Go Ready Made has stopped their activity. Until then, please check the best prep meals kits coupons

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Quick View:

GoReadyMade is perfect for busy people who want to eat well balanced and delicious food but have little time for meal preparation.


Go Ready Made has stopped their activity. Until then, please check the best prep meals kits coupons

Introduction to the company:

GoReadyMade is a meal delivery service that is all about making your life easier by delivering fresh, delicious and healthy meals that are made from all natural ingredients right to your door! Everything you receive in your weekly box is freshly prepared, chilled and ready to eat.

Who is it for:

GoReadyMade is perfect for busy people who want to eat well balanced and delicious food but have little time for meal preparation. The company believes that a busy life should not mean an unhealthy life.  They offer healthy and delicious alternatives to surviving on unhealthy choices like take-out or eating at strange hours, because after a long day in the office you then have to find the energy to spend hours in the kitchen. GoReadyMade does all the hard work for you – which means that all you have to do is enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner!


GoReadyMade offer four different plans to choose from which include a choice of four, six, eight or ten  individual meals per week.

Variety of meals:

GoReadyMade offer over 20 meal choices every week, so you can be sure there is always something for everyone. You can also preview their upcoming menus via their website. The company makes sure that they are adding new exciting and delicious meals on a regular basis, in order to provide an incredible variety and diversity of meals for you to choose from.

The taste:

As part of our service, our meal kit review team tries each company that we review, which includes tasting various meals from their menu. We were really pleased with our overall experience with GoReadyMade. We tried eight meals from their menu, and we can honestly say that all the meals were delicious and felt super fresh. The meals are so tasty and satisfying, and they really do taste like freshly cooked meals,  even though they are all fully pre-cooked. The portions are quite generous as well! Honestly, in most cases it felt just like a homemade meal. This comes as no surprise, since we know that all the GoReadyMade meals are cooked in small batches, and then immediately packed, chilled and sent to you!

Ease of use:

All the GoReadyMade meals are individually packaged and include everything you need, to have a delicious and satisfying meal at home in only minutes. All the ingredients are pre-chopped, pre-mixed and pre-portioned, and served in heat-proof cooking trays, and come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Each meal can be heated in the oven or microwave, depending on the dish and your personal preference. Many of the GoReadyMade dishes can be ready in three to five minutes. The preparation time of each dish is clearly visible when selecting the different menu items.

Soy Glazed Chicken by GoReadyMade
Soy Glazed Chicken by GoReadyMade
Spicy Poblano Chili by GoReadyMade
Spicy Poblano Chili by GoReadyMade

The GoReadyMade box:

The GoReadyMade box is very well organized and includes insulating liners and ice packs to keep your meals cool and fresh. There is no need to be home for the delivery as the box can stay outside of the fridge until the end of the day. The meals themselves are prepared, chilled, and packed the day before each order’s shipment. This ensures that you are getting your meals as fresh as possible. In unpacking the box, you simply need to place the meals in your refrigerator, then heat and enjoy them anytime over the next week or so (you can check the use-by date on the packaging of each meal).

The carriers used by GoReadyMade will send you a tracking email a few days prior to the delivery date, so you can follow the status of your delivery.

It is important for us to note that all the GoReadyMade packaging is recyclable, including  the box, the ice packs and the meal containers. Also, all the meal trays are heat-proof and BPA-free.

GoReadyMade meal kits
GoReadyMade meal kits

The ingredients:

When we tasted the meals from GoReadyMade, it was clear to us that the meals are made using the best quality produce. The company clearly state that all their ready-to-eat meals contain only fresh and all-natural ingredients. The company is constantly looking for the freshest and the most flavorful produce and proteins available.

The website and ordering process:

Your GoReadyMade subscription is easily organized via  their website. You first need to enter your zip code and delivery information, then select your preferred weekly meal plan, enter the payment method and then select your meals. Our experience showed us that the process is super easy and understandable. Navigating their menu is very easy as well – and all the meals looks so yummy! You can also find helpful information on each meal – like nutritional facts, calorie count, cooking and heating times and the ingredients list.

You can examine their next week’s menu under “on the menu” which can be found in the upper toolbar of their homepage.

Managing your subscription is easy – via their website you can select the meals you desire for each week, change your plan, skip any week you don’t want a delivery and cancel any time with no canceling fees or fuss.

GoReadyMade ordering Process
Goreadymade process

Where and when do they deliver?

GoReadyMade offer different delivery days, depending on your region. You will be offered to select your preferred delivery day at checkout (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday deliveries are available in most areas).

You can check if the company delivers to your region using the Zipchecker

Bottom line:

GoReadyMade is perfect for busy people who want to eat well-balanced, fresh and

delicious meals but don’t have the time or desire to cook. The company believes

that just because you have a busy lifestyle does not mean you have to sacrifice the joy of eating well.

The company goes the extra mile by doing all the hard work of meal planning and preparation for you. The GoReadyMade meals provide a solution for all meals throughout the day, so the options include breakfast, lunch and dinner. All their meals are ready to heat in minutes via the microwave or oven!

We highly recommend giving the GoReadyMade service a try. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!