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20 minutes

Taste ranking

Yummy! 100%
Stir fry beef lettuce wraps by Dinnerly

The dish was also very easy to make!


This easy to make stir-fry was a delight. I love dinner that you can eat with your hands while watching TV!

The beef that was provided tasted and looked like good quality grass-fed beef and it was accompanied by a tasty ginger, scallion, and teriyaki seasoning sauce. The size of the lettuce we received was substantial and it was so beautiful and crunchy that it was just perfect for this dish.

The sticky rice was also a very nice addition and beautifully absorbed all the moisture from the beef and the sauce. I have to say I was quite impressed at how good everything looked, knowing that Dinnerly meal kits are so much cheaper than all other meal kits out there.

The dish was also very easy to make – it simply involved chopping the scallions and ginger, cooking the beef and mixing it with the sauce, then cooking the rice and serving! Dinner was ready in about 20 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

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