Blue Apron delivers all the freshest meats, fish, fruits, and veggies direct to your door in an insulated box.

Pricing: 10.99$ per serving for 2-person plan.
8.99$-9.99$ per serving for family plan

(Updated to May 2018)

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Quick Intro to Company

Blue Apron has served thousands of customers all over the world. I decided to put them to the test and try their meal kits service.  The quality of their ingredients is amazing, and everything is farm fresh and organically produced.

The meat doesn’t have any added hormones either. In my review, I’ll explain how Blue Apron works, and the different types of plans you can choose from. I’ll take you through some of their delicious recipes too. Right, I bet your taste buds are ready for the review – let’s get to it.

Blue Apron has been going strong since 2012. The company was created by a trio of New Yorkers, including Matt Wadiak, Ilia Papas and Matt Salzberg. They quickly grew nationwide and now deliver 8 million meals every month. You think that’s impressive – you should try the foods.

How it Works?

Blue Apron delivers all the freshest meats, fish, fruits, and veggies direct to your door in an insulated box. They provide detailed instructions on how to prepare the meals – courtesy of in-house chefs. I chose my meals for the week via the App Store, and all the ingredients were shipped direct to my door. They shop for the freshest produce, with quality ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Blue Apron supports sustainable farming practices, and works with trusted farmers to bring you tasty ingredients direct to your home. This company assures customers of premium-grade meals in every package. You can choose your meals up to 4 weeks ahead (I think this is great), and select your preferred delivery date. It’s good to know that they have won multiple awards of the years, and they even offer free recipes.

Blue Apron Box
Blue Apron Box
Blue Apron Products

Plans You Can Choose

Blue Apron has 2 plans – for 2 people, or for 4 people. 

Most of the plans are similarly priced with these meal kits providers, ranging from around $8.99-10.99 per person per meal. That includes all shipping.

Did I mention that Blue Apron offers 12 recipes per week?  

Special Plans and Offers

I recommend contacting Blue Apron customer support for details of any special plans and promotional offers. Blue Apron offers various promos such as this $50 off your First two Blue Apron meal orders here.

Weekly Recipes Available

There are 12 recipes available every week. I really love the selection on offer.

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