Raddish Kids Review – Does Raddish Cooking Subscription Help Occupy Kids?

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Quick Raddish Review:

The Raddish Kids Cooking kit Club is intended to combine cooking lessons, a cooking club, and a solution to family mealtimes

Raddish Kids
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$20 per kit to $24 per kit
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September 11, 2022

Meal kits don’t just have to be for adults who want to save time on cooking. There are plenty of meal kit providers out there who have their take on the concept. One of these is Raddish, a cooking club for kids. We gave our Chief Editor, Lee Levy, and two young daughters aged eight and 4-year-old the chance to try the service. This Raddish kids review is based on their collective thoughts about the service. 

What is the Raddish Kids Cooking Club?       

The Raddish Kids Cooking kit Club is intended to combine cooking lessons, a cooking club, and a solution to family mealtimes. With the Raddish monthly subscription, parents can order boxes that come with lesson plans, kids cooking tips, recipe cards for three recipes, a detailed grocery list, and other changing cool stuff like conversation starter cards, kids cooking tools, apron patches, etc. The shopping list arrives ahead of the Raddish kit itself, allowing you to go out and buy the ingredients you need before you and your children can get cooking. 

Who is Raddish Kids Best For?

Raddish kids cooking subscription market their club for kids ages from 4 years old to 14+ years old. According to Raddish, older kids aged 13 or older who use the service often do so independently of their parents, but this depends on how interested they are in cooking and food.

It’s also worth noting that the point of Raddish kids is that you can teach your kids to cook and gain more confidence in the kitchen, so it would be best suited to children interested in cooking or who would like to improve their kids cooking skills. 

The Raddish kids cooking kit can also be great fun as a whole family activity. It offers a fantastic way to connect with your young children, discover, laugh, and make good new family memories. 

Raddish kids box review  

The Raddish Kids Cooking – About The Subscription Plans

A Raddish Kids subscription can be bought for a single-month subscription, three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscriptions.

A monthly subscription is a great way to try the service to see what you and your kids think. However, the plans where you pay for a few months at a time cost less per box. 

Raddish Kids
Get $15 OFF!

Raddish Kids Pros

  • Gain Kids Confidence In the Kitchen- The main benefit of Raddish Kids is that it gives your children a structured way to learn how to cook per kit. From the first box, your kids will get, you can hear them kids cooking together, and they receive plenty of cooking tips and special offers with the recipe guides. This is also helpful if you’re not entirely sure how to teach your kids how to cook. Raddish cooking programs are structured so that you can help out and provide instructions without needing to be an expert yourself since the recipes are very easy to follow.
  • Recipes Designed for Kids to Love- Kids and families have tested every Raddish Kids recipe to ensure fun cooking and eating. The recipe cards include excellent illustrations for the kid's needs - and even pre-readers can easily follow the cooking steps. Each themed Raddish Kids box may include recipes for entrees, sides, and even desserts exciting for older kids and even adults.
  • Discover Culinary From Around The World- Raddish kids offer an experience of recipes that changes every month. With over 400 recipes created by their culinary team, you can be sure to experience with your kids something new to cook every month, with recipes that never repeat. Some of the coolest boxes we can name are the 'taste of Thailand', 'my Italian restaurant', and even special holiday kits for Halloween, Christmas, and thanksgiving!
  • Additional Content- On top of the Raddish kit you and your kids get home, there is some additional content on the Raddish Kids cooking website, complementary to the meal kits. All the extra range of recipes and activities is under the "bonus Bites" tub. One example of this is the table talk cards, which give you and your family conversation starters for various subjects. Another example is a great Spotify playlist to hear while cooking and eating each themed box. Your Kids Gain Important Life Skills Cooking is fun, but with the Raddish kid-friendly recipe, cooking can be much more than that! This cooking kit offers your children a way to learn how to take a risk, how to follow detailed directions better, learn from real mistakes, improve their creativity skills and natural curiosity, and even becoming more independent.
  • Dietary Modifications- If your kids have any special dietary needs, know that Raddish kids post dietary substitutions for each recipe online via the Bonus Bites page. You will find ingredient recommendations for each Raddish kit that can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free diets.

  • Raddish Kids Cons

  • Ingredients Are Not included As for now, the ingredients needed for the recipes in the subscription box are not included in the Raddish kits, so you will need to make sure you buy them yourself. Raddish kids email the complete list of required ingredients for the monthly recipes for your convenience before the kit itself arrives at your home. Almost all ingredients can be bought in a regular grocery store.

  • You Can't Choose The recipes Per Month - The Raddish kids' kits a pre-designed and are based on changing themes. When you subscribe to the service, you will get a new cooking kit box every month - but you can't choose the theme or the recipes within each theme.
    Even though you can't choose your recipes, the Raddish kids service does offer the option to purchase past kits in their online Store. These are one-time purchases that do not renew. The offered Raddish kits may vary based on the company inventory.

  • What’s in the Raddish Box?

    Inside each Raddish kids cooking subscription box, you receive a high-quality kitchen tool, recipe guides designed especially for young kids, a complete grocery list for the meals, a kitchen project, collectibles, and culinary skill lessons. Once you’ve subscribed, you can also check your free Raddish e kit, as there are more tips and cooking tricks online.  The Raddish kit does not include ingredients for the recipes.

    Raddish kids review

    Our Raddish Kids Experience  

    Our editor, Lee Levy, made all three recipes included in the box we got with her two young daughters, ages 4 and 8, and they all enjoyed the variety that the Raddish kit offered.

    Many of the dishes featured in the box were themed around Scandinavian cuisine – Nordic cinnamon buns, Swedish meatballs, and a Scandinavian Smorgasbord were all on the cards.

    Though they are Raddish kids’ recipes, they definitely weren’t dull or for kids-only! Be sure to know that the two adults in the family enjoyed the eating part very much!

    The two girls also enjoyed how the kitchen project for the month tied in with the recipe theme and the fact that the subscription box included a quality kitchen tool – Easy flex silicone spatula.


    How Much Does Radish Cost?

    The subscription cost varies based on the plan you choose, and it ranges from around $20 per kit to $24 per kit. The price includes free shipping within the USA. International shipping is usually $7 per month.

    Raddish Kids
    Get $15 OFF!

    Getting Started with Raddish Kids

    If you’d like to try Raddish kids, the process of registration is simple and straightforward. You only need to sign up online. Once you’ve filled out the form, check your email. You should receive an automatic confirmation of your order and registration pretty quickly. Woohoo, you’re rad!

    Often, Raddish offers a Raddish kids’ coupon and promo code for seasonal discounts. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get your meal plan using one of these codes and pay less than the regular price. Usually, your order ships within one-three business days of you placing it. If you place your order before the 20th of the month, you receive the kit for that month. If you place your order on the 21st or after, you receive the next month’s kit. Subsequent boxes ordered as part of a subscription arrive between the 5th and the 10th of each month. 

    Where Does Raddish Kids Deliver?

    Raddish primarily ships within the USA, where it delivers to customers for free. The company also provides to several EU and Australasian countries at international shipping rates. This is generally charged at a fee of $7. 

    Since the delivery does not include food items, the Raddish kids delivery box is relatively small and does not need cooling or another handling during delivery.

    Final Thoughts For Raddish Kids Review– Do We Recommend Trying It?

    Our Chief Editor, Lee Levy, was impressed by the service Raddish provides. According to Lee, Raddish is a great way to get kids interested and engaged with cooking, which is a crucial life skill that far too few possess.

    The kits are easy to use, and the recipes are simple and easy to follow – but test super tasty and appealing to young kids. Parents can also tailor their approach depending on how old their children are. 

    However, Raddish kids does have one major disadvantage compared to standard meal kits. That is that the service doesn’t actually come with the ingredients necessary to cook any of the recipes. Many people subscribe to meal kits to save time on grocery shopping and food prep. As such, Raddish might not be every family’s cup of tea, especially if parents might be looking for a way to save time on shopping for and preparing meals.

    Still, if you want to give your child or children the opportunity to learn to cook in a way that is structured and diverse, Raddish month by month subscription is an excellent service. It’s affordable and versatile. Also, it gives your child or children the chance to learn one of the essential skills for an adult to have. If you want to help your child learn to cook and take on more responsibility in the household, then Raddish might be perfect for you. The best way to know for sure is to give it a try! 

    Raddish Kids
    Get $15 OFF!

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