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Green Chef Promo Codes
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When you have a job, deadlines, family life, and social life (amongst other commitments), trying to get a proper home cooked meal on the table are difficult, without also having to make sure that you have catered to all the individual dietary requirements of everyone eating.

Green Chef Promotion

Green Chef to the rescue: a meal kit service company whose specialty is healthy, delicious, exciting and organic food to your door. With an eye on all those special diets we have, Green Chef has one of the most comprehensive meal kit menus available in America.

Green Chef Free Trial

Green Chef is not only green by name but also green by nature. They are a USDA certified organic company which means that they are natural from their ingredients to the final product. You are not only eating healthy, keeping to your diet ethics but also eating organic produce. That is not even the only ways that Green Chef lives up to their name.

Our Experience with Green Chef

Sure you’ve decided that this company is ticking a whole lot of boxes but what about sustainability? What about the planet? Well, Green Chef has you covered there too.

They have a trusted network of suppliers, including, farmers, ranchers, bakers, and artisans to name but a few. All these sources supply them with organic produce and to top it all you get a meal kit that is convenient to prepare: from box to table in 30 minutes! ( saving time and energy both for you and the planet. )

You might get a handy pack delivered but then what happens? Green Chef has compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging as often as is possible. In fact, in the meal kit delivery world choosing Green Chef means that you are going with an eco-friendly company.

Our experience with Green Chef has been amazing so far and in our humble opinion is one of the healthiest meal kit options you can choose. We mentioned before that Green Chef delivers organic food, but you also get a meal option for so many different needs and lifestyles.

Main Benefits of using Green Chef

Where else can you find a one-stop shop for Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Pescatarian, Mediterranean and so many more? Green Chef also makes sure that you are not overwhelmed by the actual act of cooking your meal.

All the ingredients are pre-cut, the spices all ready to go, the sauces all pre-mixed. After you have answered your door, allowing for the walk to your kitchen and getting your pots and pans out, within 30 minutes your meal will be on your table.

Green Chef Meal Plans

Founded in 2014 in Denver Colorado by Ling Xiao and Michael Joseph they are still expanding their range. Their menu is quite extensive, including Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Omnivore, Carnivore, Vegetarian and Gluten Free.

They recently added four new meal plans to their range: lean and clean, heart smart, Mediterranean and pescatarian. Being able to get a kit with a meal delivered to your table is impressive enough, but when you are following a strict diet, whether for your health or ethical reasons, Green Chef is beyond amazing in being able to cater to more than a lot of companies out there.

You are free from worrying about how and what to eat and making sure that what you are getting is not only delicious but is sound from a nutritional viewpoint.

Green Chef is the first meal kit company that has done its research and practices to has a gluten-free certification awarded by Gluten Intolerance Groups GFFS program. Acquiring this certification is why Green Chef can offer three certified gluten-free menus. As if that wasn’t impressive enough Green Chef also worked alongside the USDA and became the first certified organic meal kit company in America.

Green Chef Menus

If you are not going to stick to one type of meal plan due to a lifestyle commitment, then Green Chef is the perfect vehicle for you to try something new every week. Green Chef has a long list of different food options divided between the various menus available such as the vegan, keto, omnivore, and lean and clean diet.

Everything delivered is fresh, with the recipes included stretching out your taste repertoire. How often would you try a mojito style marinade or a cilantro scallion sauce? With everything pre-mixed you merely have to follow the instructions secure in the knowledge that your peccadillos have been pre catered to and you can get on with the fun of creating a variety of different tastes to try out each time.

Green Chef takes a great deal of pride in their presentation. Each meal kit comes on ice, so you know that your ingredients are still fresh and crisp. Meat is always packed right at the bottom of the box to ensure they stay at the appropriate temperature. Everything is labeled and pre-cut with each separate meals’ necessary ingredients stored together in a paper bag. You open it up and get on with the fun or stack everything in your fridge until you are ready.

From Green Chef you have the choice of two types of programs. One is a two-person plan, comprising three meals a week to a total of six servings. Your other option is a four-person family plan that gives you two meals per week to a total of eight servings. You can change these plans week by week if that suits you ( and let’s face it: dinner parties ! )

If you are wondering if all this comes with a catch, well, no. They have a mobile-optimized website, so for everything you want, go through the site while you are on the go. You can find out everything you need to know: ingredients, dishes, nutritional facts, how to cook the meal, on the site which is easy to navigate.

Final Thoughts

The only downside to Green Chef that it’s not time to eat yet.

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