats, and seafood recipes, for a healthy living lifestyle.
  • Plant-powered meal plan – including a selection of nine vegetarian and vegan recipes with delicious plant-based proteins and creative sides.

You can change plans from week to week if you desire, including the number of servings and meals per week (three meals or four meals).

Moreover, like with most meal delivery services, know that with Green Chef, you can skip weeks when needed and cancel at any time with no hidden commitments.

Green Chef Variety & Style of Meal Kits:

Green Chef offers a long list of dishes every week, divided between seven weekly menus for different lifestyles – they include paleo, vegan, keto, omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian and gluten-free options. As part of each plan option, they offer three nutritious, fulfilling, and lovely meals every week.

We love the style and convenience of the Green Chef meals – everything is super fresh, pre-measured, and usually pre-peeled and pre-cut for super easy prep work and cooking process.

In each chef-crafted recipe, they combine delicious and unique sauces, dressings, and spice blends. Some of these include mint, cilantro, Mojito-style marinade, cilantro-scallion sauce, and flavorful spice blends like Mexican-style spice blend or cumin & fennel Blend, just to name a few.

Green Chef is also appealing because the dishes offered are usually not overly complicated recipes for an easy and fun cooking experience at home.

Green Chef Recommended Healthy Meals To Try:

  • Salmon with creamy chimichurri, roasted veggies, and toasted pepitas
  • Korean-style fried rice with kimchi, veggies, and fried egg
  • Chicken with basil pesto over spaghetti squash noodles
  • Maple cauliflower power bowl with rainbow quinoa and kale salad
  • Steak & Shrimps in creamy chive sauce with mashed butternut squash and roasted broccoli
  • Pecan-crusted chicken with mashed butternut squash and green beans
  • Spicy chicken and veggie stir fry topped with ginger-lime aïoli

Green Chef Quality of Ingredients

Green Chef is a USDA-certified company, meaning that everything they use includes organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. All their ingredients are fresh, sustainable, and of the highest quality. In terms of conveniences, most of them are also pre-cut for you.

The bottom line is that when you’re ordering Green Chef, you know you’re getting restaurant-quality healthy food.

Our own taste test with Green Chef: 

Thai Red Curry With Chicken – Green Chef

Thai curry is a street food favorite for many, and with this simple and healthy recipe from Green Chef, it was one of our favorite dishes as well. 

What made us like this recipe even more was the ease of it. All in all, it took only 20 minutes to cook from start to finish, and included five simple cooking steps – not bad for a fast homey dinner!

The recipe involved green peppers, cabbage and carrots mix that arrived prepped, chicken breast stripes, delicious roasted red peppers, coconut milk, red curry paste with lime juice, and some roasted cashews for last touch topping. The end result was colorful and super tasty! A good dish for low carb, low-calorie, and gluten free diet followers!

Thai Red Curry With Chicken - Green Chef
Thai Red Curry With Chicken - Green Chef
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What’s Inside the Green Chef Delivery Box

We were impressed with how the Green Chef box is organized, making the unpacking process easy and fast.

First, it is delivered with a big ice-pack inside the box to ensure that everything is kept cool. All the meats are packed at the bottom of the box to ensure proteins stay at the appropriate temperature.

Second, the ingredients are labeled, and most of them are pre-peeled and prepped, which avoids unnecessary preparation time. Also, each meal’s organic ingredients are packed together in a paper bag, making unpacking very easy and taking only a few seconds to store in the fridge.

With each box, you will also get detailed color-printed recipe cards with all the cooking steps.

Green chef recipes cards
Green chef recipes cards

Is The Green Chef Packaging Materials Eco-Friendly?

Green Chef is going green all the way, making sure the packaging is eco-friendly! The company is constantly looking for new ways to provide you with environmentally friendly packaging products. All packaging materials are recyclable, reusable, or compostable, except when they can’t be because it would increase food safety risks. For example, tofu, meats, and other proteins arrive vacuum-packed in plastic wrap to ensure freshness.

For example, the cardboard boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, with at least 40% recycled materials. The ClimaCell insulation is made of a plant-based insulating material certified for curbside recycling. The meal kits paper bags are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper and can be recycled as well.

Inside Green Chef box
Inside Green Chef box

Watch our Review video of one of the greatest Green Chef recipes we tried:

Green Chef Website and Ordering Process:

Green Chef offers a user-friendly website, but they do not have an app as the website is mobile optimized. Basically, everything you need to do regarding your subscription can be done through the website. You can register, select your plan, change your payment method and cancel your account.

Our team made some changes to their order on the website, and it was straightforward to do. You can also find all the information you need on each dish, including the list of ingredients, nutritional facts, cooking processes, and more.

Green Chef Cancel Order
Green Chef Cancellation process
Green chef Website
Green Chef Website Process
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Get $250 OFF your first 5 boxes!

The Bottom line of our Green Chef Review

We loved our experience with Green Chef, and from our point of view, it is one of the healthiest meal kit options available. Green Chef delivers organic, delicious and nutritious food to your table, and they specialize in providing meal options for many different lifestyles, including paleo, vegan, keto, vegetarian and many more. 

Green Chef also put priority on making that that  their meals are very easy to prepare. Most ingredients are pre-cut for you and all the spices and sauces are already mixed, so dinner can usually be served within 30 minutes!

Green Chef New Box 2021
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Get $250 OFF your first 5 boxes!

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