Orange and cashew salad

Orange, avocado and cashew salad by PlateJoy


30 minutes

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Orange and cashew salad

We hardly give 100% ranking to our reviews.... it was an amazing dish!


PlateJoy is a personalized meal planning service that helps you plan your meals throughout the week. After completing their detailed questionnaire, we received our recommended meals for the week, and this quick-fix lunch meal was one of them. The salad was tasty and delicious.

We really loved it! The fresh crunchy baby spinach leaves combined perfectly with the creamy avocado. What gave it an extra lift was the segmented orange pieces that added a sweet-sour edge to this lovely salad. This dish was perfect for lunch, first because it was light, and second, because it was so easy to prepare. It took us only 10 minutes. 

ll we needed to do was segment the oranges, slice the avocado and toss all ingredients together with some olive oil, orange juice and salt.  

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