Carrot Osso Bucco by Veestro

Carrot Osso Bucco by Veestro


18 minutes heating only

Taste ranking

Yummy! 85%

We were really impressed by this dish from the Veestro plant-based meal delivery service, that offers vegan meals, but caters for more than just vegans! Their menu is 100% plant-based and is crafted by professional chefs. We can honestly say that this meal was very tasty. The seasoning of the vegetables was lovely and perfectly suited to the creamy mashed potato and baked organic broccoli.

This meal, like all the Veestro vegan meals, arrives frozen and simply requires heating via oven as instructed on the cover, at 400F for 18 minutes. We then plated this dish and then enjoyed it, and it was delicious!  

This Osso Bucco delight, like many of the Veestro vegan meals on the menu, is not only healthy but also ideally suited for achieving weight loss goals, since it contains only 210 calories per serving!!!

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