Best Heart-Healthy Meal Delivery Services For 2023

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If you have heart health issues – cardiovascular disease, a family history of heart disease, high cholesterol issues, high blood pressure, or other heart health conditions – managing it through diet can be pretty overwhelming. Thinking of meal planning, finding exciting recipes, and ensuring you meet all the nutritional requirements can seem almost impossible.

The basic rules of a heart-healthy diet that will support lower blood pressure are to keep portion sizes under control, eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains, limit intake of unhealthy saturated fat, choose low-fat protein sources, and finally – reduce sodium intake.

Luckily, some meal delivery services offer excellent Heart-healthy meal plans. Meal delivery services provide a convenient way to maintain a healthy diet and look after your specific dietary requirements.

The beauty of using meal delivery services is that it does all the hard work for you! They provide meal kits to cook at home, or prepared meals, that are nutritionally balanced and with low sodium levels you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Following Are the Best Healthy Heart Meals Delivery Services

1. Diet To Go

Full Pricing:
$9.99 per box for local shipping
Starting at $121.99 per week
Updated In:
October 17, 2023

Heart Healthy Food Delivery Service With Full Board Prepared Meals Delivered!

If you are looking for effortless healthy eating designed for a heart-healthy diet with the bonus of weight loss – Diet-To-Go is your go-to.

This long-operating healthy meal delivery service is designed for a no-cooking healthy diet, with a full board of prepared meals perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced.

All the heart-healthy meals delivered are calorie-controlled, specifically focusing on heart-healthy — controlled for carbs, sodium intake, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

When subscribing to the service, you can choose between a few dietary preferences meal plans – including the classic balance, Mediterranean, vegetarian, or keto. You will also choose between 5 to 7 days of meals per week. 

Each delivery will include all the extras like sides, fruits, and even condiments. That means no grocery shopping, no meal prep, and zero clean-up!

Heart-Healthy Meals We tried from Diet To Go

  • Greek Chicken with Quinoa and Sauteed Spinach
  • Herbed Baked Salmon with Three Grain Rice Pilaf, Broccoli, and Carrot Flan
  • Santa Fe Chicken Burger with Roasted Veggie Blend
  • Breakfast Waffles with Peaches & Apples in Syrup
diet to go
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2. BistroMD 

Heart Healthy Meals Delivery, Made By Medical Specialists

Full Pricing:
Starting $129 per week
Updated In:
March 29, 2024

BistroMD is a meal subscription service specializing in fully prepared meals, delivered ready to heat and eat. The company was created by Dr. Caroline Cederquist years ago with a passion for healthy nutrition. The company focuses on creating meals that meet all the nutritional requirements and dietary restrictions of a heart-healthy diet, among others.

The heart-healthy program includes meals that meet the American Heart Association recommendations for calories, low-sodium, total fat, and saturated fat.

In this program, you can enjoy heart-healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) designed by nutritional specialists and prepared by chefs. You won’t have to worry about meal planning, grocery shopping, or cooking! With BistroMD, all you will need to do is heat and eat!

Heart-Healthy Prepared Meals We tried from BistroMD

  • Jamaican Style Black Pepper Shrimp
  • Chicken Spinach Meatloaf With Tomato Glaze
  • Pork Tenderloin With Spiced Apple Chutney
  • Oven-Fried Catfish with Spicy Tomato Leek Sauce
Silver BistroMD
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3. Green Chef

Meal Kit Service Offering Organic Healthy Meal Plan

green chef logo
Full Pricing:
$9.99 First shipping is FREE
$7.5 - $9.50
Updated In:
January 31, 2023

Green Chef is a meal kits service creating recipes from USDA-approved organic and sustainable products.

The meal kits arrive with pre-portioned and prepped ingredients for easy and fast cooking at home. You can choose the number of meals you get per week (three or four), and the number of servings per meal (two, four, or six).

Even though the company doesn’t offer a dedicated heart-healthy program, many meals from the weekly menu can fit this diet’s needs. You can browse the online a la carte options and see the ingredients list and nutrition values list per recipe.

Green Chef also delivers meals catering to other dietary needs like a vegan diet, low-carb keto diet, Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, and more.

Heart-Healthy-Friendly Meal Kits We Tried From Green Chef

  • Chicken with Basil Pistou with roasted peppers, artichokes, fennel, and rice
  • Chicken with Ginger-Lime Aïoli snap-pea slaw, glazed sesame carrots, and cashews.
  • Butternut & Porcini Linguine kale, red peppers, pesto, parmesan, and pine nuts
  • Pecan-Crusted Sockeye Salmon with creamy kale, shallot, and roasted carrots
inside green chef box
green chef logo
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4. Balance by BistroMD 

Heart-Healthy Meal Delivery With No Subscription Needed

balance by BistroMD
Full Pricing:
Starting $129 per week
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

Balance by BistroMD is also the creation of bariatric medicine specialist Dr. Caroline Cederquist. The meals of Balance by BistroMD are fully prepared and delivered to your door, with the main priority of catering to your healthy diet.

The main advantage of Balance by BistroMD is that it does not require a subscription or membership, so it offers excellent flexibility. Customers can order what they want when they want without any minimum order stipulations.

With Balance by BistroMD, you will also find that they have a lovely range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that meet heart-healthy diet criteria. These meals have been doctor-designed and chef-created. All heart-healthy meals meet the US Dietary Guidelines for sodium intake and have been designed to help reduce blood pressure.

Heart-Healthy Meals We Tried From Balance By BistroMD

  • Grilled Salmon With Lemon Dijon Dressing
  • Pork Enchiladas With Salsa Verde
  • Grilled Chicken With Savory Almond And Date Sauce
  • Macadamia Crusted Barramundi Seabass with Roasted Carrots
Balance by BistroMD
balance by BistroMD
Free Shipping on Orders $99+

5. Blue Apron

Chef-Designed Meal Kits For Wellness Eating

Full Pricing:
$8.79-$9.99 per serving
Updated In:
December 26, 2023

Blue Apron, the first meal kit service in the US, offers chef-designed recipes with pre-portioned fresh ingredients that arrive at your door.

The service offers a dedicated Wellness meal plan with nutritionist-approved meal options for weight loss and healthy eating. At least four meals from this plan can fit perfectly for those looking for heart-healthy meal options.

To ensure that your meal truly fits your needs, you can see the whole ingredients list, calorie count, and sodium intake online. With some planning, it’s easy to enjoy restaurant-quality nutritious meals from Blue Apron.

The Blue Apron weekly menus offer meals for other nutritional needs, such as the Mediterranean diet, vegetarian diet, carb-conscious, and more.

Wellness Meal Kits We Tried From From Blue Apron

  • Miso Chicken Ramen Noodle Bowls with Tomatoes, Corn, & Kombu
  • Hearty Vegetable Grain Bowls With Avocado & Creamy Fig Dressing
  • Cheesy Romesco Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Lentils & Farro
  • carb-conscious Oregano Chicken & Fresh Tomato Pan Sauce with Farro & Zucchini
blue apron recipe cards
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6. Freshly

Prepared Meal Delivery Service With Heart Healthy Meals

Freshly logo
Full Pricing:
$8.49 to $11.49 Per serving
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

Freshly is another fully prepared food delivery service, with meals that are healthy, gluten-free, and contain no artificial ingredients. The menu offers dinner and lunch pre-made complete meals, plus a few breakfast items.

Each Freshly meal we tried was tasteful and satisfying and came in a single serving tray.

The weekly menu caters to many dietary and lifestyle requirements – gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sodium (500-700mg per serving), and more. At least ten meals per week can fit a heart-healthy diet (out of over 30 meals), so you will have ample ready-to-go options to choose from. It will allow you to keep your diet diverse, enjoy satisfying meals, and have zero mess in the kitchen.

Heart-Healthy Meals We Tried From Freshly

  • Creamy Light Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli
  • Indian-Spiced Red Lentil Dal with Sweet Potatoes & Green Chickpeas
  • Romesco Grilled Chicken with Rainbow Vegetable Hash & Cilantro Rice
  • Grilled Lemon-Tahini Chicken with Riced Broccoli & Cauliflower Pilaf
Freshly meals
Freshly logo
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7. Sunbasket 

Best Organic food for healthy diet

Full Pricing:
$6.99 per week, First Shipping FREE
As low as $9.99 per serving
Updated In:
January 1, 2023

Sun Basket is a meal delivery service that provides fully organic meal kits and prepared meals designed to be on the table within 10-30 minutes.

Sun Basket has made quality ingredients their priority, and their meal kits contain fully organic ingredients that are healthy and delicious.

SunBasket’s meal kits contain pre-portioned ingredients combined with easy-to-follow recipes. Their Lean & Clean plan is ideal for those following a heart-healthy diet. Most meals in the lean & clean plan include lean proteins, clean and unprocessed ingredients, no-unhealthy fats, and only 550 calories per serving.

The service also offers gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free meals with no added sugars.

Popular Heart-Healthy Meal Kits From SunBasket:

  • Sole in parchment with the warm date and apricot salad
  • Gingered turkey meatballs in lemongrass broth with cauliflower rice
  • Southeast Asian chicken salad with sesame-lime dressing
  • Seared tuna with snap pea salad, lemony yogurt, and spicy chile oil
sunbasket green harisa for diabetes
Sunbasket Green Harisa - lean and healthy Mediterranean meal
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Bottom Line

Try Diet-To-Go or BistroMD for the Best Heart Healthy Meals!

If you need to maintain a heart-healthy diet lifestyle, takeout foods like pizza or Chinese, while incredibly fuss-free and tasty, are usually full of unhealthy fats and sodium – and therefore harmful to your health.

Meal services offer an easy way to maintain a healthy heart-healthy diet.

Meal delivery services offer an incredibly convenient solution while also providing options where you will be guaranteed to enjoy a range of delicious meals. It is the perfect way to ensure you follow a healthy diet without any stress or fuss and with fewer visits to the grocery store.

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Related FAQ’s

“Cardiac diet” is another term for a heart-healthy diet. The diet can help achieve lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks. The emphasis is on foods that are good for the heart, including lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as quinoa or barley, lean poultry meats, and fish like tuna and salmon, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This diet also greatly emphasizes a high reduction of processed foods high in salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

To maintain good health, portion control is a crucial factor. Moreover, there are a few foods recommended to avoid:

  • Any foods that have the ‘trans’ or ‘hydrogenated’ term in them. Those are often found in processed and fried foods like donuts, cookies, potato chips, and fast food.
  • Dessert – consume in limited quantities, if at all.
  • Salt – read labels and be aware of how much sodium you consume in your daily meals.
  • Moderate the consumption of proteins – don’t overdo it, and try to opt for plant protein, lean meats, and good-fats seafood.

When it comes to heart-healthy breakfast meals, you have many options. Go for scrambled eggs with spinach and whole-grain toast, whole-grain waffles with a side of cut banana, a cup of milk with a side of fresh fruits, low-fat greek yogurt with berries or whole-grain cereal, and more.

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