Home Chef Vs. Everyplate – Head To Head Comparison 2023

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We tried both popular meal delivery kits – including ordering, cooking, and tasting the meals – to determine which offers a better service.

If you are new to the world of meal kits, starting can be a little confusing. As the meal kit industry has rapidly expanded over the last few years, many companies are now offering meal kit delivery services, each with different specialties and menu offerings.

That is why the Meal Kit Review is so handy. We compare meal kit companies and look at which suits your needs. We go over the quality of ingredients, style of dishes, price, taste, and more. In this review, we are looking at Home Chef and EveryPlate.

Home Chef is a meal kit service that provides easy and delicious classic meal kits to your dining table.

EveryPlate aims to keep its prices down, and it is one of the country’s cheapest meal delivery service companies. By using less packaging, digital recipe cards, and fewer ingredients per meal, it delivers tasty meal kits at a very affordable price.

Home Chef and Everyplate are different meal kit companies designed for different audiences, so let’s start with our complete comparison.

Home Chef Vs. Everyplate – Which Is The Best Meal Delivery Service?

EveryPlate Unbox
Home Chef Box Review

Variety of Meal Plan

Winner – Home Chef

One of the biggest appeals of Home Chef is that they offer a very flexible subscription service to their customers. The service has one basic plan that can be adapted to your needs. There is no maximum order limitation, and the only minimum order requirement is a minimum of 2 dishes per week. They can cater for 2, 4, or 6 people.

Home Chef also offers a dedicated Fresh & Easy meal plan designed for extra easy and fast cooking at home. The plan includes prepared meals, oven-ready meals, grill-ready meals, and quick 15 min meal kits.

EveryPlate offers two different plans. Their first plan, the two-person box, caters to two people, and their second plan, the family box, caters to four people. Both meal plans include three to five dishes per week, as you choose.

home chef tacos
Baja Fish Tacos Home Chef
Steak Frites by EveryPlate
Steak Frites by EveryPlate

Meals We Tried from Both Services

Steak Frites by EveryPlate- 

We loved this classic and wonderful dish. This recipe is part of the EveryPlate premium meals, and the quality of all the ingredients was excellent, especially considering the affordable price you pay!

The Ranch steak was very tender and felt like a high-quality piece of meat. We loved the roasted garlic butter that was just so delicate – yummy! Moreover, both side dishes – the green beans with shallots, and the roasted potatoes were delicious, and the produce in both dishes was of the best quality!

The dish was also quite easy to prepare. Following the simple recipe page included in our EveryPlate box, we just had to cut, season and roast the potatoes, cook the steak and the beans on a hot pan, make the garlic butter and serve. We used the chef’s tip on the top of the recipe card and took the steak out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to cooking, and it was worth it.

It brought the steak to room temperature making it easier to cook evenly. We highly recommend doing so as well, with every steak you cook!

The whole cooking process took less time than mentioned on the recipe card, and we had dinner served in 30 minutes.

Overall, a great meal and a real treat for the price!

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Baja Fish Tacos by Home Chef

We always love taco dinner meals, especially on a hot summer night – and this was a tasteful delight! A classic Mexican style dish that you are sure to enjoy over a nice cold beer or a glass of chilled Rosé wine.

We have to take a moment to give praise to the quality of ingredients in this Home Chef meal kit, especially the tilapia fillets. The fish was fresh and very generously portioned for 2 people. 

Originally the fish was supposed to be fried in canola oil with a tempura batter, but we decided to give it a healthier low-calorie twist and cook it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, lime juice, and few cherry tomatoes. We probably saved about 100 calories per serving!

The sriracha slaw was a great topping, spicy just to the edge of perfection. And the pickled onion gave it an added zesty flavor. 

Other Meals To Check

Home Chef Meal Kits

  • Sirloin and Shrimp with Creamy Spinach Sauce and honey-roasted carrots
  • Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl with peanuts and crispy wontons
  • low-calorie Cherry Pork Tenderloin Medallions with buttermilk mashed potatoes and green beans
  • Chicken with Fig and Bacon Jam with blue cheese fondue green beans
  • Balsamic Spicy Onion Jam Burger with garlic aioli potatoes

Everyplate Meal Kits

  • Pork Sausage Orzotto with Roasted Tomatoes – Family friendly recipe
  • Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Roasted Potato Wedges
  • Ginger & Ponzu Turkey Bowls with Zucchini and Fried Eggs
  • Lemon Butter Barramundi Fish with Broccoli & Rice
  • French Onion Chicken with Roasted Carrots & Potatoes
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Meal Selection

Winner – Home Chef

NEW FROM HOME CHEF! Rachel Ray’s exclusive recipes are now available on the Home Chef Weekly Menu.

The Home Chef weekly menu includes over 40 dishes and extra add-ons per week. Their menu generally consists of a range of international culinary influences, and you will find dishes with styles ranging from Mexico, Asia, to classic European.

The EveryPlate weekly menu includes 20 dishes per week. Their menu also offers the option to upgrade to a premium meal (steak or seafood, for example) for an additional $3.00 per person.

Style Of Home Chef And Everyplate Meals

Winner – Home Chef

Home Chef is known for a menu that incorporates popular, classic dishes that usually involve a healthy, modern twist. Home Chef supports the idea of eating healthier and helping their customers increase their intake of vegetables. Therefore, the recipes include a lot of fresh seasonal produce.

The Home Chef recipes are generally easy to prepare and not too intimidating when it comes to cooking processes. The service even took the ease of cooking a step up, offering meal options that are oven-ready, grill-ready, and microwave-ready.

Despite the classic comfort food vibes, the Home Chef meals still have a lovely upscale feel for your at-home dining experience.

EveryPlate meal kit delivery service is known for a menu that is very easy to prepare and includes basic dishes with fewer ingredients. They try to keep their menus as simple as possible in terms of processes and ingredients to ensure that they can keep their prices low for their customers.

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Home Chef Box Review
EveryPlate Unbox

Meal Customization

Winner – Home Chef

Home Chef offers an excellent feature as part of the menu – ‘Customize It’. This feature allows you to make simple swaps of ingredients to best fit your taste or dietary preferences. 

Also, the Home Chef menu includes food categories for a few popular diets – carb-conscious, calorie-conscious, and vegetarian. Both those reasons make Home Chef the winner in this category as well.

The Everyplate menu offers a regular diet good meals and some vegetarian dishes per week.

Ease Of Meal Prep

Winner: Home Chef

Home Chef offers prepped meals with various prep options and cooking times – oven-ready, grill-ready, 15-min meal kits, and microwave meals. That fantastic variety of options makes it wins this category easily.

Everyplate offers only meal kits that need cooking, ranging from 25 to 40 minutes.

Home Chef vs EveryPlate-  Quality Of Ingredients

Winner – Home Chef

The ingredients in your Home Chef meal kits are always of the highest quality and come from reliable sources that care about sustainability and responsible farming practices. As a Home Chef customer, you will always receive beautiful ingredients that are good for you and taste great.

As EveryPlate is known for its low prices, we were not expecting much regarding the ingredients they include in their meal kits. However, we are pleased to report that the quality of the ingredients used by EveryPlate is very good.

The Delivery Box Of Home Chef & Everyplate

Winner – Home Chef

The meal kits of Home Chef and EveryPlate arrive well-packed in specially designed food delivery boxes. Both deliveries include enough ice at the bottom of the box to keep any proteins cool during delivery.

The Home Chef delivery is exceptionally well organized, with all ingredients sorted, packed, and labeled with the name of their dish.

Unpacking is super easy. All your need to do is place the ingredients in the fridge until you’re ready to cook. There is no sorting required.  

Your EveryPlate delivery will require some sorting – to keep its prices low, EveryPlate doesn’t individually pack each meal kit’s ingredients. Instead, all the weekly meals ingredients are packed together.

inside home chef box
everyplate unboxing

Managing Your Online Account

Winner – We give it a tie!

One constant thing with most meal kit delivery services is that everything about managing your account is straightforward to do.

Both Home Chef and EveryPlate have user-friendly websites where you can look after your account. Home Chef also has an app. Everything you might need to do, from registering your account to eventually canceling your account and absolutely everything in between, can all be quickly completed via your online account.

Home Chef vs EveryPlate – Plan Terms

Winner – We give it a tie!

To use either Home Chef or EveryPlate, you must subscribe to their service. However, both subscription services offer a satisfactory amount of flexibility in that you can skip weeks whenever necessary and cancel your accounts without penalty when you need to.

Home Chef vs EveryPlate-  Pricing

Winner – EveryPlate

EveryPlate is a meal kit delivery service known for its cheap pricing. By keeping the meal options very simple, the meal price can stay at around $5 per serving.

In comparison, the Home Chef meals pricing meals cost about $10 per serving. There are plenty of add-on options to your weekly box, like breakfast or desserts, that come with extra cost.

Both companies charge extra Shipping fees (that is true for most other meal delivery services).

Bottom Line: Home Chef Vs. EveryPlate- Our Winner Is Home Chef!

The team at Meal Kit Review enjoyed the experiences with both Home Chef and EveryPlate.  We don’t think you would be disappointed with either meal delivery service, depending on your food preferences. It will certainly help you a lot with meal planning, less food waste, and fewer grocery shopping trips.

After looking at the complete services and the meal kit experiences that they deliver, we decided that the top service, in this instance, was Home Chef.

Overall, Home Chef offered a menu that was more varied than the menu of EveryPlate. We found the style of dishes provided by EveryPlate was a lot more basic, and we preferred the range of ingredients used by Home Chef and the complete dining experience they delivered.

Moreover, the Home Chef menu offers great add-ons, including lunch salads, desserts, breakfast bundles, and meat packs.

When looking at the total cost, Home Chef meal kits are more expensive than EveryPlate, but we thought the delicious meals gave great value for money and were well worth the extra cost.

Home Chef Is Our Winner
  • Only organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Updated pricing, starting at $8.99 per serving!
  • Amazing variety of over 30 weekly recipes.
  • Options for special dietary needs like vegan, paleo, low-carb gluten-free.
  • Fast 15-min meal kits and oven-ready meals available.
  • Extensive add-on menu.
Special 2024 OFFER: Up To 18 Free Meals - 45% OFF Your First 5 Boxes

Related FAQ’s

There are two main elements that make Everyplate meals cheaper than other meal kits: The first is using less packaging – the ingredients of the meal are not sorted in the cardboard box. The second is the simple recipes with a less gourmet feel. The recipes are uncomplicated and have a more standard flavor, yet they are very tasty.

Yes, Everyplate is a branch company owned by HelloFresh. Everyplate is a low-cost popular meal kit service geared toward families, students, and young couples who wish to eat healthier and yummy home-cooked meals without spending lots of money.

Home Chef meals cost a little less than $10 per serving, which means a meal for two people costs about $20. That is, undoubtedly, more affordable than most sitting-in restaurants, take-outs, or ordering-ins. Popular meal delivery services such as Home Chef also allow you to eat healthier meals, using fresh pre-portioned ingredients.

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