Since 2012, there have been many new arrivals in the meal kit delivery industry. Many of these companies specialize in offering recipes and meals that cater to specific dietary requirements. In this review, we are going to take a look at the best meal kit delivery services for the vegetarian diet. As part of the review we will share with you the meal kit companies with the most inspiring and practical solutions for vegetarians.

What does a vegetarian look for in a vegetarian meal kit?

There are several kinds of vegetarian diets, but the most popular diet and the one I will be looking at today is the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. This is a diet that is based on eating plant-based products along with eggs and dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. This diet excludes any meat, poultry, seafood or fish.

If you are a vegetarian, it is easy to think that your options would be limited when it comes to using a meal kit service. However, there are many meal services that understand the needs of this increasingly popular diet and way of life. There are definitely some tempting and comprehensive options out there for you!

Here are our top-rated vegetarian meal delivery services:




Quick Review: Sun Basket

Sun Basket provides a variety of Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Paleo-friendlyvegan, Mediterranean, pescatarian or Chef’s Choice.

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#1 Sun Basket – vegetarian meal kit plan

Sun Basket specializes in making healthy cooking easy! They have delicious recipes filled with all-organic and sustainably sourced ingredients that are delivered every week.

Sun Basket offers a vegetarian meal plan as part of its classic plan, which includes 2 – 4 meals per week. The Sun Basket vegetarian plan has a great selection of seven interesting and creative meatless recipes, all packed with fresh seasonal and organic produce, plant-based proteins, and Sun Basket’s house-made signature sauces and spice blends. The meals are very easy to cook. Simply follow the recipe pages you receive with each delivery. The vegetarian meals, like all other meals, are clearly marked on the weekly menu, so it is very easy to choose the best meals for your needs.

Here are our top favorite Sun Basket vegetarian meals:

  • Mini rosemary-potato pizzas with fresh mozzarella and arugula
  • Curried tempeh stir-fry with black rice
  • Ginger-chickpea soup with quinoa, chard, and walnuts
  • Black bean tostadas diablo with cabbage slaw and guacamole

Sun Basket delivers to all 48 continental states in the U.S, and their menu features plans for many different diets and lifestyle needs like – gluten-free, Meditteranean, vegan, low-calorie, diabetes, dairy-free, soy-free, speedy fast cooking meals, family-friendly, oven-ready meals and more.

Sun Basket

Home Chef‘s mantra is to bring people together around the dinner table, by delivering meals that are familiar but with an interesting twist. Most meals can be made in about 30 minutes.

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***New*** Fresh and Easy By Home Chef

#2 Home Chef vegetarian meal delivery service

Home Chef is all about classic home cooking, using the best farm-fresh and seasonal ingredients. When it comes to vegetarian food, they offer a great variety of delicious and innovative vegetarian meal kit options for you to enjoy every week.

An extra feature from Home Chef is that the company now has a one of a kind “Customize It” feature as part of their menu which is also an option on many of their weekly vegetarian meals. This feature is clearly marked with a “Customize It” logo on different meals and gives you the option to swap, double or upgrade the protein in those selected meals.

Here are our top vegetarian Home Chef recipes:

  • Coconut-crusted tofu tacos with sweet chili pineapple slaw
  • Creamy Italian spinach Panzanella salad – no cooking required and only 5 minutes preparation
  • Brussels & brown butter risotto with goats cheese and pecans 
  • Creamy tomato parmesan tortellini with spinach and red bell pepper

Home Chef delivers to 97% of the United States, and their delicious weekly menu with 17 recipes features many other dietary options. They also provide low-carb meals, low-calorie meals, fast & fresh meals for easy preparation, protein packs for meat and seafood, and salads that are perfect for dinner and lunch.

Home Chef products

TLDR Dinnerly Review:

Dinnerly – the cheapest meal kit delivery service in America! Dinnerly is a meal kit service that delivers meal kits to your doorstep at the most affordable price ever! Their meals are simple, delicious, and easy to cook and provide an affordable weeknight meal option.

#3 Dinnerly vegetarian meal plan  

Dinnerly is one of the new kids on the block, offering vegetarian meal kits. The company’s main feature is that it is super affordable at only $4.99 per serving on all meals!

If you think that the quality is not going to be as good because of the lower prices, then you are in for a pleasant surprise! The meals have fewer ingredients, (hence they are also very easy to cook), but the quality of ingredients is excellent, and the meals we tried out of the Dinnerly menu were delicious. Dinnerly offers a large menu of 14 meals each and every week, with at least four or five of them being great vegetarian meals.

Here are some popular recipes out of the vegetarian Dinnerly menu:

  • Black bean & corn tacos with crumbled Mexican cheese
  • Cheesy veggie quesadillas with Brussels sprouts & onion
  • Udon noodle stir-fry with mushrooms
  • Creamy tomato lasagna roll-ups with spinach, ricotta & parmesan
  • Vegetarian chili with kidney beans & cheddar

Dinnerly makes extra efforts in offering a diverse menu, that caters to many different culinary needs such as low-calorie, family and kid-friendly, fast cooking, no added gluten and more.

Roasted red peppers panini by Dinnerly

Quick Veestro Review:

Veestro is a prepared meal delivery service that is all about plant-based foods. The Veestro menu includes over 60 delicious vegan meal options for you to enjoy.ֿ

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#4 Veestro vegetarian prepared meal selection

Veestro is a fabulous prepared meal service that is ideal for vegetarians who don’t have a lot of spare time to cook. As they are a very specialized, fully prepared meal service that is fully plant-based, you can be guaranteed that as a vegetarian, your needs are well covered.

Their 100% plant-based menu is filled with a large number of vegetarian meals, and not only are they plant-based, but they are also gluten-free, soy-free, kosher and nut-free. You can also find meals that are high in protein and low in calories.

Veestro strongly believes in the fact that your quality of life is improved by what you eat. Veestro is a highly convenient service with meals being fully prepared, frozen and delivered directly to your door. All their meals have been individually cooked by professional chefs and arrive in packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Here are Veestro’s most popular vegetarian meals:

  • Eggplant casserole
  • Beluga lentil braise
  • Red curry with tofu
  • Carrot Osso Bucco

Some other special features on the Veestro menu include gluten-free, weight loss, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free meals.

Veestro Meal

HelloFresh is the largest global and USA player in the meal kit industry, offering a large variety of healthy eating meals every week, with the freshest ingredients and the most delicious recipes, that suit the needs of singles and families.  

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#5 Hello Fresh vegetarian meal kits

Hello Fresh is one of our top-rated vegetarian meal kit services, and for a good reason! Hello Fresh is now the biggest and most popular meal kit service out there. Their menu offers a large variety of meals, with enough vegetarian meals to keep on track with your vegetarian lifestyle. 

One of the things we love the most about Hello Fresh is the quality of its ingredients. From our experience, the veggies are always fresh and of excellent quality. You know that everything is healthy with Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is also all about convenience. Their meals are usually very simple to cook, taking no longer than 30-35 minutes to prepare, and still, the meals are delicious and super satisfying.

Here are some popular Hello Fresh vegetarian meals:

  • Vegetarian bibimbap with shaved vegetables, crispy mushrooms, and pickled scallions
  • Mighty meatless bolognese with Italian veggie crumbles and tagliatelle pasta
  • Seitan sloppy Joes with arugula salad
  • Vegetarian paella with sweet peppers, mushrooms, and rosemary

Hello Fresh currently delivers to all states across the continental US. Along with the vegetarian diet, the Hello Fresh menu also features plans and meals for other dietary and lifestyle needs such as  family-friendly meals, low-calorie meals, gourmet meals, pescatarian diet meals and more.

Mediterranean veggies hello fresh


The vegetarian or meatless diet has been around since the dawn of mankind! The vegetarian diet was once referred to as a ‘Pythagorean diet’ as Pythagoras, and his followers practised vegetarianism for several reasons including health, religious and ethical during classical times. The term vegetarian replaced Pythagorean around the mid-1800s when the modern vegetarian movement is said to have begun. A vegetarian diet usually involves the elimination of animal flesh. This includes meat, poultry and seafood. Possibly the most mainstream vegetarian diet is the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet which includes eggs and dairy products. There are many different versions of the vegetarian diet, but most are based on avoiding the consumption of the flesh of animals. 

The vegetarian diet basically includes everything apart from animal flesh, so your menu can be as varied as you wish. Fruit and vegetables play a big part in the vegetarian diet along with plant-based proteins which include tofu, legumes, chia seeds, nuts, lentils and many more. When following any diet such as a vegetarian diet, it is very important to ensure that your diet is well-balanced and gives your body all that it needs nutritionally.

There are so many benefits to using a vegetarian meal delivery service that it is almost impossible to list them all. There is obviously the convenience factor as having your meal planning, shopping and portion control done for you is a huge time saver and stress reliever. But we consider the main benefits to be that you will be eating vegetarian meals that are so delicious that you will never feel deprived or like you are missing out on anything. As the meals have been prepared by chefs, you will be exposed to amazing flavors and cuisines from all over the world. Meal delivery services use the best quality ingredients with fresh produce and a selection of plant-based protein. With a vegetarian meal delivery service, you know that you will be eating food that is tasty and fulfilling while also being nutritionally well-balanced. 

There are all sorts of things to consider when deciding which is the best vegetarian meal kit service for you which is why we recommend trying at least two different companies. Price, flexibility, style of meals, variety of menu, ease of preparation and taste all need to be considered. When trialing individual companies, you can assess how each company delivers on various elements and then decide which is the best for you.

You will find most of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a vegetarian meal kit service have been discussed in our in-depth company reviews. So, we recommend the best place to start when deciding on which meal delivery service is the best for your vegetarian diet, is the Meal Kit Review. Our team of experts goes through an extensive testing process of every company that we review. This includes experiencing the subscription process, ordering meals, updating our orders, receiving deliveries and cooking and tasting a range of meal kits. At The Meal Kit Review, you will find relevant, up-to-the-minute information about companies that are part of an ever-changing industry. We do all the hard work for you so you can access a range of information in one place. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a large variety of meal kit options available for vegetarians. I always think a good way to start is by trying a few dishes from each company. That way, you will have a good understanding of the diversity of each company and which company ultimately suits your situation best.  

No matter which one you choose, these meal kits services will give you inspiration for trying something different with your vegetarian diet.  They will also help you to minimize the time you spend thinking about what to make for dinner and what you need to buy –  so that’s a win-win for you!