Raspberry Marble Cake with White Chocolate

Raspberry Marble Cake with White Chocolate

Cooking Time

25 minutes

Taste Ranking

Yummi! 95%
Raspberry Marble Cake with White Chocolate

The end result was delicious! It was sweet but not overly so, just the way I love it.


My Honest Review:

As part of the Plated meal kit delivery service they offer the wonderful add-on of two changing desserts every week.  This was a wonderful dessert from one of their weekly selections. The dessert add-on is a very appealing feature that is only offered by Plated.

The cost is also very attractive at only $8 for a medium size dessert. The only thing that I don’t understand is why Plated does not include eggs if they are a necessary ingredient in the recipe.  They do provide eggs if needed in a normal recipe from the regular menu, so it does not make sense at all.

The cake was so easy to make. All I needed to do was melt the butter and white chocolate together, then combine the mixture with an egg and all of the dry ingredients. I then poured the cake batter into a lined and prepared tin which was supplied as well.  Just before putting it in the oven, I added the raspberry jam on top of the cake.  It was only in the oven for 15 minutes and it was ready!

The end result was delicious!  It was sweet but not overly so, just the way I love it. My kids also enjoyed this one. I recommend eating this when still hot with some vanilla ice-cream on the side, or you could even microwave it for few seconds if you leave it until the next day.

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