Oven-Ready Meal Kits To Try In 2024

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Planning what to eat and making dinner every night can feel like a burden for those who don’t enjoy cooking. This is especially true if you’ve been at work or school all day, when the last thing you want to do is come home and spend hours cooking at the stove, then clean it all up.

No matter how busy we are, we all need to eat!

Fortunately, some meal kit companies offer fantastic oven-ready meal kits that eliminate the need to cook while still providing a delicious home-cooked meal.

In 2024, there are more oven-ready meal kit services than ever, which is why we made sure to revise our review and test out all the new options on the market. With our hands-on experience, we can help you choose the best oven-ready meal service for your needs and preferences. 


Short on Time? Here Are the Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services


Here Is The Full Review Of The Best Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Services

BistroMD – Best Diet Oven-Ready Meal Delivery Service 

Full Pricing:
$9.50 First shipping is FREE
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Pros and Cons

BistroMD Oven-Ready Pros

  • Doctor-designed meals to support healthy weight loss
  • Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options
  • The full-week program includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire week
  • Dietary accommodations for keto, diabetics, heart-healthy, and more


BistroMD Oven-Ready Cons

  • Meals arrive frozen
  • Single-person plan model – not ideal for larger households


About The Service

BistroMD makes it easy to lose weight with its healthy Oven-Ready meal options. Their entire menu has been designed for those looking to lose weight, with options to support various other goals, including managing menopause, staying heart-healthy, and more. BistroMD’s dishes are tasty and satisfying while still being optimized to support a weight loss diet. 

The meals offered by BistroMD have been developed in collaboration with a leading physician who brings 20+ years of experience supporting patients with weight loss. Her expertise and Bistro MD’s scientific approach ensure that the meals are nutritionally balanced and suitable for weight loss.

BistroMD offers over 150 weekly meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The variety ensures you won’t get bored with the menu anytime soon. The menu includes diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, gluten-free, and vegan options you just need to heat and eat!

Our testers are consistently impressed with Bistro MD’s flash-freezing technique, which ensures that meals are high-quality and taste fresh after heating despite arriving frozen.


What Do You Get? 

Bistro MD offers several customized programs to suit your needs, from the signature weight loss plan to the diabetic and heart-healthy plans. 

Each plan offers a full program with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the full seven-day week or the five-day workweek. You can also choose a “Lunch & Dinner Only” plan for five or seven days. All meals arrive prepared and ready to heat and eat in the microwave or oven. 


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From The BistroMD Menu

  • Beef Burrito Bowl with Enchilada Sauce & Cheddar Cheese
  • Butternut Squash with Chicken Meatballs
  • Pork Tenderloin with Country Style Gravy & Mashed Potatoes
  • Gochujang Tofu with Sweet Potato Noodle Japchae


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

BistroMD customers appreciate the meals’ low sodium content and how it supports health goals. They also enjoyed the variety of options each week but wished it was easier to add snacks and breakfast.

One Reddit comment shared, “I found that this is the only program that I really shed weight on” compared with other meal kits.

In a comparison of weight-loss meal kits, @morgtron praised the diet support from doctor-created BistroMD, saying, “It seems easy to reach your goals with dietitian consultations.”

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Factor – Best For Large Variety Of Oven-Ready Prepared Meals

Full Pricing:
Updated In:
May 15, 2024

Pros and Cons 


Factor Oven-Ready Pros

  • Healthy, high-quality ingredients 
  • Fully prepared meals arrive fresh, not frozen
  • Ideal to support a weight-loss or specialty diet
  • Clearly labeled menus make it easy to find meals to suit your specific preferences


Factor Oven-Ready Cons

  • The price per serving is less affordable than some other services
  • Slightly smaller weekly menu compared with BistroMD


About the Service

Factor is a meal kit delivery service that focuses entirely on fresh, ready-to-eat meals that arrive fully prepared and ready to reheat in the oven. Factor’s fully prepared meal deliveries are chef-designed, focusing on healthy and balanced eating without the stress. This service is ideal for busy people who want to eat healthy meals without the need to prep ingredients. 

The Factor meal delivery service uses whole food ingredients and a science-backed approach to ensure healthy, high-quality meals. Factor also uses a thorough review process to keep its menu free of unhealthy ingredients. This service’s oven-ready meals can suit many dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, or keto. 

The Meal Kit Review team’s testers loved the convenience of these meals, which arrive in a well-organized and well-insulated box to ensure you can easily heat and eat these fresh, healthy recipes.


What Do You Get?

Factor customers can choose from over 35 dinner menu items each week, with optional add-ons for breakfast and lunch. Their plan offers 4, 6, 8, 12, or up to 18 meals per week, making Factor suitable for a one-person meal kit or to feed a larger household. 


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From The Factor Menu

  • Roasted Red Pepper Tortellini & Italian Sausage with Parmesan Haricot Verts
  • Cheesy Beef & Poblano-Hominy Skillet with Stewed Black Beans & Southwestern-style Creamed Corn
  • Ginger Teriyaki Salmon with Roasted Cabbage, Forbidden Rice, Sesame Green Beans & Roasted Onions
  • Three Bean Vegan Chili with Cornbread Casserole & Tofu-Based Crema


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

Customers praise Factor for its high-quality meals and packaging, flavorful recipes, and balanced calorie count. 

Regarding their experience with Factor, @JimmyMcPoyle_AZ said, “everything from packaging to ingredients is in the top tier of ready meals.”

Another Redditor discussing the pros of Factor meals said, “I like that they taste good without an insane calorie count…so they are great for eating an actual meal, knowing what the calorie hit is (and being able to plan accordingly).”

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Home Chef – Best For Easy-Prep Oven-Ready Meal Kits

Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
Updated In:
June 19, 2024

Pros and Cons 


Home Chef Oven-Ready Pros

  • Wide variety of delicious meal options each week
  • Customize It option to swap proteins with many meals
  • Meals are effortless to assemble
  • Recipes are classic flavors with a twist
  • Flexible choice between oven-ready and microwave-ready meals plus traditional kits
  • Supporting vegetarian, low-carb and low-calorie diet needs


Home Chef Oven-Ready Cons

  • Oven-ready meals still require some minimal prep
  • It does not offer single-serving meals 
  • There is less variety of oven-ready meals than Factor and BistroMD


About the Service

Home Chef’s Oven-Ready and Fast & Fresh meal options are designed especially for people with limited spare time. When signing up for Home Chef, you can mix and match traditional meal kits, express kits that come together in 15 minutes, and, of course, oven-ready and microwave-ready meals. 

The dedicated oven-ready category makes finding these quick-prep meals on the weekly Home Chef menu easy. Oven-ready meals come pre-portioned and ready to combine and heat in the oven, and the Fast & Fresh offerings can be heated in the microwave if you’re extra short on time! The Home Chef meals arrive in oven-safe trays and require minimal prep to combine the fresh ingredients and heat. 

Our testers love the ease and convenience of Hello Fresh’s oven-ready meals, which come with a quick-prep recipe card to help you quickly prepare the ingredients and enjoy delicious and healthy meals. 


What Do You Get? 

Home Chef offers plans for two, four, or six people, with a dedicated Fresh & Easy meal plan. The minimum number of recipes per week is two, and you can get up to six on a regular plan. With add-ons, there’s no maximum limit to how many meals you can receive in a week. 

Within your Home Chef subscription plan, you can choose from traditional meal kits, oven-ready meals, fresh & ready microwavable meals, and express meal kits that come together in 15 minutes or less. 


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From The Home Chef Menu

  • Crunchy Buffalo-style Chicken with Roasted Garlic Potatoes
  • Blackened Salmon Alfredo with Ciabatta Garlic Bread
  • Adobo Sirloin Steak with Green Chili Aioli
  • Shrimp Penne with Tomato Cream Sauce and Garlic Bread


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

Regarding Home Chef’s oven-ready meals, customers enjoy the convenience and freshness of the quick and easy meal options, saying their quality is great compared with similar offerings from other companies. Users note that most oven-ready meals from Home Chef still require some level of prep to get everything ready.

Of their experience with Home Chef, @wirefox1 said “I love the Express! All in one pan which they provide. So easy, and I’ve typically liked them.”

Another Redditor says they like to keep Home Chef in their regular rotation, and “I always make sure to include easy/fast prep meals and oven-ready options in my orders, because some nights I just want it to be easy.”

Home Chef Oven-Ready meal kits
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Blue Apron – Best For Chef-Designed Prepared & Ready To Bake Meals

Full Pricing:
$10.99 per box (first box ships free)
Updated In:
July 5, 2024

Pros and Cons 


Blue Apron Oven-Ready Meals Pros

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Chef-designed oven-ready meals
  • Offers a dedicated plan for oven-ready, pre-made meals
  • Oven-ready options to suit many diets, including vegetarian, keto, and carb-conscious.


Blue Apron Oven-Ready Meals Cons

  • Many recipes are repeated frequently on the weekly menu.
  • Oven-ready meals are single-serving only.
  • There is less variety than in other services


About The Service

Blue Apron is one of the US’s most-known meal kit services, and for good reason. They offer high-quality, chef-designed meals to suit a variety of tastes. In recent years, they’ve expanded their “Prepared & Ready” meal kit offering, providing several oven-ready meals to choose from each week. Many meals can also be reheated in the microwave if you’re extra short on time.

You can choose their dedicated Prepared & Ready meal plan to receive all oven-ready meals each week or opt for the traditional meal kits plan, which still lets you add select prepared & ready meals to your boxes. All meals arrive with the best-quality pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards with cooking or heating instructions.

At the Meal Kit Review, our testers have been consistently impressed with the consistently high-quality ingredients in Blue Apron meals and the creativity of their recipes. 


What Do You Get?

Blue Apron offers two main plans: Meal Kits and Prepared & Ready. While the Meal Kits plan focuses primarily on traditional meal kits, you can add select oven-ready meals to your weekly kits. 

With the Meal Kit plan, you can choose 2 or 4 servings per meal, with anywhere from 2 to 5 meals a week. The Prepared & Ready plan features single-serving, pre-made meals, with the ability to choose from 4 to 10 meals per week. 

Both plans, including a low-calorie or carb-conscious diet, can be personalized to suit specific needs.


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From The Blue Apron Menu

  • Cheesy Truffle Cavatappi with Mushrooms & Kale
  • Mozzarella Smothered Chicken with Riced Cauliflower
  • Indian-Style Vegetable Curry with Raisins & Mint
  • Soy-Miso Chicken with Udon, Bok Choy & Mushrooms


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

Customers love Blue Apron’s high-quality ingredients and variety of exciting recipes. However, some wish the portion sizes for pre-made meals were larger.

Redditor @HungrySpartan22 was initially skeptical about the ready-made meal offering but it ultimately won them over. They said: “I just recently started ordering BA’s Prepared and Ready Kits and I must say, my initial reaction was the portioning was very small but found it delicious and filling at the end.” 

User @Alternative_Basis611 says, “I’ve been cooking Blue Apron for nearly 2 years now and I love them. Great portions, diverse cuisine.”

blue apron oven ready meal kit
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Martha & Marley Spoon – Best For Classic Martha Stewart Meals

Full Pricing:
$8.95 per serving
Updated In:
July 11, 2024

Pros and Cons 


Martha & Marley Spoon Oven-Ready Pros

  • Choose from Martha’s Best Meals, created by Martha Stewart.
  • Pre-portioned, high-quality ingredients.
  • Offers easy add-ons like desserts, coffee, and extra protein.
  • Vegetarian, dairy-free, low-calorie, and low-carb meal options.


Martha & Marley Spoon Cons

  • Not as many oven-ready options as other services.
  • Many one-pot meals still require some preparation.


About the Service

Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon offers chef-developed recipes curated by home cooking queen Martha Stewart, focusing on high-quality ingredients.

The Marley Spoon service offers a traditional meal kit with 100+ recipes weekly, including a few dozen easy oven-ready one-pot meals and a handful of prepared heat-and-eat options.

The weekly Marley Spoon menu is easy to browse on their website, with tags to help you sort for particular dietary needs and tastes. You can easily search for “one-pot meals” to find the oven-ready options for the week. There is something for every palate, from comfort food favorites to global cuisine and more classic-style entrees. 

Our testers love that Martha & Marley Spoon prioritizes using recipes with in-season ingredients for optimal freshness. It also means that the menu is constantly changing, giving a great variety of foods to choose from!


What Do You Get? 

Marley Spoon offers a meal kit subscription for two or four people, with two to six meals per week. 

During the sign-up process, you can specify dietary preferences to help create your weekly menu, including the quick and easy plan that prioritizes one-pot, oven-ready options. No matter which preference you choose, you will be able to browse and select from the full menu each week. 


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From Martha & Marley Spoon Menu

  • Vegan Sheet Pan Fajitas with Crispy Tex-Mex Tofu & Guacamole
  • White Chicken Chili Rice Bake with Cilantro & Lime
  • Sweet & Spicy Stir-Fried Impossible Ground with Zucchini Ribbons
  • Pan-Seared Thai Salmon with Peanut Sauce & Crunchy Salad


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

Marley Spoon customers love the variety of chef-designed meals offered by the service and the overall delicious flavors of the recipes—some note issues with shipping. 

Regarding their taste test of one of Marley Spoon’s one-pot recipes, @flying-neutrino said, “This was scrumptious — the rice and chicken both got a tiny bit dry, but the flavors made up for it.”

Another Reddit user said they’re a Martha & Marley Spoon convert: “They have an awesome variety of recipes and don’t use the same rotation of vegetables like [other meal kits] like to do. MS offers more protein customizations for no upcharge.”

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Trifecta – Best For Athletes Oven-Ready Meals

Full Pricing:
Starting at $10.50 per meal
Updated In:
May 21, 2024

Pros and Cons


Trifecta Oven-Ready Pros

  • Meals are optimized for high-protein and good macronutrient balance
  • It is ideal for busy athletes who need balanced nutrition support
  • Offers options to support many diets, including clean eating, plant-based, and Paleo
  • Option to add fully prepared breakfasts for the whole week 


Trifecta Oven-Ready Cons

  • All meals are single-serving only
  • Smaller weekly menu than many services
  • Less creativity in meals


About the service

Trifecta is a meal delivery service focused on fresh, pre-made meals ready to heat in the oven or microwave. They emphasize nutritious meals that are fit to fuel athletes with balanced nutrition and optimized macros to support fitness.

All meals from Trifecta arrive fresh, not frozen, and use organic, ethically sourced ingredients. They offer plans to suit a variety of diets and lifestyles, including keto, Whole 30, Paleo, and Plant-Based. 

When trying Trifecta’s pre-made meal kit, our testers loved that the meals were straightforward and well-balanced, full of nutritious ingredients with sacrificing taste thanks to the excellent seasonings and flavors. 


What Do You Get? 

With each Trifecta meal plan, you can get 5, 7, 10, or 14 single-serving entrees weekly. 

There is also an option to add seven days of pre-prepared breakfasts if you would like. 


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From Trifecta Menu

  • Tofu & Rice Chipotle Bowl with Fiesta Black Bean and Corn
  • Peri Peri Turkey with Pasta and Broccoli
  • BBQ Tofu with Brown Rice and Green Beans
  • Sweet Garlic Pork with Noodles


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

Trifecta customers like that the food is filling and high in fiber while being portioned appropriately for a calorie-smart diet. Focusing on macros is another plus for active people and those who track macros. Some noted that the food does not look as appetizing as they’d like before being heated. 

Regarding their experience with Trifecta, @otffan2019 said “It tastes great. Then, I found the food filling, though the portions look small.”

In their comprehensive review of meal kits, @morgtron said that Trifecta’s “focus on macros made the diet very easy.”

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Sun Basket – Best For Organic Oven-Ready Meal Kits

Full Pricing:
$9.99, First Shipping FREE
$9.99 per box
Updated In:
May 29, 2024

Pros and Cons 


Sun Basket Oven-Ready Pros

  • Recipes use all organic ingredients.
  • Good variety of oven-ready meals each week.
  • A separate “Fresh & Ready” menu section makes browsing easy.
  • Oven-ready options for specialty diets like soy-free, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.


Sun Basket Oven-Ready Cons

  • Relatively small portions.
  • Recipes are not ideal for picky eaters.


About the Service

Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery service offering many different menu options, including ready-to-heat fresh meals in an oven-safe tray. The company uses only high-quality organic and sustainably sourced ingredients in its traditional meal kit recipes and oven-ready meals. 

The Sun Basket offers a dedicated category of “Fresh & Ready” meals each week, fully prepared and ready to heat in the microwave and oven. In addition to its oven-ready fresh meals, Sun Basket offers many speedy meals, which take around 15 minutes to prep and cook.

Our meal kit testers enjoyed the Sun Basket meals they tried, but they feel the recipes can be very “new-age” with flavors that not everyone will like. 


What Do You Get?

Sun Basket offers plans for two or four people, with two to five dinners per week.

You can choose from traditional meal kit recipes or the Fresh & Ready meals that come fully prepped. The weekly menu usually has around 10 Fresh & Ready offerings, so you could easily choose only oven-ready meals for the week. 

Sun Basket also offers a full catalog of add-ons, including snacks, breakfasts, and fully prepared lunch items, that you can add to your box each week. 


Oven-Ready Meals To Try From The Sun Basket Menu

  • Broccoli Mac and Cheese 
  • Butter Chicken Over Rice
  • Chicken and Egg Donburi Rice Bowl with Kimchi-lime Vegetables
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs in Basil Marinara


What Do Customers Think Of It? 

Sun Basket customers like the unique recipes provided by the service and the focus on organic and sustainable ingredients. Some note that the flavors were a bit too unusual for their tastes. 

Regarding the Fresh & Ready offering, @sierra400 says, “We use the fresh & ready microwave meals for lunches at work, so easy and good! And several have made two meals out of one container.”

Of their time using Sun Basket, Reddit user @Misomystic said, “I really liked their meals, they were always interesting and not something I’d cook on my own. I’m a vegetarian and they had the best options of any of the kit services.”

sun basket oven ready
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Benefits of Using Frozen Food Delivery Service


Ease of Use

We all want to eat healthy, but it takes a lot of work to find nutritious recipes, shop for groceries, and make the meals! A meal kit delivery service that provides oven-ready meals can make eating healthy easy, with delicious and well-balanced meals that you simply heat and eat. 


Time and Money Saving

Using an oven-ready meal delivery service can help you save time and money. With meals arriving pre-prepared each week, you won’t need to spend hours grocery shopping and preparing food. You’ll also reduce impulse buys at the store and food waste, saving you money. 


Spice Up Your Culinary Life

With most delivery services, the menu changes every week. That means you’re getting a wide variety of tasty dinners to choose from, adding new foods to your diet and keeping things interesting. Meal delivery services introduce new cuisines into your life, giving you a chance to try new flavors from around the world -from Asian-style meals to classic Italian meals and more.


Perfect Portions and Less Food Waste

Meal delivery services, especially those with oven-ready meal options, are eco-friendly because they reduce food waste. The meals are perfectly portioned to fit the promised number of servings, with no excess ingredients that will go unused in your fridge or pantry. When everything is ready, you simply heat and eat the right-sized meal.


Quality Ingredients

Many frozen and pre-made meals available at the grocery store use less-than-ideal ingredients, making it hard to combine convenience and healthy eating. Meal delivery services use high-quality, fresh ingredients that ensure you don’t sacrifice health for ease of use. 


Better Diet Support and Calorie Intake Support

Specialized meal kit services like BistroMD and Factor are designed to support your dietary needs and goals. Because plans can often be catered to your individual needs, it’s much easier to maintain a specialty diet or stick with calorie-smart meals to support healthy weight management. 

Our Methodology – Why Trust Us?


How Do We Choose The Best Oven-Ready Prepared Meal Delivery Services?

Our mission at The Meal Kit Review is to help you make informed decisions when choosing a meal delivery service that provides oven-ready and pre-made options.

Through our rating process, we do all the research for you, going through the entire subscription process and tasting at least ten meals from every well-known meal plan service on the market. We make sure to provide detailed information on flavor, variety, price, the ideal consumer for each service, and more. 

By hands-on testing each meal kit service, we can provide detailed reviews and comparisons so you can decide which option (or options) best fit your lifestyle, dietary goals, and budget. 

Bottom Line – Our First Choices are BistroMD & Factor

If you’re trying to follow a specific diet or eat healthier, knowing what foods to cook can be challenging. Using any of these oven-ready meal services can help you eat healthily or stay on track with your diet – without heaving to cook or going for grocery store trips. 

From our perspective, all of these kits have something great to offer. BistroMD and Factor are tied for our first choice of oven-ready meal kits. Both services provide healthy, well-balanced meals that support a healthy diet and are great options to help you achieve your wellness goals.

About the author


Related FAQ’s

All meal services make sure to specify the shelf-life of each dish on the wrapper or recipe card. You can also find this information on the FAQ page. Generally, meals that arrive fresh and not frozen can last for four to seven days unless you get them frozen. Meals that are delivered already frozen offer a much-extended shelf time.

An oven-ready meal delivery service can offer two types of meal services. The first offers meal kits with minimal prep work, and the second goes all the way to providing premade meals that you just need to heat in the oven or microwave. With both, you don’t need any cooking skills or a long time in the kitchen!

All Oven-ready meal delivery services are subscription based. To subscribe, you will need to select a meal plan, insert your personal details, choose your meals online, pay, and receive your delivery box. You will get each delivery to your door, in a proper box designed to carry cooled foods safely. Usually, you will have the option to skip deliveries when needed or cancel your account at any point with no extra fees.

Those services will do the meal planning and prep work for you, making dinner an effortless task.

It’s a fair thing to wonder in what way popular meal delivery services are different from the classic frozen TV dinners you can buy in any grocery store – since at the end of the day, it’s both prepared food you heat in the oven or microwave.

However, there are a few key differences:

  • Meal delivery services tend to offer a better range of creative meals.
  • Meal delivery companies cook the meals just before it’s shipped, so the food is significantly fresher and tastes better in many cases.
  • The ingredients used by oven-ready meal delivery services are of higher quality.
  • Many of the services make sure to use much less (or no) unhealthy preservatives or salt than used in standard supermarket frozen meals – making it a better healthy food option.

BistroMD is the healthiest option for oven-ready meal delivery. Their meals are designed by a doctor with health in mind and have options to support many health goals and conditions, including weight loss, heart-healthy, and menopause support. These flash-frozen meals are ideal for supporting a healthy diet. 

Research suggests that prepared dinners are generally healthier than fast food. A study conducted by Nestle, titled “ Consumption of Frozen Meals as Compared to Quick Service Restaurant Meals is Associated with Better Nutrient Intakes in Adult Participants of The National Health,” showed that people who ate frozen, oven-ready meals had higher intakes of many vital nutrients than those who ate at fast food restaurants. Specifically, consumers of frozen prepared meals ate fewer calories, less saturated fat, and more fiber, potassium, and calcium than those who ate fast food.

No, Hello Fresh does not offer oven-ready meals. It is a traditional meal kit service where you receive pre-portioned ingredients and an easy recipe card to prepare the meals at home. However, its sister company, Factor, does offer oven-ready prepared meals. 

Yes, the Blue Apron meal kit menu includes several “Prepared & Ready” menu options each week, including a plan specifically designed for those who want to receive pre-made meals. These oven-ready meals arrive prepared and ready to reheat in the oven or microwave.

Oven-ready meals through meal delivery services are a healthy alternative to the pre-made meals you can get in the supermarket’s freezer section. While many grocery store-prepared foods include additives and unhealthy ingredients, oven-ready meal kits offer fresh, healthy ingredients without preservatives. Some services, like Home Chef, provide fully prepped meals that won’t be cooked until they get to you, maintaining freshness and quality.

The exact cost can vary depending on the meal in question, but one thing is for sure – when you cook at home from scratch, you must buy every ingredient—including spices, full-size sauces, etc. In many cases, the cost of each individual item, vegetable, or protein for a recipe will outweigh the cost of pre-made or oven-ready meals. Also, remember that oven-ready meals have other benefits, as we listed in this review.

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