Review: Martha Stewart Wine Club

Martha Stewart Wine Club: Quick Review:

Today we wanted to share with you details about the Martha Stewart Wine Club – the wine club from America’s Queen of home cooking. Martha Stewart personally oversees all elements of her wine club, ensuring that it delivers quality wines and exemplary service as her name would suggest.

The Martha Stewart Wine Club provides a selection of services and subscriptions, which means that there is something that is sure to please everyone. This includes wine novices and those who have a developed tasting palate. The Martha Stewart Wine Club allows you to shop for specific wines or subscribe to a plan so that you can enjoy regular half case or full case deliveries. 

What does the Martha Stewart Wine Club offer?

  • The introductory offer is a great way to get started with the Martha Stewart Wine Club. You will receive a range of wines, red and white, mostly French and American that provide an easy and enjoyable way of getting to know the Martha Stewart Wine Club. 
  • Wine Club Subscriptions: The Martha Stewart Wine Club offers two different subscription options. You can sign up for either a 6-bottle (half-case) that is delivered every six weeks or a 12-bottle (full-case) shipment that is delivered every 8 weeks. You can specify if you prefer white wines, red wines or mixed. The 6-bottle subscription works out to be $8.33 per bottle with the 12-bottle subscription costing $7.49 per bottle. Shipping is included in the subscription pricing. 

The ideal customer for the Martha Stewart Wine Club:

The Martha Stewart Wine Club offers an extensive list of wines that have been personally selected by Martha Stewart herself from all over the world. The Martha Stewart Wine Club has an established personalization process which results in you receiving well-matched wines to your palate. The club is also wonderful for those who love entertaining and would like to be introduced to wines that are not normally accessible via standard retail channels.

martha stewart wine club box

The main benefits of the Martha Stewart Wine Club:

  • Enjoy an extensive wine list made of quality wines from around the globe. 
  • Plans are affordably priced.
  • Introductory shipment provides a personally curated selection to help you get started.
  • The flexibility to choose the regularity of your delivery. You can select a delivery with 6 bottles every 6 weeks or 12 bottles every 8 weeks. 
  • A wine selection that is overseen by Martha Stewart.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – receive credit for your next shipment if you are dissatisfied with any of your wines. 

The Martha Stewart Wine Club personalization process:

The team at the Martha Stewart Wine Club is dedicated to ensuring your experience with them is personalized to your preferences. Firstly, you can opt for red, white or mixed delivery. Secondly, you can select whether you prefer to receive 6 bottles every 6 weeks or 12 bottles every 8 weeks. The wine club team ensures that your shipment includes new wine experiences that are in keeping with your tasting history. Additionally, the Martha Stewart Wine Club experience includes pairing, serving and entertaining recommendations from Martha Stewart herself. 

Flexibility with the Martha Stewart Wine Club:

As a Martha Stewart Wine Club customer, you will enjoy a flexible service with an enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

  • When choosing your wine plan, you have the option to select either a 6-bottle delivery that arrives every 6 weeks or a 12-bottle delivery that arrives every 8 weeks. 
  • Skip shipments whenever required, simply by updating your account. 
  • You can change your wine club preferences whenever you like. For example, if you have been receiving white wines, you can opt for a red wine or mixed delivery whenever suits. You can update your preferences as often as you like. 
  • A satisfaction guarantee for all customers with a free replacement offered for any wines that you are dissatisfied with. Additionally, the team will also clarify why you were unhappy with a bottle of wine to ensure that your personal profile is updated.
martha stewart wine club

Great tasting opportunities with the Martha Stewart Wine Club:

Martha Stewart is known for her high standards, and all wines of the Martha Stewart Wine Club have been hand-picked by Martha Stewart because of their exceptional quality. As a wine club subscriber, you will be receiving some of the best-curated wines available. As your delivery will be personally picked, according to your tasting profile, by the Martha Stewart wine club team, be ready to experience a range of new and exciting wines from around the world. 

Managing your Martha Stewart Wine Club account:

The website of the Martha Stewart Wine Club is easy to navigate and establishing and managing your account is very easy. After you have created your account, you simply need to select your introductory shipment. After that, you will then need to decide which plan you would prefer in terms of either 6-bottles every 6 weeks or 12-bottles every 8 weeks. You will also need to advise if you have a preference for red wines, white wines or a mixed delivery. Please note that shipping is included. The club recommends shipping to a work address to ensure that someone over 21 is available to receive the delivery. Tracking your shipment is available via your account. Everything about managing your account can be done online apart from account cancellation. To cancel your account, you simply need to phone the customer service department. 

The wines of the Martha Stewart Wine Club:

Martha Stewart Wine Club customers enjoy a diverse range of wines from all over the world. You will also receive serving and pairing suggestions from Martha Stewart that will help to create the perfect dining and entertaining situations at home with your new-found wine knowledge. The wines of the Martha Stewart Wine Club will allow you to broaden your wine knowledge and enjoy an incredible range of high-quality wines, delivered straight to your door. 

The Martha Stewart Wine Club delivery:

Your Martha Stewart Wine Club delivery will arrive safely at your door, in a specifically designed box. Your wine will be packed with tasting notes and recommendations. Shipping is included at no extra charge. 

Where does the Martha Stewart Wine Club deliver?

The Martha Stewart delivers to all states except for Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. 

martha stewart wine club review

Customer care with the Martha Stewart Wine Club:

Martha Stewart has always been proud of her brand and the exemplary service that it provides. Her wine club is no exception and is very much customer service oriented. They have an extensive FAQ on their website which provides answers to their most regularly asked questions. However, if you still are seeking answers, you can get in touch with their customer care department. You can do this via the following ways:

  • Phone 1 888 212 8197 between 9am and 8pm EST from Monday to Friday. 
  • Email
  • Live chat via their website between 9am and 6.30pm EST from Monday to Friday. 

The Martha Stewart Wine Club – in summary:

Martha Stewart is known as one of the leading lifestyle brands in America. The Martha Stewart Wine Club certainly delivers on all the promises that are associated with this well-known brand. We think that this wine club service is first-class and delivers an enjoyable tasting experience that is stress-free and affordable. Members have access to an incredible selection of wines, both local and international, that have been hand-picked by the Martha Stewart Wine Club team. 

We really appreciated that you could select either a 6-bottle or 12-bottle plan and we loved the pairing and serving suggestions! We felt that the wine club offers an experience that will be appreciated by novices and experienced wine connoisseurs alike. At the Meal Kit Review, we appreciate wine clubs because we believe that they are a great match with meal delivery services. We have assessed multiple wine clubs and go through the same rigorous testing processes as we do with our meal delivery companies. We can honestly say that we were delighted with our experience with the Martha Stewart Wine Club and highly recommend giving this service a go!

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