Our Rating Process

Our mission at The Meal Kit Review is to aid you in making informed decisions about various meal kit companies without purchasing each kit individually. 

We purchase and test meal kits from popular meal kit companies and provide information on flavor, sustainability, pricing, and who the ideal consumer is for each meal kit. 

By hands-on testing each service, we can provide detailed reviews and comparisons on the meal kits so you can decide which option (or options) best fit your lifestyle, dietary goals, and budget. 

A little About Us 

My name is Lee, and I’m a self-proclaimed foodie with years of experience trying out meal kits from different companies. I’ve combined my efforts and experience with a few other foodies to provide unbiased opinions on meal kit companies with the intent to make your life in the kitchen easier, more exciting, and ultimately more delicious.

Our Hands-On Testing Process

For each meal kit review, we order a few different meals to try creating in the kitchen. Then, we look at the sustainability of the packaging, clarity of the directions on the recipe cards, the unpacking experience, ease of meal creation, flavor, and more. 

This hands-on testing process ensures that we provide honest feedback on each meal kit delivery instead of basing reviews on feedback from other customers or other review websites.

Ordering As a Real Subscription

By ordering as if we’re considering purchasing the subscription personally, we can better evaluate the challenges (if any) that arise in different areas of meal kit companies. 

For example, if we have any issues with delivery and need to contact customer service, we can provide insight into response times and ease of contact. 

Since we do a trial run and cancel the subscription afterward, we can also provide information on how easy it is to cancel, pause, or alter information on your account. 

Testing The Meal Kits – From Unpacking The Goods To Cooking, Plating, And Tasting!

We start by signing up for a new account for each meal kit we’re going to review; this allows us to see how easy the sign-up process is. Then, we select meals from various categories like gluten-free, vegan, diabetes-friendly, etc. By choosing meals from multiple categories, we can test the flavor of each recipe to ensure that regardless of the type of meal, it’s a tasty option. 

We cook the meals as we prepare them in our kitchens. We note how the unpacking process felt. We plate the meals as we would in a typical home environment and proceed with tasting. We can offer valuable insight in our reviews.

We let you know which meal kits have more eco-friendly packaging, which companies are best for newer or more seasoned home cooks, and whether your kids will love the meals and other informative tidbits.

Why Trust Us?

We’re foodies just like you! 

We know good food from mediocre food, so we can recommend which meal kits feature flavorful options and which are subpar. I’m also not a professional chef, so I can provide insight into real challenges I encounter during the cooking/testing process.

We’re committed to offering honest, unbiased feedback to help you decide which meal kit companies are for you. We offer this information through reviews, comparisons, and rankings on popular meal kits and prepared meal companies.

We’re All About Honesty…So How Do We Make Money From This Website? 

Since we center our meal review website on honest feedback and experiences, we want to be honest and open about how we earn money. 

Some articles or blogs we post on the website contain affiliate links or sponsored content. This means that if you purchase a mentioned item, in this case, a meal kit subscription, The Meal Kit Review receives a commission from the referral. 

The commission does not incur any additional cost for you. However, it does allow us to continue creating meal kit reviews for you at no charge! If you do continue with a purchase, we truly appreciate your support.

Additionally, we only collaborate with meal kit companies that we can personally back based on our hands-on testing experience.

We Welcome Your Feedback! Contact Us

We aspire to constantly provide up-to-date, informative, and valuable reviews, which is why we highly value your feedback.

Contact us to ask questions, offer comments, or submit helpful tips at [email protected].