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What do you think would be the most effective tactic for shopping and preparing a home-cooked meal for working families, couples, and singles? Keep in mind that these groups and individuals have a million things on their minds throughout the day. Most of them can hardly find a moment to relax, let alone go shopping for food and plan a home-cooked meal.

Fortunately for the millions of people who fit the description that I described, I’d like to introduce an incredible meal-kit delivery service called, ‘Plated’. Plated provides its valued customers with a unique dining experience every night of the week.

Plated meal-kit delivery service is available all over the U.S. for anyone seeking fresh, new and different meals that the customer can cook on their own. These meals are always made with guaranteed, high-quality, fresh ingredients. Plated offers twenty different weekly recipes and several options for dessert.

One of the most popular features of Plated is that it allows families and couples to cook their meals together. Plated brings the customers all the ingredients and the customer does the rest! It’s a team effort!

A lot of past and present Plated customers praised the meal delivery service for the unique aspect that the customers were still able to cook the meal. Most meal delivery services, deliver their meals already cooked or prepared in some microwaveable packet. Who wants to eat that? Plated customers get a deep sense of satisfaction and creativity from preparing their meals themselves. Best of all, every meal is different because of the ever-changing menu.

When people talk about food, don’t you notice how they often reminisce about cooking meals at home? People who grew up cooking with their families often have fond memories of being in the kitchen. Yet, when we grow up one of the first luxuries that we lose is free-time.

Unfortunately, preparing quality home-cooked meals are usually one of the first activities that are sacrificed to make up time. One of Plated’s goals is to remind customers of how happy they felt when they were cooking food in the kitchen and to bring that happiness back into their household.

When a family, couple or individual decides to start a plan with Plated, the process couldn’t be made easier. All they need to do is log onto the Plated website, choose a meal from the variety of options, type in their address information and that’s that! The next day or whenever they’ve asked the food to be delivered, A Plated delivery specialist will arrive with fresh ingredients that are ready to turn into an excellent, restaurant-quality meal.

Plated customers often comment that one of the best features of being a Plated customer is that it allows these people to sit down at the table and share a meal together. This regular household activity is often something that many families don’t have time to do regularly anymore.

When people think about Plated, they shouldn’t only think about a meal that’s going to be delivered to your door, the same as a pizza or hamburger delivery. Plated deserves to be considered an inspirational gourmet food and cooking experience that is brought straight to your door!

Our Plated Promotion

Many customers get started with Plated and can’t believe the value they’re getting with the service. Once in a while, a customer will ask if they’ve paid for the right plan or that it feels like they’re stealing. That one always gets a laugh and friendly smile because it couldn’t be less accurate. Plated service is a tremendous value that is designed to be affordable, cost-effective and wide-reaching.

Do you get a good feeling when you find a coupon for your favorite shop in a magazine or newspaper? If so, is it safe to assume that you, like so many others, enjoy a good bargain from time to time? Well, today is your lucky day because we’ve collected many promotions from Plated that you’ll have to see to believe! Be sure to check out the Plated promotions below.

Plated Free Trial

Plated is unique in so many different, surprising ways. But, one characteristic that it shares with most other meal-kit delivery services is that it doesn’t provide free trials. Although, Plated does offer lots of promotions that you can share with friends and family. Don’t forget to take a look at the Plated promotions that we’ve included and attached.

Our Experience with Plated

Plated takes pride in conducting food reviews with their customers. This presents an excellent method for quality control and taste-checking. Usually, the Plated representative will inform the customer or customers that they may select three menu items to choose from for their “review dinner”. I can’t say what the specific cumulative score of all the reviews would amount to, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to one where there aren’t big smiles all around the table at the end of the meal.

For instance, last week I went to a home with the pleasure of presenting two Plated customers with their complimentary review dinner. If memory serves me right, they ordered the Rosemary Pork Chop, Cacio e, Pepe Penne and Persian Beef. I can remember the dishes because I was hungry when the food was finished being cooked, and it looked so delicious.

The couple and I had a brief conversation after their review dinner so that they could express their thoughts and feelings related to Plated with me. The man ordered the Rosemary Pork Chop and said that “Those pork chops were the best thing I’ve eaten in over twenty years’. I asked him, “why twenty years? Why so specific?” He reminded me that he was raised in the American South, where pork chops are an everyday family meal. I suppose Plated’s pork chops were similar enough to remind him of mama’s old cooking.

The Rosemary Pork Chop was one of the best dishes that I can remember tasting in years. The Pork Chops were prepared with an excellent Fig-Balsamic Glaze. Part of the reason I enjoyed this particular meal so much because it reminded me of meals at my childhood home.

Furthermore, the woman seemed to love the Cacio e, Pepe Penne because she was able to finish the entire plate, which her husband said was a rare feat. She remarked that the incredible flavors reminded her of when she studied abroad in Italy for a year.

Finally, after a short break, the couple prepared and shared the Persian Beef. They had traveled to Asia on a backpacking trip around a year ago and they were jarred by how similar to the food tasted to the cuisine of a specific region that they visited.

The morale that I learned from attending that review dinner is that Plated’s chefs are talented and trained in the art of selecting ingredients, building recipes and bringing authentic flavors from all around the world into any kitchen throughout the United States. It’s quite amazing when you think about it.

Main Benefits of Plated

  • Variety – Every week, Plated publishes twenty new dishes to choose from. It’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to get tired of eating the same thing when you’re a Plated customer.
  • Different Meal Options – Plated does an outstanding job of ensuring that people with all types of diets can still get a fresh, home-cooked meal.
  • Quality and Freshness of Ingredients – You can smell the freshness of the Plated ingredients as soon as you open the box. Ethically sourced food is critical to the foundation of the company’s image. The Plated chefs work hard to source high-quality, seasonal ingredients from trusted farmers.
  • Customization – Plated provides families with an incredible sense of freedom. They allow users to adjust or cancel their plans at any time. Also, when choosing from the weekly menu, you can mix and match food choices as you please. The possibilities are endless.

Plated Plans

The flexibility and variety of Plated plans are one of the most beneficial features of becoming a member. There are so many different ingredients and flavors to choose from. The Plated web page states that plan members “can always change plans, skip weeks or cancel any time”.

The Plated Menu

Do you enjoy fresh, delicious ingredients that are ready to be transformed into a restaurant-quality meal at your door? Check. Does being able to choose from twenty weekly options appeal to you? Check.

Each week, Plated chefs prepare the ingredients for several categories of meals. These meal categories are, family-friendly, meat, seafood, vegetarian, dessert, favorite recipes, low-calorie options, low-carb options, Gluten-free options, stove-top meals, and tasty options.

Not only are there countless food types to choose from, but Plated also allows the customer to customize the individual ingredients in their meals.

Final Thoughts

Plated is a meal-kit delivery service for people who are seeking a variety of options, convenience and high-quality ingredients. It’s a bonus when the farm-fresh ingredients are delivered, ready to be cooked. Plated aims to change the way that people eat at home by providing increased variety, recipes, freedom, and flexibility.

Is it a challenge for you to find time for grocery shopping? Do you have trouble accessing organic meat and seasonal produce? If you answered yes to those questions, then Plated is waiting to make your life easier!

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