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Southwest Turkey Burgers by Dinnerly

This dish was quite classic and included some delicious Southwestern flavors.


This dish was quite classic and included some delicious Southwestern flavors.

The ingredients to make this dish included some fresh green beans as a side, ground turkey mince, pico de gallo seasoning, ranch sauce and potato burger buns that I personally adore!

I also had some lettuce leftover from the stir-fry lettuce wraps we enjoyed the previous day, so I used it as a topping for the burgers which was perfect.

I was quite impressed by the quality of the ingredients as I was aware that Dinnerly was so much cheaper than any other meal kit companies out there which makes them a very affordable option.

The turkey burgers were very easy to make and just involved mixing the turkey meat with the pico de gallo seasoning. The green beans on the side were simple to prepare as well and it was just a matter of cooking them in the oven with olive oil, salt, and pepper for 20 minutes.

The Dinnerly burgers were tender and moist and accompanied by some delicious green beans.

The only downside of this dish was that the burgers were quite small and both my husband and I felt that we could have eaten more.

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