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We write our honest review on each company or product, however, we receive a sales commission or other compensation on the products we review. That helps us to support this website. Prices can vary due to changes in promotions or policies. See our full disclosures here.

Since 2012, there has been an enormous number of meal kit delivery services that have emerged in the market. Each service has a unique agenda and specialty. Whether it be catering to those with special dietary needs, only using organic ingredients or providing meals that are suitable for families.  Today I am going to focus on the best meal kit delivery service for vegans. I will compare these companies in terms of  variety of vegan dishes on the menu, quality of products, price and more.

What a vegan will look for in a vegan meal kit?

A Vegan diet is purely a plant-based diet. It excludes meat, eggs, dairy products, seafood and any other animal-derived ingredients.

If you are a vegan, you may feel as though your choices are limited, but in fact there are a number of meal kit services that understand the needs of this growing lifestyle and they offer some delicious, diverse and satisfying options for you.

Following is my ranking for the best vegan meal kit services currently available:



Score 9.8

Full Pricing: $10.99-$12.99 per serving

Shipping: $6.99

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Score 9.7

Special Spring Offer: Get $100 off—$25 off your first 4 order!!

Full Pricing: Classic plan: $11.99 Family plan: $10.99

Shipping: $6.99 per week.

***First shipping is free***

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Score 9.6

Shipping: Free with a  minimum order of $72

Full Pricing: $9.99-$16.99 per serving, depends on the dish you choose

Zoom In: Top Vegan Meal Kits

Green Chef offers customers a fully organic, diverse menu complete with specialized dietary options, that is filled with delicious and innovative meals.

See here all Green Chef promotions

  • Full Pricing: $10.99-$12.99
  • Shipping: $6.99 per box, First Shipping FREE
  • Updated April 2019

#1 Green Chef Vegan Meal Kits

Green Chef offers an exciting and delicious all vegan menu that is rich with natural ingredients. Not only that, they also offer 100% organic and sustainably sourced ingredients! The Vegan Plan is offered as a 2-person plan – the box contains 3 dinners for 2 people (6 meals in total per box)

    • Delivers To: All 48 continental states in the U.S.
    • Ingredient Highlights: All organic and gluten-free.

    Some favorite Vegan dishes from Green Chef:

    Green Chef Box
    • Full Pricing: $11.99 per serving
    • Shipping: $6.99 per week, First Shipping FREE
    • MEAL KIT
    • Updated April 2019

    #2 Sun Basket for Vegans

    Sun Basket offers a Vegan Plan as part of their Classic Plan. This includes 3 meals per week for 2 or 4 people. It features some interesting and creative meatless recipes, all with 100% organic seasonal produce, plant-based proteins, and Sun Basket house-made signature sauces.

    • Delivers To: All 48 continental states in the U.S.
    • Other Highlights: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, all organic

    Some favorite vegan dishes from Sun Basket:

    Sun Basket

    The Terra’s Kitchen menu follows the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle, with easy meals that are quick to prepare. The company offers a long list of dinner dishes,  ‘ready-to-eat’ salads, snacks, smoothies and more.  Their menu caters for any special dietary needs.

    • Full Pricing: $9.99-$16.99 per serving
    • MEAL KIT
    • Updated April 2019

    #3 Terra’s Kitchen for Vegans

    Terra’s Kitchen offers a long list of dinner dishes, with a large variety of Vegan meals as well.  You are free to mix and match or filter meals by low calorie, Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian etc. All the meals offered are ready in under 30 minutes – and most ingredients come pre-chopped and ready to use.
    You can choose between 3-4 dinners for 2 people or 2 dinners for 4 people. 

    Following are some popular vegan dishes from Terra’s Kitchen:

    Lentil Salad by Terra's Kitchen

    As you can see, quite a few meal kit delivery services offer vegan menus. In my opinion, it is always best to try them all first.  That way you can experience firsthand the diversity that is offered with each meal kit service.  Then you will be able to select which service is the best for you.

    Whichever company you choose, these meal kits services will no doubt make it much easier for you to stay on track with your vegan diet.  They will also definitely help you minimize the time spent on menu planning and shopping for your groceries. You really can’t ask for more!

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